If you love Converse, you should know its effect on your shoe size. Whenever people start wearing Converse for the first time, they often find that the shoes make their feet look bigger than normal.

Most people think that it’s because of the chunky look of this type of footwear; however, in reality, it has more to do with bad sizing than anything else.

To find out why this is the case, we need to understand what a size eight or any other size is supposed to represent. The question is, Why Does Converse Make My Feet Look Big?

We must first realize that shoe sizes were created in an era when everybody had a much wider foot than they do today. In the past, shoes were supposed to have plenty of extra room for toes and swollen feet.

The length measurement of shoes was also greatly exaggerated because it was not uncommon for people to use shoe lifts inside their footwear to make themselves taller.

When this was the case, adding an inch to a shoe’s length would appear normal. However, today, most people have feet that are now about 4 centimeters longer than the size eight or any other size we have found so far.

When a person’s feet are not the same size as their shoe, and it starts looking like their feet are more prominent, it is because of improper sizing. Unfortunately, this is what has been happening on the majority of Converse shoes that are available today.

Do Converse Run Big Or Small?

Converse shoes are generally considered to run big. Converse recommends sizing down by a half size, but some people find that they need to size down by a full size. The best way to determine the correct size for you is to try on a pair of Converse in person.

Tips for finding the right size Converse:

  • Measure your feet before you go shopping. This will help you to find the correct size in any brand of shoe.
  • Try on Converse shoes in the afternoon or evening, when your feet are at their largest.
  • Wear the same type of socks that you plan to wear with your Converse shoes.
  • Walk around in the shoes for a few minutes to make sure they are comfortable.

How Can you Make Sure That You Are Getting The Correct Shoe Size

Fit The Shoe Correctly On Your Foot

The best way to do this is to have a pair of slightly too small shoes. It will make you familiar with how your feet move inside the shoe, and you will be able to tell when the shoe is losing its shape.

Have The Right Type Of Foot Arch

The arch of a person’s foot differs depending on their gender and footwear preferences, so you must measure it at least once every year and always use the same measuring method. Otherwise, your measurements may become confusing.

Do Adidas Run Big Or Small?

Never Trust Your Eyes

You might think the shoes fit correctly, but chances are they are not. Converse shoes make your feet look big because you likely have more than one shoe size. If you have a lot of different footwear, you need to have your feet measured.

Never Wear Your Shoes Inside Out

When you wear your shoes inside out, you are adding an extra couple of centimeters that can make your feet look wider than they are.

Do Vans Run Big Or Small

Try On Two Sizes Of Leather

If wearing leather shoes helps you with your problem, try on at least two sizes of various leathers to find out which one fits best. One material may also work better with your feet than the other.

How To Solve Converse Make Feet Look Big Problem

The good news is that this problem can be solved with Converse. You can purchase Converse without laces and then have them added on.

The shoemaker will do it by cutting off the extra material and replacing it with ones that will give you the right fit. If you love Converse, you should go ahead and have any pair you wear fitted this way because it will help your feet look normal and healthier.

The converse is designed to be a roomy shoe, so you should ensure that your Converse is not too big. It can be solved by measuring both of your feet and comparing the measurements with the shoe size chart.

How To Make Your Converse Look Smaller

You can always wear high socks and black or dark-colored shoes to make your feet look smaller and more attractive. You should also wear clothes that have a lot of black or dark coloring to them as well. You don’t want anything that will draw attention to your feet and make them appear bigger than they are.

Another way to make your Converse look smaller is by wearing them with the laces removed and having them fitted by a shoemaker. It can be done at any shoe store. The shoemaker will do it by simply cutting off the extra material. Always remember that this takes quite some time and is not an option you want to take lightly.

Conclusion – Do Converse Run Big Or Small?

The Converse is designed to have plenty of room. That is why the shoes don’t look too small or overly large, but rather the way you want them to look and feel. They are not meant for you to wear unless they are the proper size. When Converse first came out, everyone’s feet were much bigger than they are now; luckily, this has been solved with today’s technology and by making sure that your feet fit into the right pair of Converse.

I hope this article answered your questions about Why Do Converse Make My Feet Look Big.


Is Converse good for big feet?

Yes, Converse is suitable for big feet. The Converse brand is known for its casual yet stylish footwear. People with big feet have no problem fitting into converse shoes.
Every size is available for purchase. It may be hard for some people to find a comfortable fit with other shoe brands, but Converse shoes offer a wide range of sizes that work well for people with large feet.

Do white shoes make your feet look bigger?

White shoes don’t make your feet look more prominent, but if you happen to be already wearing a pair of white shoes, it will make it easier for you to see your feet.
Anything made from a bright white fabric or shines brightly like in the sun will reflect light onto your lower body, making it appear larger than normal.

Should you size down in Converse?

The question of whether or not you should size down in Converse is widely disputed, with some claiming to have experienced blisters from wearing the shoes while others swear they have not. Ultimately, the decision is a personal one and will depend on your individual fit within the shoe.

Do Converse make your feet flat?

No, Converse does not make your feet flat. Converse shoes have a raised bottom that helps to maintain the natural curve in your foot. It is suitable for people with high arches or flat feet.
Converse shoes are also available with a slightly raised heel, allowing you to maintain a forward-sloping arch in your foot. It is ideal for those who have fallen on arches or flat feet.

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