Legendary Diary is a website that guides their user real information and contains a lot of research from the writer and team.

Who Is The Founder?

The founder of Legendary Diary is Hamza. Hamza is a well known blogger and runs a shoe company as well. He contains crazy knowledge about shoes having many years of experience. He mostly manages the team and site and helps the team with good research.

How do You Contact Us?

All site related queries, Contact: [email protected]

Our Team:

Although many members are included in our team. But the most useful and important which give information and do research on topics are 3:


Hashir is a writer. Hashir really likes their work and like dresses well in awesome shoes. He working in the shoe industry for more than 4 years and know well about shoes. Besides, He has good knowledge of programming. So, he is sharing their experience and technical stuff in this diary.

Arshiya Arif

Arshiya is a leading writer. She is well researched in shoes. Besides, she did MBBS. Worked as nursing for many years with decent years of experience in shoes.

Abdullah Ali

Abdullah is a leading writer. He is worked in the shoe industry for many years. Top quality knows about the comfort and support which shoes give. Besides, he is a good designer.