TOMS Vs VANS (Uncovering Differences & Worthiness) 2023

To provide a pair for the shoeless children Blake Mycoskie encountered, he found a for-profit company named ‘TOMS’ in 2006. The design was a simple canvas slip-on shoe that was already quite popular in Argentina.

As opposed to their competitors ‘VANS’ which are subsidiary manufacturers of skateboarding shoes owned by the VF Corporation which are said to be more, ‘with the trend’ nowadays.

As for design both are very versatile in styling but differ in how they feel on one’s foot, their durability and the wearers convenience. 

The main difference between Toms and Vans is the style and type of shoe. Toms are a type of slip-on casual shoe with a minimalist design, while Vans are a classic skate shoe with a more rugged and sporty aesthetic. Toms are known for their comfort and charitable business model, while Vans are known for their durability and association with skate and street culture.

Are Toms Comfortable?

There are a lot of elements that contribute to a brand being ‘good and comfortable’. Although TOMS started off contributing to a greater cause, as it branched out, it faced consumer criticism making the once globally popular brand, widely unpopular and barely keeping up in the race with its competitors who emerged with more new versions of many durable shoes.

With events like “One Day Without Shoes”, which aimed to spread awareness of the importance of shoes until the company was described as social entrepreneurship it even managed to receive the People’s Design Award in 2007.

But the company’s image went downhill when the brand received criticism from the international development community which claimed that the brand did not care for the underlying issues of poverty rather only focused on satisfying their consumers. 

The brand getting widely unpopular faced a serious decline in sales after which it failed to keep up with the new emerging corporations unfortunately not making it under the list of brands considered good.

The shoes were made of the same material once used with no update to keep up with the trends as other brands upped their marketing strategies by bringing new and affordable quality shoes.

Do Toms Fit Like Vans?

Although both shoes are lightweight and quite comfortable the design of both is quite different. While TOMS are simple slip-on shoes with no way to adjust to the foot size properly, VANS are designed to accommodate the use of laces to adjust the foot better.

The soles of TOMS are less durable than the VANS as the material they have been manufactured with tends to wear out easily and becomes bendable if worn for a few days but the VANS remain sturdy making them well suited for activities that require a lot of physical movement; gym and hiking and no person would be comfortable with TOMS for these as VANS have hard insoles which maintain their quality for longer. 

What Is Special About Toms Shoes? 

These casual wear shoes are comfortable for day-to-day wear because they are easy to slip-on. As they don’t have the hassle to use laces, they prove as very convenient for daily use.

The light weighted shoes are very comfortable for small walks and after constant wear get accustomed to the wearer’s foot suiting them better with their “V” tip elastic.

As opposed to the other fancy brands TOMS have mild color options for places where one wouldn’t normally want to stand out like daily grocery shopping and random walks.

As they are thin soled, they tend to be easier to run in and are prone to being injured less as it gives a barefoot feel making one more in control of their feet if we consider the rule that one may run better barefoot than with shoes on.

Besides being comfortable TOMS shoes are known to be all vegan and the shoes responsible for starting the ‘‘One for One movement’’ therefore nicknamed or known widely as the classics or the one who started it all.

Why Did Tom’s Shoes Fail?

Amid the growing criticism from the international development community as the brand tried to better its image by donating through their trademark; “One for One” but instead it created a dependency, which in turn disrupted local economies and eventually they had to back out of this trademark policy.

Although effective, the ‘yes-men’ policy disrupted their original image as the charitable brand it had once started as in which the helper is more emphasized than the one in need of help, making the people doubt if it had ever been true to its acclaimed cause.

Although TOMS used very effective marketing strategies with their too good to be true backstory making the people feel manipulated.

During the time when the policy appealed to a lot of people TOMS specifically tried to keep out of the spotlight as it was giving away as many shoes as it was selling and with the huge amount it donated to other countries it made people wonder what came to be of the local markets in the concerned area and if it really made a difference to the lives of those in need. 

As the company recognized many of the problems with giving in large amounts, they tried finding ways in which they could up their impact and as began its decline many companies created the same design of shoes but at much cheaper prices.

To save the dying company Mycoskie sold 50% shares of the company to Bain Capital. In 2019 however, the company’s decline reached the point where it became irreversible. 

Conclusion – TOMS Vs VANS

In the end it all matters on personal preference whether you choose TOMS or VANS and which shoes fit your taste more. They can both be bought but used for entirely different events. One is susceptible for daily use and the other is best if you’re a skater and casual gym goer.



The shoes are known to stretch quite fast because of the soft material they are made from which tends to adjust to the foot over time being able to bend easily. This is a convenient way to fit them on your feet so you can wear them with care.


Due to their hard insoles, they act as shock absorbers with their sturdy material and flexible canvas making them easy to walk in. This makes them a really comfortable footwear to wear all day long while you’re at work or school.


They are classic shoes that are based on the retro in trend style with their sturdy material that give off a clean and fashionable look. They are preferred over others because of the wide color and design options provided making them fit for every possible occasion.


Even though having claimed to work for ethical causes they have not given proof of the ways they plan on working for this cause while not damaging the environment and saving its resources. That’s why they’re quite in demand.

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