As we know, Adidas and Nike brands are competing against each other on the base of many factors. Their good quality and best running shoes are also extremely durable.

Durability also depends on the way in which you manage them. If you vigorously use them, then they will end soon and you will think that the brand is not great.

If you are spending dollars on your Adidas shoes and do not have any idea about the age of these shoes, then it’s tragic if they do not last according to your requirements.

So, it’s necessary to know how long Adidas shoes last. In this article, we provide you with all the information about the material Adidas uses for its running shoes and which type of material it is.

The bottom material used by Adidas is also of great quality and contributes to the durability of its products. So let’s start our journey with some helpful information about you and our best running shoe brand.

How Long Do Adidas Shoes Last?

Sorry, but these will break away on your feet in 20-30 years, but unworn, they will look lovely on the rack if well archived. You’re staring at a useful life of about 5–6 years before an untreated pair becomes useless for the sport for which they were designed. Casual clothes may be acceptable.

Aside from that, do shoes vanish? Many of us continue to use footwear past their “expiration” date because we are unaware of the signs that they are aged out. As a general guideline, footwear should be updated every 8–12 months for most individuals or every 500–700 km for running shoes.

To increase their durability, the material of Adidas plays an important role.

Outsole Material

Continental rubber outsoles, which are also used for car and bike tires, are the product of German engineering, a worldwide research, and extensive testing. adidas has depended on their material knowledge for the past 10 years to keep their shoes grounded, no matter where their trip takes them.

Because the outsole of Adidas running shoes is made from the same rubber that is used for tires, their durability is at a high level and if you use them for tough tasks, they will also last for years.

Adidas sneakers with Continental bottoms give athletes the traction they should have in practices and games to ensure every mile counts.

They can withstand the worst circumstances of the vast outdoors and accompany climbers and hikers on every expedition. Continental can carry you further whether you’re driving, cycling, pounding the pavement, or ascending rugged slopes.

Upper Material

Adidas uses sustainable materials for its brands. In sustainable materials, synthetic comes first. Adidas’ body material is excellent for comfort, a lighter feel, flexibility, and maximum durability.

If you keep these shoes away from things that are mentioned in their instructions list, then they will last for 5 to 10 years easily if you use them for tough situations.

Synthetic is a material that is made from high-quality equipment and can be used in the condition of being wet. This material also provides maximum support to the runners and helps in avoiding pain and discomfort.

Synthetic, they also have top-quality mesh, and this mesh keeps your feet fresh and dry. The sweat popped up at your feet. This mesh also increases the durability of the Adidas shoes and the health of your feet.

Due to this mesh, there is no friction between the materials, and second is that there are no pressure points. A few instances will demonstrate this.

Midsole Material

If the midsole is not durable, then how can a shoe manage its life? The durability of any type of running shoe depends on 3 things: the composition, the thickness (rigidity or gentleness), or a mixture of the two.

Adidas used EVA foam for the manufacturing of the midsoles of their products. When compared to other forms such as PEBA, SBES-based, and polyurethane foam, the EVA midsole has superior durability. EVA foam provides all the features that will be helpful in increasing the lifespan of Adidas shoes.

One important thing that will also increase the durability of Adidas materials is that you can easily recycle them to use the material in other products.

Frequency Of Use

The frequency of use is another factor that can affect the lifespan of Adidas shoes. If you wear your Adidas shoes every day, they will wear out faster than if you wear them occasionally.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should only wear your shoes occasionally. Instead, it’s important to find a balance between wearing your shoes regularly and taking good care of them.

Terrain And Environment

The terrain and environment you wear your Adidas shoes can also impact their lifespan. If you wear your shoes on rough or uneven surfaces, they will wear out faster than if you wear them on smoother surfaces.

Additionally, if you wear your shoes in wet or humid conditions, they may wear out faster as well. It’s essential to choose shoes that are appropriate for the environment you’ll be wearing them in.

Conclusion – How Long Do Adidas Shoes Last

As a whole, feel free to buy Adidas shoes. You don’t have to worry about the question, how long do Adidas shoes last? Because the price you pay for Adidas will lead to it being used for many years if you manage it correctly.

The materials used in the production of Adidas products are body material: mesh and synthetic; midsole material: EVA foam; and outsole material: continental rubber. All these play a vital role in increasing the life of Adidas shoes.

These materials are of the highest quality and, along with durability, they also provide many features like comfort, flexibility, support, and protection. So, feel free to buy Adidas shoes and enjoy them for a long time.


How long should Adidas shoes last?

Adidas will last 5 to 10 years, and if you manage them in a great way and keep them clean, then their life span should be increased.

How long do shoes last on average?

You should have to replace your shoes every 8 to 12 months. This will be great for changing them and when they show the symptoms of wear and tear.

Is Nike or Adidas more durable?

When running on the pavement, Nike employs a rubber outsole, which is more durable. Adidas, on the other hand, employs a subpar outsole. When jogging, the Adidas outsole may cause you to slip.

How long should a pair of running shoes last?

Running shoes should be replaced every 500 to 750 kilometers, according to experts. This is generally every 300 to 500 miles, or 4 to 6 months for anyone who runs twenty miles each week.

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