Feet are an important part of your body. You have to keep them healthy and in a good condition that will protect them from nasty odors.

In maintaining the conditions of your feet shoes are very important. Sometimes your feet badly smell and this nasty odor is unbearable and also embarrasses you in public and ruins your personality.

Have you thought about why your feet smell like cat pee? This new article will move you through all of the probable factors of the noxious odor in your feet that smells like cat pee. So, need to get this discussion started.

Why Do My Feet Smell Like Cat Pee

So, what’s the deal with feet smelling like cat urine? There are many possible explanations for the cat pee-like odor in your feet. The shoe quality you used for your feet also may be the reason for that condition.

One is that your cat has peed on your footwear. Some other main factor is the stuff of your footwear, which allows sweat or bacteria to accumulate. Sweat includes salt and ammonia, which can encourage microbial activity and outcome in a stinky foot.

Causes Why Your Feet Smell Like Cat Pee

Many reasons that will make your feet smell like cat urine are as follows:

Cat Has Peed in Your Shoes

If you are a cat lover and love to keep cats at your home. So, this cause will have happened that may be cat has peed in your shoes or you are stepping at the cat pee and this will make your feet smell like cat pee. Other options suggest that you kept your footwear close to the cat litter box.


Use Cleaners:

In this scenario, there are cleaners with energetic enzymes that break down the chemical composition of cat urine and its stinky materials. Humanity’s greatest magic urine frigate is an awesome tool for removing cat urine stains and odors from your feet.

Soak your footwear in this chemical and let them dry in a nice environment. I’m hoping this approach will help in removing the cat pee smell from your feet.

Use Vinegar:

There are also more ways to remove this cat pee smell from your feet. By using the mixture of water and vinegar you can also remove the cat pee smell.

Three teaspoons of vinegar mix in the hot water and then applied to your shoes and use an old toothbrush to clean them. After that allow your shoes to dry in the sunlight or by using dryers.

Use Baking Soda:

By using baking soda, you can also remove this stinky smell from your feet by washing your shoes. spray baking soda on your shoes then use a paper towel to rub your shoes and then put them in the sunlight to allow your shoes to dry.

During applying these methods to your shoes, you have to keep in your mind the quality of your shoes. if your shoes are made of genuine leather and are waterproof then you can apply both methods of vinegar and enzymes to them to remove this stinky smell.


Sweating is also the cause of your feet smelling like cat pee. Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating, which includes foot sweat. It is not always caused by thermal or workout and can be handled by your physician.

Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis

This category of hyperhidrosis has an unknown cause. Plantar hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweating on the soles of your feet.

Secondary Hyperhidrosis

A health problem, such causes this type of hyperhidrosis.

  • Diabetes 
  • Infections 
  • Disorder of the nervous system
  • Menopause hot flashes
  • low blood sugar

Changing Daily Routines

If your foot odor alters and begins to smell like cat pee, it’s most likely due to a shift in:

  • Diet
  • Natural hormone cycles
  • A general way of life

Consider performing frequent snuffle inspections to keep on top of any adjustments in foot odor.

Bacteria Could Be the Root of this Smell

Feet can sometimes smell like cat pee due to the accumulation of bacteria. The possible explanation for this is that the foam in running footwear is rough, which allows bacterial growth.

The bacteria combine with the foam to produce an acidified chemical that smells like cat pee. To remove it, make a sticky dough of baking soda and implement it all over the foam of the footwear. Allow the footwear to sit overnight. I’m hoping the odor will go away and the cat pee smell will remove from your feet.


How Can Protect Feet From Getting Smelling Like Cat Pee?

Some methods will help protect your feet from any nasty odor like cat pee.


Wash your feet is an important task to keep your feet protected from any nasty odor. So, you have to wash them after any outdoor or indoor activity and protect them from bacteria also. Use an antibacterial soap to remove any bacterial germs from your feet and wash them.


Suggest soaking your feet for 10–20 mins in a separate bowl or tub of hot water with a half cup of Epsom salt disintegrated in it for a good scrubbing. By drawing extra water from your skin, Epsom salt creates less-hospitable conditions for bacteria.

Staying Dry

After taking showers, swimming, diving, or washing, always fully dry your feet. Probably wear cotton socks and natural-fiber footwear that permit evaporation of moisture. Consider wearing a different pair of socks during the day.


To keep your feet dry, sprinkle a minimal quantity of cornstarch in your footwear.

Using Over-The-Counter Medications

Consider using a foot antiperspirant that is available over the counter (OTC).

Shifting Your Footwear

Stop wearing the same footwear two days in a row to allow them to dry. You have to change your footwear that will allow them to dry before use. If you are using continuously the same pair of shoes that will make your feet smell like cat pee.

Cleaning Your Footwear

Regard using a disinfectant with a sanitizing component, such as ethanol, to spray the inside of your footwear. If your footwear has detachable inserts, remove them, lightly spray them, and allow them to dry outside your footwear for 24 hours.

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After maintaining a good routine still, if your feet smell like cat pee then you must consult with an expert in the case of your feet and act according to his or her instructions.

What Causes Cats to Pee on Footwear?

Why do my shoes smell like cat pee? One possible explanation for your footwear smelling like cat pee is that your cat has urinated on them. This is a fairly common occurrence among cat owners. Cats urinate in your footwear for a variety of reasons.

The most possible reason for this condition may be your cat facing health issues that’s why a cat has peed not in the cat box.

In this condition, you have to consult with a veterinary expert and examine your cat because that will happen due to the not properly working of the urine bladder of the cat. It is also a matter of the health of your loving pet.


After doing any workout, why are my feet smelly? Have you thought that why your feet smell like cat pee? There is the main reason behind this fact is the quality and maintenance of your shoes. if you keep your shoes smell proof and maintain them dry then your feet are also healthy and smell proof.

If you are a cat lover, the cat has peed in your shoes and that’s the reason your feet smell like cat pee. Sometimes after exercising you are not washing and drying the sweat popped out on your feet, this is also the reason for getting smelly on your feet.

Why do my work boots smell like cat pee? To avoid any type of smell from your feet, you have kept them clean, washed, and commonly use powder on them.

In worse conditions, if your feet smell after all these cautions then contact your doctor for further help and act according to his instructions. Hope that article will be helpful for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Feet Have a Cheese Smell?

If you carry sweaty synthetic socks with your footwear, they will smell like cheese. Any foot sweat would also be soaked up into the footwear leather, causing it to smell terrible.

This is only because sweat is trapped inside them for an extended period and they are not correctly left to dry out after every use. This makes your feet smell like cheese.

Why Does Footwear Smell After Getting Wet or Being Laundered?

If your footwear smell after getting wet from cleaning, stepping in a puddle, or sweating after a game or practice, the water is soaked up by the lining and padding of your footwear, resulting in odors from bacteria attempting to take over the humid environment.

What makes feet smell like cat urine?

The major reason is the smell which occurs due to bacteria that can occur due to sweaty shoes, that bacteria eat dead skin cells and oils from the skin, and your feet and shoes smell like cat urine.

Why does my sweat smell like cat pee?

The sweat smell like cat pee because of ammonia. Ammonia is released from the body through urine and produces odor. Ammonia is also caused due to dehydration. The solution is excess drink water to avoid sweat smelling like cat pee.

Why do my shoes smell like cat pee?

One big reason is maybe your cat peeing in it. You can finalize by checking the smell of your pet cat, if the cat carries peeing smell then it will be confirmed that your cat is urinated on your shoes or boots.

What does it mean when your feet smell like ammonia?

This is due to dehydration and causes your feet to smell like ammonia. The solution is to drink water excessively to get rid of the smell of ammonia from your feet.

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