I think like someone you don’t want to keep things dirty. Using clean and beautiful things is your passion. In the case of shoes, clean shoes are the main thing that keeps your feet fresh and healthy.

Skechers is a famous brand in the world of running shoes. They provide optimum support and flexibility. But with daily use, they get dirty, and keeping using these dirty Skechers will make your feet bad and embarrass you.

You have to wash them in a proper way that will not damage the quality of the sneakers and clean them like new ones. How can that be possible? Or am I just joking? Let’s check the best methods for washing Skechers Shoes.

Can You Wash Skechers Go Walk Shoes?

Are Skechers go walk machine washable? YES, without a doubt, The Skechers Go-Walk collection is washable because of its smooth woven wool fabric with a heathered texture that is easy to wash.

Skechers is a casual, athletic, and fun shoe brand developed by Robert and Michael Greenberg in the United States. Skechers Go-Walk comes in a variety of styles.


How To Wash Skechers Go Walk in Washing Machine

If you’re looking to clean your Skechers Go Walk shoes, you can easily do so by putting them in the washing machine. Here are the Skechers machine washable shoes instructions:

  • Simply place your shoes in a mesh bag and wash them on a delicate cycle with cold water. Before taking the shoe from its box or bag, disconnect it from the power source.
  • Fill the washing machine halfway with water and a tiny quantity of detergent.
  • Put the sneakers on their sides in the washing machine and add extra water as required to thoroughly soak them.
  • Close the lid of the machine and let the shoes soak until totally wet.
  • Cycle the delicate cycle and retrieve the sneakers when they’re washed, being careful to properly rinse them before putting them back in their separate box.
  • Start by soaking and wringing out the brush if you’re simply cleaning your Skechers Go Walk Shoes using a brush.
  • Swirl the brush in a circular motion over each shoe, being careful not to get water inside the shoes.
  • After that, you have to dry them completely with the help of sunlight by placing them in it for a few minutes until they are completely dry, and then use them.

Another thing to remember while washing your Skechers Go-Walk in the washing machine is to never wash both shoes at the same time to prevent discoloration.

How To Wash Skechers Go Walk Shoes?

Let’s start the process of washing your Skechers by going for a walk safely and securely.

Use a Gentle Cloth And Athletic Cleanser Gel

You may also be cleaning and washing Skechers Go-Walk by using the appropriate athletic cleaner gel. You sprayed this gel on your Go-Walk and cleaned it carefully with a delicate cloth. When washing, avoid using a harsh brush to avoid damaging the footwear.

Use Detergents

How to wash Skechers go walk and even Skechers go walk 5, If you want to use a cheap and easy way, then you can wash your Sketchers Go Walk shoes with the help of detergents. In that case, you can’t use more dangerous materials like bleach because the sketchers might be losing their colors.

For that method, you have to use a soft old brush and clean the first layer of the dirt before contacting it with water. Besides the brush, you can also use a towel or a rag. Brushing off extra dirt prevents you from accidentally rubbing dirt into your Skechers when cleaning them.

In a cup of lukewarm water, add a few drops of soap and detergent. Make a sudsy mixture with the detergent and water. Make sure your water is hot, not cold, as warmth speeds up the washing process.

After that, you can use a brush or a mixture of hot water and detergents to wash the insoles. Put the soft towel in the mixture and then rub it on the outside of your sneakers. Pay careful attention to any areas of your shoes that are very filthy.

How Much Height Do Skechers Add?

After that, you have to wash your shoes with clean water and a cloth. And then air dries the shoes and their insoles adequately. Place under the sun for a few hours.

How Do You Get The Smell Out Of Skechers?

How to clean Skechers go walk shoes, If you use socks and do not maintain your Sketchers Go Walk, then you might get stink. You may not notice the smell, but others around you will notice it and it will make you feel embarrassed. So, it’s also best to keep your Sketchers odor-free.

Use Sketchers’ Odor Eliminator Spray.

Skechers has created a simple and dependable remedy to keep unpleasant odors away from your Go-Walk Skechers. It’s carefully created to keep shoes smelling and feeling clean.

It keeps your shoes clean and fresh. Spray your shoes with a strong detergent and set them aside to dry. A second coat is also advised.

I recommend Skechers Shoe Care Odor Eliminator Spray to keep your shoes fresh and deodorized. It’s precisely designed to make the shoe feel and smell good.

Puncturing A Hole in Your Skechers

If your Sketchers stink, it’s because there is no hole to circulate air from the shoes and your feet sweat can be dry. This thing also leads to permanent stinking feet. So, you have to solve this problem.

Clean Clog in Easy Way

If you punch a hole in your Skechers, you can solve this problem. Because the holes in the shoes allow air to circulate inside the shoe, it can help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause shoes to smell. So next time you’re looking for a way to keep your Skechers smelling fresh, try this easy method.

Use Baking Powder

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think of baking powder as a way to keep your shoes smelling fresh. But it turns out that this common kitchen ingredient can be used for just that purpose.

Here’s how it works: The baking powder will absorb the sweat and bacteria that cause shoes to smell bad in the first place. Simply sprinkle some baking powder into each shoe, let it sit overnight, and then vacuum it out in the morning. You’ll be amazed at how much fresher your shoes will smell.

Conclusion – How To Wash Skechers Go Walk Shoes

Shoes get dirty easily, and you have to keep them clean and odor-free. Sketchers GO Walk can also be washed with the help of different methods.

Prevent Shoes To Turning Yellow

You can use a washing machine for a quick and easy way to wash them in less time. If you want to wash them cheaply, then go with the detergent method. You can also use athletic cleanser gel to clean it.

If your Sketchers go walking shoes get stinky, then you have to make them odor-free by using baking soda, punching holes, or odor eliminator sprays.


Can I wash all types of Skechers by using a washing machine?

No, you can’t, because Skechers uses different materials for their different products. If you use the washing machine for performance or to light up sneakers, leather, or suede, they will be damaged.

How do you get foot odor out of memory foam shoes?

For that purpose, making your memory foam Sketchers odor-free, you can easily use baking soda. Because baking keeps your feet fresh and dry by absorbing the sweat and water.

Can all Skechers shoes be washed?

Not all. Those Skechers that are made with cloth or suede can’t be machine washable. But on the other hand, those Skechers that are made with mesh or nylon can be machine washable. Some most popular Skechers that are machine washable are Skechers Street Flex, Go Walk 5, Go Walk Smart, and the Go Walk Max – Effort – Demitasse

How do I know if my Skechers are machine washable?

A machine washable icon or badge can be placed on Skechers that shoes that these Skechers are machine washable. In most cases, these shoes are made with nylon or mesh that can be easily machine washable. Placing shoes in pillowcases or laundry bags is recommended to wash Skechers.

Can you machine wash foam insoles?

It is not recommended and enhance the risk of damage to insoles if you wash insoles in the washing machine because soaking can destroy foot liner materials.

Can Skechers Go in the Dryer?

No, Skechers should not be put in the dryer. The heat from the dryer can damage the materials in the shoes, causing them to warp, shrink, or lose their shape. Instead, Skechers should be air-dried in a well-ventilated area.
If your Skechers are wet, you can speed up the drying process by stuffing them with newspaper or paper towels. You can also place them in front of a fan. Once they are completely dry, you can apply a protector spray to help keep them clean and free of stains.

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