Shoes are an important part of your dressing and they are required to protect your feet. But sometimes instead of relaxing, they create discomfort for you due to producing unwanted noise. This farting noise is produced due to the friction between the surface and the bottom of your shoes.

This farting noise also damages your shoes and decreases their lifespan. So, it’s very important to prevent this farting noise. Because this noise ruins your all personality by taking your attention on your shoes all the time.

This noise not only irritates you but you’re around all people affected by this farting noise. This noise has a bad impact on them your personality.

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Due to the farting noise coming from your shoe people look at your shoes but not in a good manner and this will embarrass you. There is a question in your mind if my shoes make a suction noise then how can I prevent this farting noise?

Why Does Footwear Make A Farting Noise?

Until you can attempt to prevent your footwear from making a sound, you need to figure out why they’re making any noise in the first place. Is it a tapping sound from your heels that bothers you, or is your footwear screeching as you move?

The farting noise your footwear makes will be determined by a variety of variables. These are some examples:

  • The sole component 
  • The shoes’ vintage
  • Any kind of damage
  • How do they fit on your feet? 

In A Hurry: Quick Solution To Stop Shoes From Farting

How To Stop Shoes From Making Suction Noise

  1. Noise From the Sole Material Solution: Use Sandpaper (View On Amazon)
  2. Farting Noise Coming From The Insole Solution: Use Socks and Baby powder (View On Amazon)
  3. Noise Because Of Trapped Moisture Solution: Use a Heater Or Dryer (View On Amazon)
  4. Noise Because Of Foot Arch Solution: Use Velcro Straps (View On Amazon)
  5. Sound Due To Footwear Tongue Solution: Use Vaseline (View On Amazon)
  6. Farting sound because of New Footwear Solution: Use Conditioners (View On Amazon)
  7. Farting Noise Because Of the Metal Shank in Footwear Solution: Contact Cobbler or Manufacturer

How To Stop Sandals From Making Suction Noise

  1. Use Some Talcum Powder (View On Amazon)
  2. Use Some Waterproofing Spray (View On Amazon)
  3. Use Some WD-40 (View On Amazon)
  4. Use Some Petroleum Jelly (View On Amazon)
  5. Poke Some Holes in the Insole
  6. Replace your Faulty Product

How Can I Prevent Shoes Farting Noise?

How to stop shoes from farting? To avoid farting or squeaky noises in your footwear, specify the quality of footwear and the element of the footwear that produces the noise. If you carry orthotics or inserts in your footwear, be aware of the wrinkles in the sole caused by twisting them under your toes.

Many individuals discover that putting baby powder under their insoles fits well. In addition, inspect the insole for any wear and tear, water content, or wreckage.

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If your footbed is altered, switch to a new one. If your dress shoes are making more sound, I’d recommend walking in them a lot for 8 to 15 days to completely break them in.

Sometimes you heard that shoes make air sound when walking or air whooshing sound from shoes and this is the reason why your confidence is lost instantly.

If you’re carrying Birkenstocks or sandals and they’re making a suction sound, it’s because of trapped air in the insert or ankle bands.

1. Noise From the Sole Material


The type of farting sounds generated by footwear is determined by the sole substance and the ground with which it comes into contact. Most types of shoes have a rubber outsole that screech on made of wood gym surfaces.

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As a result, it’s common. The grippy rubber outsoles do their task and stay in place on the ground. This farting noise makes because the makers add trapped air into the midsole materials to provide support and a jumping journey.

Solution: Use Sandpaper

By rubbing slightly, the sandpaper with them you can decrease this farting noise which is made due to sole material and irritate you. You can use this method also in the case of any branded shoes for getting useful results.

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To complete this process, (you only need WD40 and a 0.4mm syringe.) The next step is to locate the exact damaged part in the sole where the farting sound is coming from.

Insert the needle into the sole until it passes through the solid floor and into the air hole. Add WD40 into the hole now. It begins to fade away when it begins to elute.

2. Farting Noise Coming From The Insole

If the sole material not producing any type of noise, then you have to check the insole material. Because it can be due to the insole also. Because orthotic insoles mostly produce noises because these insoles produce friction and this friction produces noise that will be irritating for you.

Solution: Use Socks and Baby powder

There are several ways to remove this type of farting noise. If the material of your shoes is genuine leather, then you have to wear quality socks to prevent this squeaky noise. And if this method not working then use baby powder to overcome this friction between the insole and the material of the shoe.


  • For using baby powder first, you have to take off the footbed. For taking off the insert from the shoe you can apply a hand lotion, silicone mist, or sanding insoles.
  • Then spray the powder
  • After that put the insert back and keep it in mind to properly align with the shoe bed. 

3. Noise Because Of Trapped Moisture

When you walk, run, or stand by wearing shoes then sweat popped out at your feet and this type of moisture makes some type farting noise also. Sometimes water comes into your shoes and produces noise.

This type of situation commonly occurs in hot weather. You have to work in any situation and walk a long hour on your feet during work and not dry your feet and shoes.

This type of condition not only produces irritating noise but also embarrasses you before others and is also harmful to your feet. So, it’s very important to prevent this situation.

Solution: Use a Heater Or Dryer

To prevent this situation, you have to dry your shoes properly when your feet and shoes got wet. You can use a heater in the bathroom and shut down the door of the bathroom. By doing this the heat evolves by heater drying your shoes and you also have to wash your feet and then dry them.

The next method is to use a dryer, check that your shoes allow you to put them in the dryer, and then dry them by dryer and use.

4. Noise Because Of Foot Arch


This type of noise is common mostly in sandals. This is like the situation you have to put your hands together to create a vacuum and unseal it. This type of noise also needs to prevent.

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Solution: Use Velcro Straps

By using Velcro straps, this noise can be prevented. Velcro straps create suction and allow air to move easily.


Take a piece of Velcro and then put it below the insole where the foot arch meets. You can apply more than one strap depending on your needs.

5. Sound Due To Footwear Tongue

This type of noise is mostly produced in leather footwear. This noise makes because of the friction between the tongue and the inner material of the footwear. As compared to long tongue footwear shorts produce this farting noise more.

Solution: Use Vaseline

To prevent this noise, you can use some type of Vaseline, petroleum jelly, chapstick, or any type of lotion. These are the materials that lessen the friction between the tongue and the inside of the shoe and remove this type of squeaking noise from your shoes.

6. Farting Sound Because Of New Footwear

When you buy a new pair of shoes you notice that they produce some type of noise and this is very common in leather footwear. Because this new leather requires some period to perfectly fit your feet and before that time, they produce some type of sound.

Solution: Use Conditioners

This new needs to be soft to remove this sound. By using some type of wax-liked conditioners or there are some types of oil to soften leather, prevent this noise. Use this conditioner on the affected place over the toe region and under the laces to soften the leather.

7. Farting Noise Because Of the Metal Shank in Footwear

This noise is mostly produced in dress footwear because they mostly contain metal shanks. First, these metal shanks work properly without producing any noise but with time they lose their strength and make sounds.

Solution: Contact Cobbler or Manufacturer

The solution to the damaged metal shanks is that take them to the shoemaker or a cobbler. They correct this fault and prevent this sound.

How To Stop Sandals From Making Suction Noise

My sandals make a fart noise when I walk. There are many methods that you can find but the best method in which sandals and loafers can stop producing farting noise whenever you walk is to lubricate the insoles. This helps really a lot.

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This is because the air or moisture gets trapped in different parts of the shoe and it can be fixed with several methods by using some talcum powder and petroleum jelly.

Here are some methods which help even you to suction noise in your Birkenstock sandals!

1. Use Some Talcum Powder

It is really great for stopping noise. Talcum Powder or Baby Powder is made to absorb moisture. The moisture in the powder can help you to reduce the squeaking in your shoes.

Shaking a bit of powder under the inner sole will absorb all moisture. On the other side, if your sandals don’t have removable soles, then try adding the powder around the inside sole.

2. Use Some Waterproofing Spray

The use of Waterproofing Spray is good and you can use it on all types of shoes. The main purpose of this is to add one more layer of protection on the shoes to prevent water substances which damage the shoes and create noising.

3. Use Some WD-40

The purpose and use of WD-40 are to clean all dirt and dust and stop the unwanted suction noise on your shoes and sandals. Which brings the shoes into the original shape. It is recommended not to use the following trick on the suede shoes.

The trick is: Soak a cotton ball with a little bit of WD-40 or silicone spray, then apply it to the outside seams of your noising and squeaking shoes. Which gives results in very less time.

4. Use Some Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly helps you to stop the squeaking noise in the shoes which was created due to the inner sole in your shoe.

For a quick fix, smear a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly or Lotion under the insole of your shoe to help the parts rub against each other more smoothly.

5. Poke Some Holes in the Insole

Some time due to air is not escaping from your sandals and shoes which will create noise in your shoes. For avoiding, there is one method is to prick some holes in the insole of the shoes with the help of the pin with the focus being the heel, under the toes, and the ball of your feet. Which helps to escape all air from the shoes!

6. Replace your Faulty Product

One if you can apply one method and it is not working, try to find initially or after testing whether some part of the shoe is faulty or not.

Try to find out those and replace them with new ones that can be ordered online through any store like the most popular Amazon.

Why Do You Fart When You Walk?

Why do I fart when I walk? Walking or any physical activity can lead to the production of gas in the gut. When we walk, we inhale and exhale more air than usual, and this increased breathing can lead to swallowing more air. Swallowing air can lead to the formation of gas in the digestive system, leading to flatulence.

Walking can also increase the movement of gas in the digestive system, leading to the release of gas through the rectum. When we walk, the movement of the muscles in the abdomen can cause gas to move around in the gut, leading to the release of gas.

Another reason why people fart when they walk is due to the release of gas that has been trapped in the gut. When we sit or lie down, the gas in our gut can get trapped in the intestines, leading to bloating and discomfort. However, when we stand up and start to walk, the gas is released through the rectum, leading to flatulence.

Conclusion – Prevent Farting Noise In Shoes & Sandals

Shoes are meant to provide a relaxing ride to you at every step. And if you continuously hear an unwanted and irritating noise from them then this is an awful condition. This noise not only makes you discomfort but also affects your personality by embarrassing you.

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There are some reasons for this farting noise coming from your shoes. If you overcome them, you can use them again. Metal shanks, use wet shoes, sole material, insole material, and there are some other reasons for this noise.

Before searching for the solution first you have to check the source of the noise then think about how can I prevent this farting noise?

For creating easiness and saving your time we share with you a useful article on that topic. Hopefully, this article is helpful for you.


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What’s the problem with my shoes sounding like they’re farting?

Correspondingly, noise can be caused by damage. Liquid damage creates severe footwear to fart, and drying footwear appropriately can take a lot of time before they avoid making a sound.

How do I stop the bottom of my shoes from squeaking?

The bottom of your shoes is also squeaking because the air is not passed through the shoes. For fixing this and stop your shoes from squeaking, apply the talcum powder or baby powder around your inner soles which will help you to pass the air moisture. OR follow the above powders or methods to stop the noise.

Is Vaseline safe to use on leather?

Vaseline is a fantastic option to use on your leather dress shoes. The petroleum jelly strategy not only softens but Vaseline also protects the leather from breaking.

Why do my sneakers sound like suction cups?

Due to air escaping from the layers of the sole unit, sneakers are making sounds like suction cups or many suction noises that is bad for the personality.

How do I stop my shoes from making a noise when I walk?

Use conditioner on the upper and applied some mentioned powders and then dry your shoes after washing lastly wear them and walk them it will help you to reduce suction noise.

Why do my shoes sound rubbery?

Due to rubber soles and leather insoles, water can damage the rubber and cause a noise that is something like rubbery.

Why do my Nikes make a popping sound?

The result of moisture between the Strobel and midsole makes a Nike popping sound, this is happening in early models of Nike.

How do I stop my shoes from squeaking on my tile floor?

Sometimes when you walk on the tile floor wearing your shoes you heard the noise, this is because that is too slick. To stop those squeaking noises from the shoes, go over the bottoms a few times with a dryer sheet to make them less slick so they don’t squeak as much.

How do you fix squeaky shoes with non removable insoles?

You notice that your shoes have an insole that is non removeable, so you can fix that with the apply talcum powder or baby powder or any above powders Around the Inner Soles of the Shoes, which also helps you to stop squeaking or noise which creates in the shoes.

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