Vans is a stylish brand that offers many types of styles. Commonly, people wear shoes to the home and office and prefer to wear casual shoes.

Sometimes people like to shine shoes that will show colors in the dark. These colored changing shoes are the love of the kids, and adults can also wear them.

If you have a child, then you might be interested in making their life happy and enjoyable by gifting them color-changing shoes or vans.

Never has there been a better opportunity to raid your savings account and visit the Vans section of your local shoe store. You might have seen them on TikTok. Vans recently released these incredibly sick sneakers that change color in the sunlight.

Vans Color Changing Shoes

UV Color Changing Vans

Many VANS products show you some changes when you wear them in the sunlight. There is a hidden pattern in the shoes that will be visible when sunlight falls on them.

Vans UV Ink Classic Slip-On

Vans never disappoint its lovers and provide them with very interesting shoes. UV shoes are sensitive to heat and offer color changes when they come into contact with sunlight.

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The Vans UV Ink Classic Slip-On is the skate shoes, and when they come in contact with UV sunlight, they show some extra dots on them. People love to wear these types of shoes.

Vans UV Ink Era Stacked

Vans UV Ink Era Stacked product of vans also shows some change when coming into contact with sunlight. When you place or wear them in the sunlight, they show some floral prints, and these prints make a beautiful combination with the actual color of the shoes.

Vans Era Difference

Other Vans Colors Changing Shoes In The Sun

Unisex Slip-On Rainbow Chex Skate Shoe

Unisex Slip-On Rainbow Chex Skate ShoeThis item is available in a rainbow of colors. The bottom of these shoes is made of rubber, and the upper is made of leather. Their softer uppers provide comfort and a supportive ride.

These shoes’ leathers perform a color-changing effect when in contact with heat. These leathers show purple, dark blue, sky blue, orange, red, yellow, and other colors all at once, which makes them eye-catching.

Vans Era Canvas Skate Shoes (Multi Bright)

These shoes are the best option for dancers to make their dancing elegant, safe, and eye-catching. These shoes’ soles provide maximum safety and protect** you from slipping away**.

The strong canvas was used as the material for the top portion. The best pairs have a lace-up closure and substantial rubber bottoms. As they exercise, walk, or run, the wearer is comfortable in these stylish shoes! Metal eyelets, cushioned collars, and a Vans waffle logo are other features of the sneaker.

Vans Era Canvas Skate Shoes, when in contact with sunlight, show many colors, and these colors become the attraction of the audience.

Regarding the color, it contains a variety of vibrant hues, including ” baby pink, sky blue, yellow, green, and others.” The upper portion of the midsole is dark blue, and the lower portion is white.

Why Do You Have To Buy Color Changing Vans?


The night will undoubtedly end if I start discussing the designs of this footwear. They offer a wide variety of shoes in their inventory, including slip-ons, sneakers, lace-ups, and others, whose flexibility, toughness, and support surpass nearly all of their previous footwear.


These Vans shoes that change colors make you stand out from the crowd and provide a variety of colors when exposed to heat. These shoes not only provide color but also offer comfort.


The quality of this shoe material is outstanding. The sole of these color-changing vans provides traction against slippery surfaces, and the soft upper of these shoes is breathable and lightweight. These shoes also provide cushioning, keeping your feet comfortable.


These shoes provide cushioning that will reduce the force applied to your feet, reducing the stress on your feet by being lightweight and providing a comfortable journey at every step.

A Celebrity Look

Mostly, color-changing shoes are worn by celebrities, and when you try on them, you also feel and become the center of the crowd’s attraction.

Comparison to Other Sneakers

The Vans is a unique sneaker that stands out from the rest. There are very few sneakers in the market that have the ability to change color in the sun. The closest competitor to the Vans UV Ink Era is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Color Shift, which also changes color in the sun.

However, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Color Shift does not have the same water-resistant feature as the Vans UV Ink Era. This means that the Converse sneaker is not suitable for rainy weather conditions or when exposed to water.

Conclusion – Vans Color Changing Shoes

Vans is known as a stylish brand and offers color-changing shoes. Vans uses the heating technique to add some hidden colors and dots to their products. These products become visible when they come into contact with heat or sunlight.

There are many benefits to these shoes. They are comfortable, use quality materials, are unique, and stylish, and provide an eye-catching look. These shoes are appropriate for wearing to parties or dancing events. You can also use these shoes for making short social videos.


How do you clean UV light vans?

Scrub your shoes gently using the baking soda/peroxide paste and an old toothbrush or soft brush. The canvas fabric is whitened by hydrogen peroxide, which functions as an all-fabric bleach, and is scrubbed clean by baking soda. To thoroughly clean your sneakers, wipe them down with a fresh, damp towel.

How do you change the color of Vans shoes?

If you have one of the color-changing Vans shoes, then you can simply contact them with heat and then see the hidden color of your vans.

Are UV Vans real?

Yes, Vans introduced UV color-changing shoes that are sensitive to sunlight and show some hidden dots or flowers on the shoes in the sunlight.

How long do the UV vans last?

This depends on the usage of the wearer and how he or she maintains these shoes. If you use them more and do not protect them from damage, then they will last quickly.

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