lark is a famous brand in the world that is used to deliver comfort to your feet. But with common use and wear, they get dust and nasty smells due to sweat. This smell is very annoying for you and makes you embarrassed.

You have to keep them clean and avoid any type of bad odor. But for that purpose, you have to know how to clean Clark’s desert boots with the right method.

If you are not qualified in the cleaning methods and try to clean them, then you will probably damage your beloved Clark’s Boots. So, you have to clean them in such a way that their quality and material will be good after cleaning.

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In this article, we will share with you the best tips and tricks for cleaning Clark’s boots without damaging them and cleaning them like new ones. So, let’s stay with us and now start the knowledge.

Things Required For Cleaning Clark’s Desert Boots?

Some different types of leather are used by Clarks. They also used different materials for different series. So, that’s why there are different things required for different leathers and why you should keep them in mind during cleaning.


Clarks use beeswax, a type of leather that is used by Clarks for Desert boots and an original colorway. Because beeswax leather is high in oils and fats, it lasts a long time before needing to be restored. It also gets a lovely patina with age.

You will need the following items to clean the beeswax leather:

Your shoes and boots (as well as backpacks and purses) are an asset, and good maintenance techniques are a great way to guarantee they last a long time.


If you wish to clean the suede Clark’s Desert boots, it is very important to know the things required for cleaning them, which are as follows:

Suede is more durable than many people know. Mostly those things are microfiber towels, erasers, and brushes. They are great for cleaning, but sometimes it is best to use a suede cleaning solution and suede protector to save your suede leather from any type of damage.

How To Clean Clark’s Desert Boots’ Beeswax?

Beeswax leather does not require much attention to keep it clean. However, after a few months, they accumulate dust and dirt and must be cleaned to prevent further odor and discoloration. You ought to clean them after half a year. It’s a great idea.

The following are the methods that you can use for cleaning your beeswax desert boots:

Use A Brush Made With Horsehair

If you want to use the best and simplest method for which you do not require too many things, then select this method for cleaning your beeswax desert boots.

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For this method, you require a soft like horsehair brush, because if you use a hard brush, then it might damage your boots’ original leather and your boots will no longer be great for use.

After that, you have to politely brush your beeswax leather shoes and then clean them easily in a simple manner. You have to carry on brushing your leather until all the dust has been removed.

Use Saddle Soap

There are some other methods that can be used for the cleaning purposes of Clark’s Beeswax boots.

Some things that will be required for that method are:

  • You will require a cleaned rug or towel.
  • Soap for Saddles
  • A water container

After getting all the required equipment, you have to put your shoes in the water container to make them a little bit wet for applying saddle soap. Clean the boots with a soapy cloth to remove all spots and grime.

After that, you have to dry it in the sunshine and then use the cleaned towel to clean all the dust particles from the boots.

Use Shoe Cleaner

Some types of cleaners may damage your shoes, so you have to use a quality one. Take a shoe cleaner and a soft cloth. Using a soft cloth, apply this cleaner to your boots and polish them with the help of a bristle brush.

How To Clean Clark’s Desert Boots That Are Suede?

Don’t worry if you are going to clean your suede desert boots for the first time. You don’t have to research for an atom bomb; you just require some things for cleaning your boots in an easy and simple way.

Use A Suede Brush

For that method, you need a suede brush and a suede cleaning solution. First, you have to clean all the loose dirt with the help of this brush.

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There is some hard and bad dust remaining on your boots. To remove them, you use a suede cleaning solution and dip your shoes in the solution. After that, again use the suede brush to remove the remaining dust. In this way, you enhance the durability of your boots.

Use A Suede Eraser

For that method, you also need a suede brush and an eraser. Some rigid dirt particles can’t be removed with the help of a suede cleaning solution. Then use a suede eraser.

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Take this eraser and slightly rub the leather of your boots against the dots or stains on your boots. After that, use a brush to wipe these particles away.

Utilize A Towel And Newspaper

After using a suede eraser, if some spots remain, use a piece of towel or rag and then dip it in the container of water.

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Use this wet towel or rag to remove the remaining spots and then wipe away these marks with the help of a newspaper. You have successfully cleaned your suede boots now. Before applying your boots, keep in mind that your boots are waterproof.

Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Clark Clean

Clark is a great brand and unique as well. You have to keep them safe and usable for a long time. For that purpose, you have to follow some tips for keeping them clean and durable.

  • The first and foremost thing is to clean them daily with the help of a soft brush.
  • You have to brush them gently and softly without damaging their quality and material.
  • Saddle soap is the best product for cleaning them. So, always use it.
  • Use protective sprays for cleaning them.
  • Along with cleaning your boots’ leather, also clean the laces and footbeds of the boot.
  • Use the best sprays and materials for cleaning them to enhance the durability of the boots.

Conclusion – How To Clean Clark’s Desert Boots

Clark’s is a unique brand and you have to keep them neat, clean and dry in a great manner to increase their life span.

There are different types of leather used in the boots Clark’s, like beeswax and suede. These leather materials are of various types, and cleaning them requires different techniques.

In the case of beeswax leather, you can clean it with the help of leather oil, saddle soap, horsehair or soft brush, and shoe cleaner.

In the case of suede leather, you can clean it by using equipment like a suede brush, suede eraser, and a rag or towel. By using these methods, you can easily and quickly safely clean your Clark’s desert boots.


How do you clean Clark’s desert boots?

You can easily clean these boots with the help of quality materials. You can use suede soap, suede eraser, shoe cleaners, leather oil, saddle soap, and more.

How do you clean Clarks Desert boots’ crepe soles?

For cleaning crepe sole, you simply use hot water and dip the sole in it, and then use hard soap on it. After that, use an old soft brush to wipe away all the dust. You can also apply the soap directly to the brush.

Can you wash suede desert boots?

Yes, you can wash them by hand or using a washing machine. Before washing them, you have to remove the laces first and then wash them in the machine. After that, you can use paper for packing them and then dry them in the sunshine.

Can Clark desert boots get wet?

As we know that Clark’s boot is made of leather. So, they keep your feet dry and away from sweat. If you don’t have any idea whether they are water-resistant or not then use methods that are waterproof.

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