People always try to return merchandise without the original packaging, but you can rarely do this successfully. The reasons are many, including the fact that some stores may be able to reuse the package if you don’t have it (e.g: returning a car without a key might not work), and some packaging may be reused throughout the supply chain. Others could even require customers to destroy the box to prove they didn’t break the terms of their return policy.

Every company has its return policy for the items they sell. Some will allow customers to return items without the original packaging, while others will not.

So how can you know if you’ll be allowed to return your shoes or other products without the original box? Here are some tips for making sure you get the best deal when buying shoes online or otherwise:

Reasons Not To Return Shoes Without The Box

The Packaging Is Reusable

While returning shoes without the original packaging isn’t always possible, some stores will reuse the box. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to every company, so you might receive a new pair of shoes when you return your old ones.

It’s More Difficult To Determine Your Size

The easiest way to return shoes if you don’t have the original box is to take them into a store and ask one of the sales representatives to see if they fit.

You can ask that they be exchanged for a different size if they don’t. But this might be impossible if you bought your shoes online, resulting in more hassle if you want to ensure those shoes fit.

You May Not Be Able To Return The Item For A Credit

Some companies will allow you to get a refund on your order, but only if you can prove that your shoes were damaged or defective. Return policies often have exceptions for situations such as “small holes in the soles that we made,” “defects due to normal wear and tear,” or even “items that are damaged during shipping.”

You Won’t Be Able To Try Them On At A Store

If you buy your shoes online without the original box and then return them, you won’t be able to try on the shoes in a store. It might seem a big disadvantage if you want to find out how they look with pants or other types of clothing, but there are other ways to do this. For example, take them into a store and ask one of the sales representatives to see how they fit.

You’ll Have To Replace The Box With Something Else

If you buy something without the original packaging and want to return it, leave it in a plastic bag and put it inside a new box. It can be done easily for small items but not so easily for larger boxes. If you don’t want to take the time to do this, it’s probably better to keep the item.

Advantages Of The Shoe Box

The Shoes Will Still Be Protected

If you keep the original box, you’ll have something to put the shoes in while they are returned. It can help avoid damage to the box during shipping and make it easier to return them if you don’t receive your items.

You’ll Get A Refund

Sometimes, customers will be given credit for the money they paid for the returned items. It might not always be the case, especially if you did something that voided the terms of your return policy.

You’ll Keep The Sales Tax

It can be a big help in the somewhat complicated return policy for some stores. For example, if you buy something from one state and then return it to another, you’re responsible for paying that state’s sales tax on the purchase.

You’ll Keep The Packaging

If you buy shoes from a store with a “no receipt, no return policy,” it’s possible to get them with the original packaging. While this might not be possible for every company, some will do this as long as you show that you bought them online without the original box to prove that they aren’t defective or damaged.

Conclusion – Can You Return Shoes Without The Box

Finally, if you want to return the shoes for your need, it may waste time and energy. Maybe it is not convenient for you to get the shoes in the original box when you need to return new shoes. Finally, use your sense of judgment and your experience. There are a few simple tips important that can help you avoid returning new shoes without a box.

I hope this article will help you to gain some knowledge. You can use this information to make your shoe shop experience more successful. Thank you for reading.


Can you return items without a box?

Every company has its policies, but generally speaking, you’ll probably only be able to return items that come in a box. The company will probably ask for a Return Merchandise Authorization Number if you still want to return something without the original packaging.

Can you return shoes if you wore them once?

Yes, you can return the shoes if you wore them once. The store will not allow you to return an item if it is used or damaged. If the shoes are new and unused, they can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase and verified purchase receipt.

Do I need original packaging to return faulty?

If you’re talking about returning a product because it’s faulty, the answer is no. The retailer would have to state in their return policy that they require the original packaging for a faulty product to be returned.

Can I return shoes to Macy’s without the box?

Some stores, like Macy’s, do not accept returns without the original box. However, before you go and return your shoes to their original box, there are a few things you should know that might change your mind.
For one, if the box is not in perfect shape, you will certainly be denied a refund. So, if the box has been torn, damaged or even slightly bent, you are out of luck with a refund.

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