When it comes to day-to-day wear, **Hey Dude proves to be perfect **as they offer slip-on with sustainable cork insoles that give great comfort, whilst the large variety in style gives us the best of two worlds.

Sanuk, however, are a cross between slip-on and sandals, opening a whole new world of style and design for people to choose from. They are lightweight and are perfect for daily wear.

When both comfort and style are present it then all comes down to durability, how it makes someone feel and how it counters the often issues that people who use shoes daily must face.

What Are Hey Dude Shoes?

Hey Dude is an Italian brand founded in 2007 that provides a large variety of options, to choose from, for every occasion. It took a jump-start in its business when it was introduced into the market of USA.

The cushion-y comfortable shoes are perfect for daily wear, catching quite the attention as they are available for everyone; women, men and kids. The shoes are quite durable, high-quality and stylish; perfect for every outfit, and they are known to last for quite some time.

They also have an elastic lacing option which makes the shoes fit better as per the requirement of the customers. They provide thick cushioning and arch support, which make them perfect for long walks and hikes.

The materials are known to be sustainable and eco-friendly recycled materials, such as plastic bottles. The cork insoles are known to be quite airy.

Ironically, these thick cushioning that provide comfort have proven to be uncomfortable for many customers as they dig into the ankles when worn for the first time as they require breaking into them.

This however can be avoided if the customers buy a size larger than theirs to prevent it from digging in, and it can be adjusted perfectly with the numerous lacing options.

What Are Sanuk Shoes?

Sanuk, was founded by Jeff Kelly in 1997, and it is originally based in the USA for casual shoes and sandals. Sanuk is a high-quality casual shoes logo that prides itself in the comfort, and style of its shoes.

Sanuk aims to make its customers feel happy and make them smile via the comfort of their shoes After their flip-flops got hit the market, Sanuk brand, extended footwear by introducing sandals and surf footwear, featuring a cross of sandals and shoes.

The original inspiration for this comes from their sandals. With their comfort, they promise durability and are widely known for not wearing off easily. Their insoles are known to be lightweight but tough that fit like flip-flops which have been specially designed to mold to your feet.

Alongside their comfort, they’re quite versatile in their style options. They are widely known for their Chiba which is known to have a rigid cuff, making them widely used for beach days and for people living in that dwelling.

It makes them a good option for hot climates as they have an originally loose fit and 6 holes drained within them which prevents any odor from forming, however, to prevent sweating it is preferred to use socks with them.

Hey Dude Vs Sanuk Shoes: Comparison

When it comes to Hey Dude vs Sanuk shoes, there are a few key differences to consider. Hey Dude shoes are known for their lightweight design, while Sanuk shoes are known for their excellent support and cushioning. Hey Dude shoes are ideal for everyday wear, while Sanuk shoes are perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Hey Dude shoes come in a variety of styles, including slip-on, lace-up, and chukka boots. Sanuk shoes also come in various styles, including sandals, slip-on, and lace-up shoes. Both brands offer a wide range of colors and designs to choose from.

Which One to Choose?

Choosing between Hey Dude vs. Sanuk shoes depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for lightweight and comfortable shoes for everyday wear, then Hey Dude shoes are the perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for shoes that provide excellent support and cushioning for an active lifestyle, then Sanuk shoes are the way to go.

In Conclusion – Hey Dude VS Sanuk? Which Brand Proves to Be Overall Better?

Both shoes are known to be good quality, but in the end which brand wins it all? They both are known to be vegan and are known to give their customer maximum comfort.

The outsoles of the Sanuk are comfortable and quite lightweight, which due to not having any strong material can scrape off the heel area. Unlike Sanuk, Hey Dude has a high top which does not make them scrape off like Sanuk.

The stitching of Sanuk is stronger and firmer as it is double enforced, but it often makes it look quite rough or bunched, but Hey dudes’s stitching is known to look fairly neat, but they don’t have double enforced stitching henceforth not making them strong like Sanuk.

They both are made with waterproof materials, but Hey Dude is made from leather and suede which are known to damage due to moisture, and they also have trouble with a fitting making it quite the hassle, unlike Sanuk which is known to be true to their size. With durability, Sanuks have a clear win with their foamy padding.

Although both have few things over the other, overall, if you prefer plain designs then Sanuk is the perfect option for you, and they are also customizable whereas Hey dude** although not as durable** or comfortable and long-lasting they still are quite fashionable and stylish for use on different occasion with their variety of options for every person and gender.


Are Sanuks still in style in 2023?

Sanuks are known to be widely used and quite famous for surfing, camping and other leisure activities due to their lightweight but tough insoles which makes it easy and comfortable to walk within them.
They had gone out of style in the current years due to Covid, but as the quarantine life has now started leaving us, they have been back in style. Overall, they are the best option for random adventures.

Do Hey Dude shoes smell?

It is highly likely that they might form some sort of odor after constant use as they are not originally designed to withstand very hot climates after which they would need to be washed on a frequent basis which would wear them off quite soon as they are delicate to washing and unlike Sanuk they are not very breathable.

Do Hey Dude shoes stretch as you wear them?

They are known to stretch out a lot due to their stretchable fabric, and it is therefore advised to buy a size smaller than yours. It may not even be as necessary to go on a whole haul to find the perfect shoe, as they have the option of laces to fit better.

What is difference between hey dude vs Sanuk?

Having known to look quite similar in outer appearance, they have quite a few differences between them. They are both known to be made from eco-friendly materials but similar to the Hey Dude, the Sanuks don’t use animal products or byproducts. Sanuk have quite plain designs making them perfect for summer whereas Hey dude is known to have thick foamy insoles for hard-wearing.

Are Sanuk shoes durable?

Having foam bottoms, they indeed do wear off but are known to be quite durable, making them perfect for long term use. They are a perfect option if you hate having to repurchase the same styles of shoes that have worn off.

Are Hey Dudes popular in 2023?

Hey Dudes, a popular shoe brand known for its comfortable and lightweight footwear, continues to maintain its popularity in 2023. Despite the evolving fashion trends, Hey Dudes has managed to establish itself as a reliable choice among consumers, thanks to its unique blend of style and comfort.

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