If you have a brother and sister, then you want to compare yourself with him or her. Three are some similarities and differences between Vans Authentic and Old Skool.

This is the same in the case of two different versions of the same shoe brand. When you decide to check the results of vans authentic vs old skool, then have some same factors and unique factors also that keep them separate from other versions of the Vans.

They both are manufactured by vans brand. Vans provide many comfortable features to your feet like durability, support, protection, and more. They also keep your beautiful feet healthy in bad situations. You can also wear them in case of events.

Main Similarities Between Vans Authentic And Old Skool

Low-Top Skate Shoes

These two designs of vans are introduced in different years but they have the same purpose at first. They are structured as low-top performance skate shoes.


There is no big difference between the sizing of old skool and authentic ones. They approximately offer true-to-size shoes.


The different versions of Vans authentic and old skool are manufactured with a similar material like the upper is made of canvas material and the outsole is by waffle rubber.

Main Differences Between Vans Authentic VS Old Skool

No.FactorsVans Old SkoolVans Authentic
1.Issue YearVans introduce their new version of the old skool in the 1970s and after approximately twenty years in the 1990s the popularity of the old skool on its peak.On the other hand, vans authentic introduce in the market before the old skool in the 1960s and in minimum time won the heart of the people.
2.DesignThe Vans Old Skool has cushioning around the collar and tongue.The Vans Authentic does not have to cushion around the tongue and collar.
3.LogoThe side of the old skool shoes has a ‘sidestripe’ logo.There is no log on the van’s authentic shoes.
4.FitThe Vans Old Skool has more lacing eyelets and sits a little higher on the foot. More eyelets can result in a tighter fit.The van’s authentic shoes have fewer eyelets and a tighter fit as compared to the old skool.
5.Extra DetailingIncludes additional suede decorations on the heel, eyelets, and toe box.It has no extra detailing of suede.
6.WeightThe weight of a pair of Vans Old Skool is 1.03 pounds (depending on a size 12 men’s footwear).Vans Authentic has a little less weight as compared to old skool shoes which are 0.98 pounds per shoe.
7.With CostumesGenerally, I paired old school with light hues of jeans, such as acid-wash jeans, light denim, and so on. I occasionally use this for semi-formal occasions.For Authentic, wearing shorts or slim pants typically looks excellent. Casual outings such as visits to friends’ homes or the market.

Vans Old Skool vs Authentic Shoe Sizing

According to my knowledge of Vans sizing, all traditional styles of Vans footwear feature a tight, narrow construction. I ordered my usual size; however, you may have to size up if you like a looser fit.

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Both the Vans Old Skool and Vans Authentic feature this slender, snug fit since they were initially designed to be low-top performance shoes. These two designs’ sizes seemed to be nearly identical to mine.

Vans Authentic Vs Vans Era

  • The earliest style available is called an authentic. After being embraced by skateboarders in the 1970s, the initial Authentic evolved into the Era.
  • As we know that authentic can be worn with shorts or slim pants. But vans era can be worn with both jeans and shorts, I do not suggest doing so for semi-formal occasions.
  • Authentic often clings to the genuine cotton canvas structure, while Eras come in a larger choice of colors and components including leather and suede.
  • The ERA is the ideal option for skateboarders who want their feet to be secured because of its additional cushioning and distinctive waffle sole. The sole is softer than the Authentic, and there is additional cushioning on the inside of the heel and the tongue.

Conclusion – Vans Authentic VS Old Skool

When you want to compare two products of the same brand then they have some similarities and different features. Vans brand uses the same material for both products.

In the case of vans authentic vs vans old skool, vans use the same material, sizing, and purpose also. But there are many different things between them.

Vans authentic and old skool is different in the case of design, fitting, issue date, extra detailing, and a little difference in weight. So, you can select one of them according to the situation and your taste.


What’s the difference between Vans authentic and Old Skool?

Vans can be worn with shorts and slim pants but you can wear old skool shoes with jeans. They are different in design, fit, and weight also.

What is the difference between authentic vans and ERA Vans?

Vans authentic are the original product and in the 1970s they evolved into the vans era. You can wear vans era with jeans and shorts and authentic with shorts and slim pants.

Are Vans Authentic good shoes?

The Vans Authentic offers a timeless style, easy aesthetic appeal, and fashion with almost any outfit. Each one is just as good as the previous one, it’s an honest shoe, and it’s disposable. It is reliable, it isn’t frivolous, and it has significantly influenced modern civilization.

What is the difference between original Vans and fake?

You can differ fake from the original one by using the following factors:
Paper trademark of the original vans but fake does not have it.
Original vans have firm laces on the shoes but fake do not.
Vans original use well-made shoe boxes and check that the box closes correctly.
Check the barcode on the box.

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