Adidas is a great name in the world of shoes. Everyone is familiar with this name because they provide brilliant shoes for athletes and sportsmen.

Adolf Dassler, a German cobbler, launched an athletic shoe firmly in 1949. Dassler titled the organization “Adidas,” combining Adolf’s “Adi” with Dassler’s “Das.”

The firm grew swiftly and quickly became one of the world’s largest and most dominant athletic equipment producers. Adidas products were manufactured in 69 countries across the world in 2010.

Where are Adidas shoes made? In what countries are they manufactured? These are questions that we are going to solve, and we will provide a complete overview of this topic. To increase your knowledge of Adidas, let’s stay with us.

When Did Adidas Shoes First Appear?

Adidas AG began in 1924 as Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Adidas’ creator began creating footwear in his mother’s laundry room in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Rudolf, his older brother, soon joined the company, which they titled Dassler Brothers Shoe Company.

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When US sprinter Jesse Owens donned a set from the manufacturer in the 1936 Summer Olympics, the firm received its first huge break. From then until the Second World War, the firm was well-known among athletes and coaches all around the globe.

Over time, there was a difference created between the brothers, and they separated their businesses in 1947. In 1949, Adolf named his company Adidas, and his brother Rudolf named his brand Puma. These two brothers became business enemies.

The Adidas brand became a great sports brand after Nike. Because Nike is at the first rank and Adidas at the second rank. But Adidas is very popular among the people.

Why Should You Care Where Adidas Shoes Are Manufactured?

It’s not compulsory to know about the brand that you are going to purchase. But it is good if you have an idea about the history and the companies of your brand that you commonly use. By knowing where Adidas is made, you know that this brand will not violate any type of person’s rights or harm anyone.

Many multinational corporations that outsource manufacturing make minimal attempts to ensure that their supplier collaborators adhere to their corporate standards and rules.

Adidas maintains a global list of companies, along with addresses and contact details, to help consumers and other relevant individuals follow their supply chain.

Is Adidas Manufactured in China?

Yes, Adidas manufactures many of its items, such as clothes, accessories, shoes, equipment, and hard goods, in China.

It’s no shock that many Adidas items are made in China, where labor and supplies are less expensive than in Europe. However, Adidas has been transferring its production process from China to Vietnam over the last few years.

China still has more companies and contract workers than Vietnam, but this might change in the coming decade. Vietnam has the potential to be the number one production destination for Adidas and other sporting brands such as Nike and Reebok. Skechers makes its footwear in China and Vietnam, so the transition is already underway.

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

Adidas is a large brand in the world. So, it’s not possible that this brand is manufactured in one country only. Adidas manufacturers want to expand their brand, so they build factories where the materials are at a low price and the demand for Adidas shoes is high as compared to others. So, it’s very simple to know about the locations of factories of Adidas.

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The Adidas company generates a list every year of their production factories in different countries, and the last list was released in 2021. According to this list, they built 540 firms in 45 different countries. And they are also focusing on increasing their factories in other countries.

The management of Adidas manages all the responsibilities that will hold the stakeholders responsible for any problems like employee rights and bad production. The list shared with the world may be incorrect and they have more factories than the ones mentioned in the list.

So, let’s get started on the factories built in different subcontinents and countries and also describe all the helpful information about their manufacturing.


Adidas made more than half of its products in Asia. They have built 371+ companies on this continent, and their products have increased their popularity.

In Asia, most factories are built in China, where the number of factories is 103. In this list, Vietnam is the second number with 76 factories of the Adidas brand, and the third number, Indonesia comes with 45 factories for manufacturing Adidas.

They also made their brand in India and they built 32 factories in India for the production of Adidas shoes. In Cambodia there are 24, in Pakistan, there are 16, in Turkey, there are 16, in Thailand, there are 13, in Japan, there are 13, in the Philippines, there are 12, in Taiwan, there are 6, in South Korea, there are 2, and in Bangladesh, there are also 2.

These are the figures of the building factories in different countries of Asia, and Adidas made more than half of its Adidas shoes in Asia.


This is not a great thing that Adidas only builds their factories in Asia; they also build their factories in other continents. The Americans also have a large number of factories that keep them in the second position after Asia.

Americans have 90 factories spread across South and North America. In the north, the United States built 27 footwear factories. After that, Canada is in the 2nd position and has five Adidas shoe factories. In Mexico, there are 2 factories. There are 11 factories in El Salvador and Central America in total. There are 6 in Honduras, and 1 in Nicaragua, and 1 in Costa Rica.

In South America, the highest number of factories built in Brazil is 26. After that, Argentina comes and contains 9 factories. Both Colombia and Chile have only one factory each. These are the names of countries in America that contain the factories of the Adidas brand where they make their shoes.


The beginning of Adidas started in Europe, but it has fewer factories compared to Asia and America. Europe has built 56 factories in different countries for the manufacturing of Adidas shoes.

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The first introduction of the brand Adidas was in Germany, and it has built 10 factories producing Adidas shoes. After it, the U.K. also has 10. Italy built eleven factories.

Six Adidas factories were built in Spain as a result of the popularity of Adidas shoes. Ukraine, Portugal, and Slovenia have three factories each. There are 2 factories in Belgium, and in Hungary and the Czech Republic, there are also 2 factories in each. Lithuania, Georgia, Poland, and Russia have one factory each.


Africa also built Adidas factories in their countries, and it currently contains only 10 Adidas shoe factories. Four factories were built in South Africa. To manufacture Adidas shoes in Mauritius and Tunisia, they built 2 factories in each. There is also one factory in Lesotho and one in Madagascar.

Why Are There The Highest Number of Factories in Asia?

Why, as we know that more than half of factories are built in Asia? While the main branch of Adidas is in Germany and this brand was founded in Germany,

Adidas works hard to find contracted manufacturing facilities that deliver high-quality workmanship while maintaining manufacturing costs at a reasonable level.

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This is why the majority of their businesses are in Asia, where labor is plentiful and inexpensive. Asia’s manufacturing facilities are also outfitted with advanced technology, making them perfect for the organization.

Conclusion – Where Are Adidas Shoes Made

As an Adidas user, you should have to know about your brand to love it so much. You should have an idea of where Adidas shoes are made.

Every year, the Adidas group releases its list of factories for its manufacturing brand in different countries. As we discussed, the latest list comes in 2023, and according to this list, they will build 540+ factories in 45 different countries.

Adidas Group builds factories in low-wage areas where labor is cheap, and they must invest low-wage funds to increase revenue. So they build more factories in Asia, then in America, then in Europe, which is Adidas’s first location, and finally in Africa.


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Is Adidas made in the USA?

Yes, Adidas makes their shoes in the USA also. According to the list for 2021, there are 27 factories built for the manufacturing of Adidas shoes.

Which country made the original Adidas shoes?

The original and great quality product is available only in this place where it started. As we know, Adidas started in Germany, in Bavaria town, and this is the place that made original Adidas shoes available.

Where are Adidas shoes made in China?

The cities of China like Dongguan City, Gaobu Town, Zhongshan City, Huangjiang Town, and Jida Industrial District in Zhuhai City have the factories of Adidas, Nike, Reebok, and others.

Where are Adidas Superstars made?

Adidas Superstars are made in Indonesia. These sneakers have the “Made in Indonesia” label.

Where is the Adidas Ultra Boost made?

The Adidas Ultra Boost is made in China. These sneakers have the “Made in China” label.

Does Adidas make eco-friendly shoes?

Yes, Adidas produces a variety of eco-friendly sneakers. They are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also durable.

Is Adidas Made in Vietnam the Original?

Yes, Adidas “Made in Vietnam” products are genuine. Of course, there are counterfeit Adidas “Made in Vietnam” items on the market since no brand is protected.

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