Crocs are the most comfortable shoes in the world. They earn their place by providing quality shoes all over the world. Croc shoes are not only cheap but also versatile, durable, and lightweight. They are also best for all-day standing work.

As we know, they are very famous. So, many fake companies produce copies of Crocs products. They introduced fake crocs to the market, which are not as comfortable as genuine crocs.

“Croc-offs” is a fake company that provides fake crocs on the market. Then How to spot fake crocs? There are some ways that you can differentiate fake crocs from the original ones. So, let’s stay with us!

How to spot fake crocs?

Fake Crocs are distinguished by the absence of any of the authentic Crocs' distinguishing features, such as a tag with a barcode unique to the shoe model, genuine logos in specific locations on the shoes, specific details on the outsoles, and fantastic features such as lightweight, versatile Croslite material.

So let’s discuss the differences between the original and fake crocs.

On the insole of each Croc shoe is an imprinted Duke logo. Genuine Crocs shoes must feature the duke’s two eyes and six even bumps on the back. The fourth bump from the top is slightly larger than the others.

The duke should also have two hands visible, each with three fingers, as if clutching the box’s edge. Because the original logo is placed in several locations on the Croc shoes, it is fairly easy to recognize forgeries.

Circulation Nabs

The circulation nubs on the insoles of genuine Crocs are a striking design element. Crocs are a great suggestion for anyone who spends more time on their feet since the nubs make the footwear comfortable. The nubs are also intended to increase circulation in the foot.

Croc-offs may have counterfeit nubs on their footbed, but these will not provide the similar ergonomic advantages as genuine Crocs' circulation nubs.


Material is also a great factor that distinguishes fake crocs from the original ones. Croslite is the material used to make original Crocs. This material makes them slip-resistant in the case of wet surfaces and makes them flexible, cushioned, durable, and lightweight also.

But on the other hand, fake crocs are commonly made from low-quality rubber. This rubber material is not lightweight and can’t provide you protection from falling away on the case of wet surfaces. So, check the smell of the crocs. If they smell like rubber, fake crocs are spotted, so avoid wearing them.

Shoe Tag

The shoes' tag is a great feature that keeps separate fake crocs from the original crocs. To begin with, no one needs to inform you whether a Croc shoe is fake or authentic since there is no tag connected to each pair. There should be a tag added that collects details about the supplier.

The sticker label on the tag generally includes details about the brand, the color of the crocs, the item fit, the product ID, the size of the crocs, and the country of manufacturing.

A model’s barcode that is comparable to a different model’s barcode is a dead giveaway that you’re dealing with croc-offs, so pay attention to the minor details!

Feel Shoes

The Croslite material from genuine Crocs gives your feet a special sensation. Your feet should be well padded, with enough freedom for your toes to flex easily.

You should also be able to feel the circulation nubs increasing the flow of blood. Croslite foam should form itself around your feet over time. Furthermore, genuine Crocs are extremely light (only ounces), ventilated, and flexible when bent.

Rip-offs, on the other hand, are a fake brand that gives you the impression of being clumsy and rubbery, and they lack the soft feel of genuine Crocs.

Shoe sole

You need to double-check something on the sole. Authentic Crocs include the Crocs logo in the center of the bottom, on one side of the sole.

Fake Crocs may also have this on the soles but in a different location. On the reverse side of genuine Crocs, the words “boulder, Colorado” are written exactly like that, without a full stop or mismatched characters.


Genuine Crocs purchased at a store are packaged in a high-quality premium box with a barcode and size, color, and model information written on the side.

Crocs purchased from approved online vendors come in a branded clear bag. Regardless of packaging, all genuine Crocs include a tag with a barcode and shoe details.


The problem with fake Crocs is that their sizes are incorrect. If you look closely, you will find that your usual Croc size is useless when purchasing fake Crocs. The real size of the counterfeit Crocs is frequently smaller than the size listed on the soles.


Crocs are available in various colors, which are all mentioned on their webpage. If you come across Crocs in colors that aren’t mentioned on their webpage, you can be confident they’re fake.

Shoe Tread

Original Crocs are made of Croslite material, which is a high-quality material that offers many benefits such as slip resistance and more. This material provides you with great traction on slippery surfaces and protects you from slipping away, so they have achieved the best non-slip tread on their soles.

On the other hand, fake crocs are made of rubber that makes them slippery on the surface, provides cheap traction, and might not be great for your feet.


Croc is a famous brand and there are many fake brands available in the market with the name of Crocs, like Croc-offs and more. These fake crocs might be harmful to your feet, so it’s best to avoid them. But how can you spot fake crocs?

There are many factors available that help you distinguish fake crocs from the original ones. You have to check the Crocs original logo, design features, packaging, colors, size, material, tag, and more to determine whether these shoes are made by the authentic Crocs brand or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fake Crocs as good as real Crocs?

No, fake crocs are not equal to genuine crocs. Fake crocs are made of low-quality materials and can’t keep your feet protected and comfortable. Fake Crocs also damage your feet and lead you to serious problems. So, it’s best to avoid the use of fake crocs.

Are Crocs made in China original?

Most people want to know if the Crocs made in China are genuine, most likely because they are afraid of wasting money on a cheap one. Crocs are made in Canada, the United States, Italy, China, and Mexico, among other places.

What to do when you buy fake Crocs?

It’s normal to think that when you buy fake crocs, they’re not good to wear out. You may begin by transforming them into full-time farming or yard shoes. You can also use them to arrange your craft drawers or as lovely plant containers. Isn’t it adorable?

At the very least, regardless of how you end up using the fake crocs, you are saving them from a landfill for as long as needed.

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