Adidas is a brand that is known for its high-quality shoes. But what materials are used to make them? They used different types of materials like synthetic and more for their products. They also used different technologies for their products in making them comfortable and durable.

Adidas also used sustainable cotton and recycled different material for their shoes. these features make it strong in the case of any problem. In this article, we discuss the topic of what are adidas shoes made of in detail. So, stay tuned with us!

What Materials Are Used To Make Adidas Shoes?

Adidas shoes are made from a variety of materials, including leather, synthetic leather, and fabric. The specific material used in a shoe depends on the style of the shoe.

For example, Adidas’ running shoes generally have a synthetic leather or mesh upper to provide breathability and support, while their casual shoes may have a canvas or suede upper. The soles of Adidas shoes are also made from different materials depending on the shoe’s purpose.

Running shoes usually have rubber soles designed for traction and cushioning, while skateboarding shoes often have vulcanized soles for better grip on the board. Some of Adidas’ more fashionable shoes may have leather or synthetic soles instead. Here is the Adidas shoes raw materials list:

Sustainable Cotton

Adidas has continuously raised its cotton procurement following the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) over the previous few years, and it has already managed to obtain 100 percent sustainable cotton by the end of 2018. In 2019, they also managed to obtain all cotton from throughout the world as sustainable cotton.

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The BCI works to improve the cotton industry globally by producing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream product by reducing pesticide usage, promoting effective water use, crop rotation, and decent working conditions.

Recycled Polyester

Using more recycled polyester is another way they want to reduce their environmental impact while still producing high-performance items for athletes.

Polyester is the most often used single material in Adidas goods, and they want to substitute all virgin polyester with recycled polyester in all items where a decision can be made by 2024.

They established defined internal targets for continuous manufacturing groups and have seen significant growth over the previous few years.

In 2020, recycled polyester accounted for 50% of all polyester used in their garment and sneaker lines. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of the polyester utilized in their spring/summer 2020 garment assortment was recycled polyester.

What Technologies Are Used In Making Adidas Shoes?

Cold Cement Technology

The majority of Adidas sneakers are built of cold cement. The latest updated style of shoe manufacturing is cold cement. It’s the polar opposite of the traditional, high-heat vulcanized shoe manufacturing featured in Vans and Converse sneakers.

Because of the low temperatures necessary for attaching the upper to the sneaker bottom, cold cement sneaker production enables the use of current lightweight plastic, foam, and mesh materials.

This cold cement technology is used to make every current high-performance athletic sneaker created by Adidas for running, basketball, and other sports.

PowerPlus Technology

Innovative technology is a hallmark of Adidas shoes, and the company’s PowerPlus technology is designed to improve the performance of its shoes.

This technology is used in the midsoles of shoes, and it helps to provide more cushioning and support. Additionally, PowerPlus technology helps to improve the energy return of shoes, making them more comfortable and efficient to run in.

Formotion Technology

Adidas’ Formotion technology is designed to improve comfort and performance of its shoes. This technology is used in the construction of shoes, and it helps to provide a more stable and comfortable ride.

Additionally, Formotion technology helps to reduce the risk of injuries by helping to distribute the impact of running more evenly across the foot.

Conclusion – What Are Adidas Shoes Made Of

Adidas use quality materials for their products. As we notice that their brands offer great comfort and durability in every case, this is possible only due to their materials. Adidas shoes are designed with different materials and every material has its distinct benefit in the case of keeping runners’ feet secure and stable.

Adidas also use different technologies, sustainable cotton, and recycled materials for making their products eco-friendly.

More Guide About Adidas Shoes:


Where does Adidas get their materials from?

With over 500 factories around the world, Adidas made shoes that are manufactured in around 50 countries and their material is outsourced from other companies.

Where does Adidas get their polyester from?

Most of the polyester in 2023 come from recycled plastic waste. In 2020, this process started and reach 50% at the end of the year.

Where does Adidas get their leather from?

As with most of the other material, Adidas outsource the leather also. Leather is outsourced from rawhides from Brazil which is sent to different countries to manufacture the Adidas shoes.

What material does Adidas use for shoes?

Adidas use the best quality materials like synthetic, genuine leather, rubber for sole, mesh upper, suede upper, fabric, and more components for manufacturing their products.

What material are Adidas slides made from?

Adidas slides are manufactured with synthetic materials, rubber, and Eva memory foam. The memory foam not only feels amazing, but it also relieves strain on your feet when you exercise.

What does Adidas use to make their products?

Since 2018, Adidas used mostly sustainable cotton for their products but they have to shift from 2024 onwards and use recycled polyester materials for their products.

What are the raw materials in manufacturing Adidas?

Adidas raw materials manufacture sneakers of natural fibers such as cotton, recycled polyester, leather, synthetics, recycled rubber, and wool. As a result, they collect resources from other countries.

Where does the raw materials of Adidas come from?

Adidas outsources most of the raw materials from others countries. Natural fibers like cotton, leather, synthetics, recycled polyester, recycled rubber, and wool can be easily outsourced and can manufacture in different countries.

What is Adidas fabric made of?

Adidas fabrics are made of cotton on the outer level of a fabric and a cool-to-the-touch synthetic material underneath. This fabric is designed to stay fresh and healthy on your foot in warm conditions.

How many Adidas shoes are made from plastic?

Adidas made more than 17 million pairs of shoes from recycled waste plastic in 2022. Not only Adidas, crocs can also make shoes from recycled plastic.

Do Adidas use sustainable materials?

Yes, now in 2023, more of the shoes are made with sustainable materials like recycled polyester. In 2024, Adidas will use only recycled polyester where able possible.

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