If you’re someone who’s a fan of vans, you’re probably aware of the difference between vans wards and old skool shoes as they’re both quite famous.

If you’re not, then you must be more confused about the fact whether these shoes even have any differences. This is because of their style.

The main difference between Vans Ward and Old Skool is the design. The Ward features a more modern and chunkier silhouette with a padded collar, while the Old Skool has a classic low-top skate shoe design with a signature side stripe.

Vans ward and old skool vans look quite the same but have slight differences that you can definitely tell them apart by. Learn all about them in the article below!

What Are Vans Ward Shoes Like?

Vans ward is a footwear that is lovely to look at. These are shoes that are your ultimate skater shoe. It is made with features that are born to be on the board. They bring an amazing street style that you can definitely wear all day long.

The footwear has a waffle sole that gives it a credible street style you’ll love to wear at your next hang out. It is a low-top, lace-up design that is always going to be there appropriate for event attire.

You can wear it anywhere you want. It has a cool vibe that many youngsters are chasing these days that is why it’s gained such popularity.

What’s even greater about these shoes is how they come in many different colors that you’ll love. The footwear is extremely amazing and you can always be a part of it.

What Are Old Skool Shoes Like?

When you first take a glance at these shoes, you’ll notice how minimalistic they actually are. The shoes have a pretty normal style that is simple yet pleasing to look at. This is what attracts a person in the first place.

The shoes have a contrast stitching that gives them a very distinct look you’ll love to see in your footwear. The style gives it a stylish appearance, making them the perfect footwear to wear all day long.

Old skool shoes have such a versatile style that can go with any outfit you wear with them. You can wear it with jeans, or skirts that are exclusively casual or you can wear it with formal attire.

This is something that makes it the perfect footwear to wear. This kind of gives way to everything you can talk about this footwear.

Differences In Vans Wards And Old Skool


One of the most obvious differences between van ward and old skool vans is the tongue. You can see minor changes in their exterior. This is probably the tongue where old skool vans provide a pretty simple and plain design on the tongue, vans ward has its own logo in white that seems quite stylish to look at. The logo gives it a classy appearance that is lacking in the old skool van’s design.


Since the shoes are so similar in looks, it’s a little hard to distinguish them. The same goes for the sole. Both shoes have a waffle styled sole however it is different in color. This is the only difference you can find in their soles.


Another minor difference that we found in these shoes is the arrangement f their seams. This means the stitching through the whole shoe is slightly different. There is a distinct design between the two that you can definitely find in their stitching.


When you look at the interior, you can observe that the inner footbed color is a little different in both shoes. In vans ward, the color is black while in old skool vans, the color is completely white. You can tell all of this by the interior and how it looks.

Vans Ward VS Old Skool: Which is Better?

Despite there being slight differences in the overall appearance of the shoes, we explored all the reviews given on the internet. After much research and going through tons of reviews, we learned that most people found old skool vans to be much more comfortable to wear than vans ward.

All of it came down to the heel of the shoes. Vans ward has a hard heel that is causing discomfort to many. This feature makes them the perfect shoes to wear all day long. You can wear them anywhere in the world without coming up with ways to take them off.

On the other hand, old skool vans are making their own name in the market. Even the most stunning appearances are useless if the shoe is uncomfortable to wear. However, Vans Old Skool is quite cosy.

The fact that they are given the right amount of room and assistance is the nicest thing. Even with the laces knotted loosely, they securely grip the top of your foot. While still having plenty of room for your feet to breathe thanks to a relatively wide toe box.

Since the sole is thick enough, you won’t feel every stone you step on, which isn’t often the case with canvas shoes, especially more affordable versions. The sole provides ample support.

Conclusion – Vans Ward VS Old Skool

Skim through all the differences found regarding old skool vans and vans ward. You can wear them all day long and they will definitely be the perfect choice for you to wear. After all, it’s your money you’ll be spending on such shoes.


Are Vans Ward and Old Skool the same?

No, vans ward and old skool shoes are more different than you think. They have slight differences in appearance that you’ll be able to tell if you look at them closely. These differences will help you form your own decision.

What is a Vans Ward shoe?

Vans Ward low-top sneakers have a smooth lining, a cushioned insole for your comfort, and a padded collar for increased comfort around the ankle. Most lifestyles can be handled by this shoe. Vans Ward low-top sneakers will keep you walking comfortably no matter where your day takes you.

What is the difference between Vans Old Skool and ComfyCush?

The solitary is the most significant distinction. Vans normally feature hard rubber soles, but the ComfyCush midsoles are softer to the touch and more padded. Furthermore, an improvement has been made to the outsole.

Are Vans Ward good for skating?

Despite the fact that there are several reputable sneaker companies, Vans regularly receives the most votes. Vans are durable, excellent for skating, and provide many possibilities for various styles. You can wear them at your next skating session.

Are Vans ward real?

Yes, vans ward are real vans as they come in many different styles but come in high quality that seems to be wonderful for vans enthusiasts.

Are Vans Ward Comfortable?

Yes, wearing Vans is quite comfortable. The design, structure, and material give the shoe excellent flexibility and comfort. Sufficient padding is added above the canvas.
The shoe is made more comfortable by this cushion. Additionally, the vulcanized rubber outsole provides exceptional traction and flexibility.

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