Socks are important for your dressings. They also play an important role in maintaining your feet’ condition and protecting them from nasty odors. Socks also keep your feet warm in cold weather.

When the hot season comes, the majority of people avoid the use of socks with shoes, they also use fewer shoes and prefer to wear sandals. Many types of shoes can be run perfectly without shoes. if you use them without socks, they also protect your feet and offer a comfortable ride.

Hey Dude Shoes is ideal for anybody looking for a beautiful and comfy shoe. They have a cushioned insole and an adaptable design that may be dressed up or down.

They’re also available in a range of colors and styles, so there’s something for everyone. Let’s check the answer to the question Are hey dude shoes comfortable with socks?                

Are Hey Dude Shoes Comfortable With Socks?

The short answer is that it makes no difference whether you wear socks with Hey dude footwear or not, they provide the comfort you in both cases.

You may always choose your style and preference with Dudes as long as you take steps to protect your feet fresh, clean, and bacteria-free. Use them with or without socks, Hey Dude sneakers are designed to be as comfy as possible.

If you are confused after that then there are some factors to keep in mind that will help you in deciding whether you can wear hey dude with socks or without socks.

Socks Types

If you want to use your hey dude with socks then the material of socks matters a lot in keeping your feet warm and comfortable. You have to select socks that are manufactured of wool, this will keep your feet soft and comfy. In keeping your feet fresh and odor-free, you can also select socks that are breathable like cotton socks.

Personal Preference:

The most crucial consideration in determining whether or not to wear socks with your Hey Dudes is just your personal preference.

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Do you like how it turned out? Is it comfier for you? There is no correct or incorrect solution here, therefore it is all up to you.

Weather Condition

During selecting what you should wear hey dude with or without socks weather play an important role. Because weather affects the condition of your feet and makes the discomfort.

For instance, if the weather is frigid, you have to select a warm type of socks that keep your feet protected from the cold situations and keep them warm. If the weather is very hot then it’s best to avoid wearing socks because they make your feet discomfort.

What Qualities Make Hey Dude Shoes Comfortable Without Socks?

Why do I believe that hey dude can be great without socks? So, let’s check some factors that make hey dude best without socks.

Better Cushioning

You can’t have a comfy shoe until you focus on the bottom and closure. That’s exactly what the Hey Dudes did. Their footwear contains a memory foam insole that absorbs shock and provides a comfortable footbed because of their excellent cushioning.

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Furthermore, for modest adjustments, the foot lining surrounding the closure softly embraces your ankle. On the inside, there is a plush lining that delivers a cool feeling while you walk. As a result, wearing socks is not always necessary.


Hey Dude sneakers do not have the tight fit associated with a lace-up fastening. While they introduce lace, it is just to aid in making minor modifications. Dudes also have flexible straps that serve as a holding component across the heel and sides.

Loose-fitting shoes are those that don’t fit too tightly but softly hug the foot so it doesn’t pull out during exercise. However, if you want optimum support, Hey Dude sneakers might not be the best choice.

Upper Flexibility

The majority of individuals have commended the footwear’s distinctive quality of top materials. Hey Dude shoes are mostly made of a textile upper, which is either knit, canvas, or a flexible material.

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With such components, these footwears provide your feet with the flexibility, mobility, and safety they require. This implies you wouldn’t screech your teeth in them.


Weight is an important thing in keeping your feet comfortable. And the best thing about hey dudes is that they are lightweight and keep your feet untired. The approximate weight of hey dude is 5 ounces which are equal to the weight of two pairs of socks.

As we know that hey dudes can wear them with or without socks because they are light in weight. The material used for hey dudes like EVA midsole, rubber outsole, and leather upper are also light and help in keeping your feet comfy.


As we discuss that textile material is used for upper in the case of hey dudes which makes them breathable. This type of material allows air to move from the shoes and keeps your feet fresh.

This airflow also keeps your feet odor-free and healthy. On the other hand, if you don’t want to wear socks, Hey Dudes aren’t the ideal solution in wet conditions.

Benefits of Wearing Socks

Your feet are more than just skin and meat. Your feet have hundreds of thousands of sweat glands, which are constant moisture providers. This dampness promotes bacterial and fungal development. Socks play a role in this situation. They soak extra liquid, limiting the growth of germs and fungus and maintaining your feet dry.

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Socks also keep blisters and calluses at bay on your feet. Socks also provide a warm environment for your feet in the case of cold weather and protect them from discomfort. Furthermore, they provide cushioning for your feet while you move.

Disadvantages Of Not Wearing Socks With Shoes

The biggest danger of using shoes without socks is that you increase your likelihood of getting athlete’s foot and other illnesses. Without socks, there is no layer of germs between the footwear and your feet to absorb water.

This, in turn, creates a comfortable, warm, and wet atmosphere in your footwear, ideal for fungus and bacteria to grow. Even if you don’t have an illness, wearing sockless with closed shoes might generate an unpleasant odor due to perspiration and germs. Thankfully, Hey Dude sneakers are made of a very breathable textile that keeps your feet cool.

Conclusion – Are Hey Dude Shoes Comfortable With Socks

Socks play an important role in keeping your feet comfortable, warm, dry, and healthy. So, it’s best to wear them in the cold weather but wearing socks depends on many things like personal preference, socks types, and weather condition.

In the case of Hey Dude, it does not matter if you wear socks or not. Because hey dudes provide you many features in keeping your feet comfortable like loose fitting, breathability, better cushioning, lightweight, flexibility, and more. These features make them best with or without socks.


Do Hey Dudes make your feet stink?

If you use them for short period then they don’t make your feet stink. Because their materials are breathable and keep your feet fresh. But if you use them for long period then they make some odor. Don’t it’s a normal case and you can easily deodorize them.

Can hey dude’s shoes get wet?

As we know, hey dudes are manufactured by canvas material which not water-resistant. So, it’s best to protect them from getting wet. But they can float on water due to EVA soles.

Do you tie Hey Dudes?

Customers appreciate the Men’s Wally, Paul, Jack, and Walsh and the Women’s Wendy and Polly because they don’t have to tie laces every day. The easy-on lace fit offers you to slide them on while still having the correct fit, so there are no laces to worry about.

Can you put insoles in Hey dude shoes?

Hey Dude shoes have replaceable insoles. You can easily put another insole by replacing the previous one properly and not damaging the quality of the shoes.

Do hey dude’s shoes stretch out?

If you normally use half sizes, we recommend going up a size for the best fit. If you like a more tight fit, keep in mind that the Wally and Wendy Hey Dude designs are manufactured of woven cotton and can expand, so you’ll want to size down.

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