Yeezys are not bad for wide feet. If a shoe is narrow in the front, that could be an issue. But Kanye designed these shoes to have a wide base, and they’re also supposed to be high-top sneakers that make good protective gear for athletes. If you want to wear the shoes for fashion, I suggest trying them with a dressy pair of pants.

Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet? Yes, but you might have to order a half size up. The laces should be functional enough for a wide foot, but if you like your shoes with double knots, you might consider another type of shoe.

The most important consideration is the width of the midfoot. The best way to find out if a pair of Yeezys is going to fit you right is to try them on when you’re available and take note of the touch points and whether they are comfortable or not. If they are too narrow, order a half size up. If they come off, steer clear of those shoes.

Important Points to Select Yeezy for Your Wide Feet

1. Width of the midfoot

The most important point when getting Yeezys is the width of the midfoot. You should have room in your shoe for your toes to flex and move freely while remaining stable. If there are no wide points in your house, you should consider wearing a pair of Yeezys if you’re looking for something wider than usual.

2. Length

Despite being an exaggerated sneaker, Yeezys have a modified high-top cut, which means they offer some ankle support. You should be able to put your foot into the shoe without cramming it into place or worrying about slipping out of the shoe if you walk without much control.

3. Laces and cushioning

If your feet are wide enough, most Yeezy models will fit you fine with just some minor adjustments. If they are not, the laces may not be enough to hold your foot. In this case, you can opt for more cushioning. However, looking for shoes with the best possibilities for you is still a good idea.

4. Width of the toe box

Many things can determine if a shoe will fit you or not. One of them is the width of the toe box, which determines whether your toes would be able to move freely or will be cramped in their place.

Drawbacks of Wide Feet

1. Styles

Styles are what most people consider to be the main reasons for** buying a certain shoe**. However, if you have wide feet, you will find this task harder than others. Most of the styles available in the market are designed for those with average and narrow feet. So, unless a shoe has a wide base area or is advertised as casual or athletic wear, you should steer clear of it because it will hurt your feet.

2. Shoes that don’t provide enough support

It is always a good idea to get yourself a pair of shoes that are comfortable for you as well as offer you enough support. Finding such shoes with wide feet is difficult because most are designed for people with average feet. So, avoiding the styles or brands that do not guarantee support and comfort while wearing them is best.

3. Falling arches

Wide arched feet are more prone to injuries and pains if not properly supported by their shoe. As a result, you may suffer through frequent pains that emerge whenever your feet are not kept in a stabilized position. The feeling is worse when it comes to arch support. So, it would help if you considered getting yourself a well-cushioned and sturdy shoe that will keep your feet in good shape while you’re wearing it.

4. Footbeds

Wide arched feet will always be accompanied by arch problems which can easily ruin a pair of shoes that have been designed for average widths of the footbeds. For example, a thick and firm footbed supports an arch too much. This results in a shoe that doesn’t offer much support but instead causes your toes to bend inwards and flatten. Therefore, you should look for shoes that provide better arch support while ensuring no significant pain is felt.


The consensus is that Kanye West’s Yeezy sneakers are good for wide feet; they are more of a wide base shoe than anything else. They do feel a little loose at first, but after a couple of days of wearing them, they will become your favorite pair of shoes. It’s important to note that you might have to tighten up the laces and double knot them, but they should be fine if you get a bigger half size.

I hope you have found this article “Are Yeezys Good for Wide Feet” helpful and that your future shoe shopping will be much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Yeezy slides good for wide feet?

If you have wide feet, your best option is to go a full size up with the Yeezy Slides. It will also give you more room to breathe if you have wide feet. However, if this does not work and your foot still feels pinched, try going up two sizes. It should provide ample space for your foot and alleviate discomfort from the shoe cutting into your toes or heel.

Should Yeezys fit tight?

Yes, in some cases. For example, if you are wearing a regular shoe and want to wear a markedly smaller or larger pair of Yeezys, they should fit tight and snugly. However, if you have feet with large toe boxes or narrow heels, the Yeezys will not be able to stretch enough to accommodate your foot shape. In this case, it is recommended that you go up one (or more) sizes on the Yeezys so they can fit properly.

Should I buy a size bigger Yeezys?

Buying a size bigger is better than buying your usual size in Yeezys because no one knows what will happen under normal wear and tear from that point on — this is especially true for children with developing feet who might have some growth spurt surprises down the road.

Are Yeezys for narrow feet?

If you have narrow feet, then it’s likely that the shoes will be a tight fit. If you don’t have narrow feet, there is a chance they might be too big and not as comfortable as they could be. You can also try and find other sneakers similar to the Yeezys, such as Jordan shoes or Adidas Stan Smiths, which are made for people with wider or medium widths.

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