Do Vans Run Big or Small (Vans vs Adidas Sizing) 2023 Models

Vans and Adidas are two popular shoe brands that offer a variety of styles and designs. However, one thing that can be confusing for consumers is the sizing difference between the two brands. In general, Vans shoes tend to run a half size larger than Adidas shoes. This means that if you wear a size 9 in Adidas, you may need a size 8.5 in Vans.

So, let’s check the different types of products of both brands and notice their van’s size compared to Adidas’ sizing.

Vans VS Adidas Sizing

Vans VS Adidas For Kids

Vans sneakers for kids are often a little smaller than Adidas shoes. So, order your Vans 0.5 US size larger than your Adidas sneakers.

Vans VS Adidas For Women

Vans Adidas Size Comparison: Compared to Vans, Adidas women’s sneakers run a little bit larger. So, get your Adidas 0.5 US size smaller than your Adidas.

Vans VS Adidas For Men’s

Men’s shoe sizes are somewhat tighter than Adidas. Purchase your Adidas sneakers one size smaller than your Adidas shoes.

So let’s check some brands of Vans and Adidas for men and notice their size difference.

Vans UltraRange VS Adidas Gazelle Sizing

Adidas Vans Size Comparison: As we above discuss that vans are perfect in size as compared to Adidas. When we experience the van UltraRange shoe size, they come in the perfect size, and on the hand, Adidas Gazelle is a little bit larger and loose. So, there is a little bit of difference between their sizing.

Vans Sk8-Hi VS Adidas Superstars Sizing

As we study before the two different models of vans and Adidas and notice that vans run shorter as compared to Adidas. That’s the same case in these two products also. Adidas Superstar shoes provide extra padding behind the foot and around the collar which makes them a little large as compared to Vans Sk8-Hi.

Adidas Superstar VS Vans Old Skool Sizing

Adidas Superstar and Vans Old Skool are amazing shoes. You can pick whatever you want. The size is good for both but the Adidas superstar has more padding around the heel but it will be ok as compared to old skool vans.

Adidas Gazelle VS Vans Old Skool Sizing

Adidas Gazelle is a little bit longer than the van’s old skool. The Adidas sizing guide is the same as that we mention below. Adidas Gazelles have really dope colors. But Old Skools for a bit cheaper to purchase and in good colors which are perfect to purchase as compared to the Adidas gazelle.


How Do I Measure Shoes?

If you don’t have any idea about your foot sizing in the case of Adidas or Vans then don’t worry. It’s very easy to find the perfect measurements for your feet.

  • Step on a slip of paper, your heel just brushing a wall behind you.
  • Spot the end of your biggest toe on the paper (you may need the assistance of a companion) and measured from the wall to the spot.
  • Repeat for the opposite foot, comparing dimensions to our size chart to ensure proper fit.

Do Vans Run Big Or Small?

When it comes to Vans, it’s important to note that they generally run true to size. This means that, on average, Vans shoes should fit you comfortably if you choose your regular shoe size. However, individual experiences may vary due to the factors mentioned earlier, as well as personal preferences.

Regular Sizing Considerations

For most people, selecting their regular shoe size when purchasing Vans is a safe choice. If you usually wear a size 9, opting for a size 9 in Vans should provide a good fit. Vans shoes typically offer a snug yet comfortable fit, especially after a short breaking-in period.

Wide Feet Considerations

If you have wider feet, you might wonder whether Vans can accommodate your foot shape adequately. In this case, it’s advisable to try Vans models that are specifically designed for wide feet. Vans offers certain styles with wider width options, which can provide a more comfortable fit for those with broader feet.

Half Sizes Considerations

Another common concern is whether Vans offer half sizes. The good news is that many Vans shoe models are available in both whole and half sizes. If you usually wear a half size, such as 9.5, opting for that specific size would be the most suitable choice to ensure a precise fit.

Unique Shoe Models Considerations

While Vans shoes generally adhere to true sizing, it’s worth noting that some unique shoe models may have slight variations. Certain limited edition or collaborative collections might run slightly smaller or larger than the regular Vans lineup. In such cases, it’s always recommended to check specific product reviews or consult the brand’s official sizing guide for accurate information.

Vans Sizing Charts

There are no correct vans to the Adidas size chart, but it can be estimated from the below shoe size chart of vans for women, men, and kids.

Vans Size Chart For Women

US WOMEN55,566,577,588,599,510

Vans Size Chart For Men


Vans Size Chart For Kids


Adidas Sizing Charts

There are no correct Adidas to Van’s size chart, but it can be estimated from the below shoe size chart of Adidas for women and men.

Adidas Shoe Size Chart For Men


Adidas Shoe Size Chart For Women


How Do Vans Fit Compared To Adidas

There are not many differences between Adidas and Vans in sizing. Adidas fit just a little bit looser than Vans, just a little bit not so much, they can fit more easily in both brands. Some shoes from Adidas have more padding around the heel which may contain more space from the heel and result in a little bit bigger than the vans. But in most cases, the shoes are perfect in size.

Conclusion – Vans VS Adidas Sizing

There are different types of products that have a minor sizing difference between Adidas vs Vans. Adidas shoes are a little bit larger as compared to vans.

Vans for kids are a little bit smaller as compared to Adidas for kids. So, if you want to purchase Adidas according to your van shoes size then order 0.5 larger as compared to your previous shoes.

There are also sizing charts available for both Adidas and Vans. So, you can also take help from them, and if you don’t idea about foot sizing then measure it by a simple method.


Do vans run big or small?

No, because they are built for true size. You just order according to your perfect size and they will sit well on your feet. Vans shoes are available in half sizes, except for sizes UK 11 and above, which are only available in full sizes.

Do vans run smaller than Adidas?

Yes, but not so much, vans are a little bit smaller than Adidas shoes. But the modern models of vans like the vans ultra range, are bigger than Adidas skate shoes and perfect with the Adidas Gazelle and Adidas Superstar.

Do Adidas run big or small?

Adidas is true to size, if you want to fit Adidas perfectly, then order the size which is suitable for your foot. If want to wear it a little bit loose, then you should go up for size, and for a more snug fit, you should size down for Adidas.

Do Vans and Adidas fit the same?

No, there is a little difference between them. Adidas shoes run bigger because they offer extra cushioning around the collar and behind the foot.

Are vans true to size?

Yes, they stay true to size making the whole sizing procedure simple and easy.

Are Vans bigger than normal shoes?

Vans are sized following the US standard, as assessed by a Brannock gadget. This implies the footwear does not fit shorter or bigger than conventional shoe sizes.

Where are Vans’s shoes made?

Its footwear is developed and produced in Italy, and its apparel is created from environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton.

Do Vans run the same size as Adidas?

The size is pretty much the same in both brands in most of the models, but the vans are a little bit smaller than the Adidas in some models.

Are Vans shoe sizes different?

Vans are true to size. Easier! Whatever shoes previously you wear, your shoe size is the same in the vans also.

Should I size up or down for Adidas shoes?

Adidas shoes are true to size. Whatever size you can wear in other brand shoes, you can also go for the same size in Adidas shoes.

Is Adidas sizing true to size?

Yes, Adidas sizing is true to size, you don’t need to go up or down in Adidas shoes. What size you wear in the other shoe is the same as in Adidas.

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