If you are a serious runner probably own a pair of Hoka shoes and for you, there will be a question about how to clean your shoes to keep them in the best condition as far as possible. Because if you wear your dirty for a long time they can start to smell and make your feet sweaty. Are your Hoka shoes in urgent need of a very good wash but at the same time you are frightened you may ruin them if you try to wash them?

Don’t worry though this article will tell you how to clean pair of your Hoka shoes effectively.

How To Clean Hoka Shoes

How to clean Hokas, To clean a pair of Hoka shoes, the materials that are required are water, a brush kind of soft bristle, and a non-abrasive-cleaning agent. In the wake of cleaning all free mud, dirt, and debris from the shoe, remove laces, insoles, and liners, toss them in the washer, then, at that point, scrub your shoes.

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In actual it’s a lot easier to clean a pair of Hoka shoes than clean other kinds of shoes. To have your sneakers looking good as new here is exactly what to do.

How To Wash Hoka Shoes – Required Material


Can you wash Hoka shoes? and How to wash Hokas? It is essential to know that you cannot place your shoes in the clothes washer, and utilizing the washer and dryer can harm or age your Hoka shoes. The most effective way to clean these shoes is with items you can find around your home.

Step 1) Remove Debris        

Before you can scrub your Hoka shoes clean, you initially need to clear the solidified mud and dirt from the shoe. You can do this effectively by clearing it off with paper towels or a washcloth until all access soil is no more.

Guide about Hoka Shoes

It’s additionally essential to clean the insoles inside your shoes or boots. Essentially take a scrub-up brush or material and cold water and put in almost no time on this cleaning process.

Step 2) Remove Debris

Blend a couple of drops of your cleaning agent into a bowl of water and utilize the toothbrush to scrub every one of the leftover filthy regions until there is a thick foam and the outside and within the shoe look spotless. If you want to keep it simple, you can use mild soap and warm water while scrubbing away all debris.


Step 3) Clean the Upper And Laces

Dip a soft brush or cloth into the cleaning solution and gently scrub the upper and laces of your HOKA shoes. Use circular motions and be careful not to apply too much pressure, as it can cause damage.

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Pay close attention to stains or soiled areas, and repeat the process if necessary. Rinse the brush or cloth frequently in clean water to avoid spreading dirt or detergent.

Step 4) Clean the Outsole

The outsole of your HOKA shoes can accumulate dirt, mud, and debris from your outdoor adventures. To clean the outsole, use a soft brush or cloth and the cleaning solution to scrub away the dirt. Focus on the grooves and tread patterns to ensure thorough cleaning. Rinse with clean water to remove any residue.

Step 5) Rinse And Dry

After cleaning, rinse your HOKA shoes with clean water to remove any remaining detergent or cleaner. Use a towel to gently pat dry the shoes, removing excess water.

Avoid wringing or twisting the shoes, as it can misshape them. To retain their shape, stuff the shoes with crumpled paper or cloth and let them air dry in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Step 6) Optional: Deodorize and Refresh

If your HOKA shoes have developed an unpleasant odor, you can deodorize and refresh them using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar. Simply sprinkle a small amount of baking soda inside the shoes and let them sit overnight to absorb odors.

Alternatively, you can mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide or vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz the interior of the shoes. Allow them to air dry, and the odors should be significantly reduced.

Step 7) Air Dry Your Hoka Shoes Overnight

The most secure method for drying a pair of Hoka shoes is by keeping them out for a couple of hours inside, permitting them to dry all alone. A cloth dryer or blow dryer can mellow and twist the materials. You can likewise stuff paper balls inside the shoes to help with quicker drying.

Cleaning Hoka Shoes Instructions For Different Shoe Materials

Not all HOKA running shoes are made of similar materials.

While the above mentioned “how to” functions admirably enough with essentially all shoe materials, you should present a couple of alterations dependent on the materials your HOKA shoes are made of.

How to Clean Mesh

Mesh is light, breathable, and speedy drying, yet additionally defenseless against fraying under strong scrubbing. To keep away from this, apply insignificant power (think repetitive touching rather than cleaning), and utilize a gentler fiber toothbrush if possible.

How to Clean Leather

Standard leather is a strong material choice that is extraordinary at keeping water out of running shoes and boots and is a breeze to clean. Simply follow the above-recorded technique, wipe your shoes down when you’re done, and use a smell battling item like baking soda or a dryer sheet to dry wadding your stuff into them.

How To Clean Suede Or Nubuck

Suede and nubuck are strong premium “untreated” leather types that are defenseless against moisture. Consequently, suede and nubuck parts are best cleaned once the shoe is completely dried.

Blotch forcefully with a dry towel or cloth, then, at that point, later the suede or nubuck dries completely, utilize a dry brush to eliminate soil, trailed by an immediate direct stain treatment application, trailed by one more round of blotting. You may likewise need to purchase suede or nubuck-explicit cleaning solutions or waterproofing agents.

How to Clean Canvas And Natural Fabric

Most running shoes are made with synthetic fabrics to stay away from the risk of contracting, however, if that part of your shoes has regular texture, you can thoroughly scrub them with a delicate fiber brush. Plunge it into warm water and baking soda combination.

How To Clean White Hoka Shoes


Cleaning white Hoka shoes is easy. Cleaning can be done by a hand wash with cold water using a detergent or mild soap the most popular detergent is Reshoevn8r Shoes Cleaning Detergent.

After cleaning your white Hoka shoes, the next step is to dry the shoes properly and naturally and try to avoid any electric equipment that dries your shoes.

Always keep in mind that your white shoes get dirty quickly and their whiteness or beauty has not lasted for many hours or a day. So keep clean your after wear. Don’t use detergent daily or after wear.

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Simply clean the shoes with the help of a wet cloth if the shoes are not much dirty otherwise if the shoes get more dirty and yellowish can show in shoes, you need to clean that white shoes properly.

Cleaning Hoka Bondi 7 shoes and cleaning Hoka Clifton 8 shoes are the same as we mentioned above.

Can You Machine Wash Hoka Shoes

The simple answer is that it is not recommended to put your Hoka shoes or running shoes in the washing machines because it will harm the shoe materials. Soaking your shoes in water can damage the fabric and adhesives.

If you want to wash Hoka or tennis shoes in the washing machine, putting shoes into a wash bag or pillowcase will help shoes to protect them from damage from my wash drum which is a factor in damaging the shoes.

After washing your Hoka shoes in a washing machine, don’t dry them in a dryer or spinner because it will harm your shoes, drying with excessive sunlight is also not recommended. Drying in a well-ventilated environment indoors or near any fan can be a good technique to dry your shoes in a good way.

Parting Words – How To Clean Hoka Shoes

In all actuality, your Hokas will get filthy. Furthermore, they’re extraordinary old shoes that you can throw toward the rear of the storage room until it’s the ideal opportunity for a profound clean—they’re running shoes with an accentuation on being sturdy and lightweight.

Looking at the situation objectively, regardless of whether you go externally much or go around working the entire day, there will be dirt from strolling through open spaces like shopping centers and restaurants getting into those shoe wrinkles.

So how would it be a good idea for us to respond? Wash them! Be that as it may, when precisely? Short response: Whenever they begin feeling grimy inside. Longer response: Depends on how as often as possible you use them and for what reason.


How can I wash my shoes without ruining them?

Of course, you can wash them easily. Here is a quick guide for washing your shoes.
Dismantle your shoes. Take laces, liners, insoles, and so forth all off.
Wash your laces independently, you can utilize the clothes washer.
Eliminate generally soil from the shoe with a dry towel or paper.
Clean them with a cleanser and cold water. Make sure not to brush them excessively hard.
Wipe the overabundance cleanser.
Put them outside to dry

Can Hokas go in the washer?

It is not recommended to wash Hoka shoes in the washer. The washing drum will damage the shoes. Washing in the washer can be possible by packing shoes in the pillowcase or shoe bag.

How do you get stains out of Hokas?

With your chosen soaping agent, mix a small part of the soaping agent into the cold water, and slowly apply it to dirty areas of the Hoka shoes with the help of a toothbrush, and clean the insoles of the shoes. This process will continue until the stains and dirt have vanished.

Can I wash hoka shoes in the washing machine?

Washing Hoka One footwear in the clothes washer isn’t encouraged by Hoka because of the conceivable harm. Assuming you choose to place them into the clothes washer, Hoka One highlights that you ought not to place them into the dryer because the heat will cause harm.

Can Hoka shoes be washed?

The most effective way to clean Hoka shoes is to hand wash them with warm water, a cleanser, and a wipe. In the wake of washing let your Hoka’s air dry in an all-around ventilated region away from direct daylight or any source of unreasonable hotness like a radiator.

Are Hokas hard to clean?

It is very easy to wash or clean the Hoka shoes. Using your favorite detergent with the help of cool water can clean the shoes and remove all dirt and stains and then dry those shoes in well ventilated indoors.

Should I wash my shoes in hot or cold water?

Using cold water, you can wash your shoes with the help of your favorite detergent to remove all the dirt and stains from your shoes.

How do I make my Hokas white again?

One solution for whitening the Hoka shoes again is to make a solution of 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. Use an old toothbrush and then dip it into that solution, then wipe the all dirty parts of your shoes. Scrub again until all stains and dirt can disappear from white shoes.

Will putting my shoes in the washer ruin them?

Yes, having material like leather, rubber, suede and vinyl can be ruin your shoes if you washed them in the washer. Try to avoid such type of material in washer.

How do you dry shoes after washing them?

Dry naturally in well-ventilated environments indoors and try to keep shoes under or near the fan to dry them naturally and quickly. Avoid keeping shoes under the excessive sun and drying them in dryers can damage your shoes.

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