Crocs are really comfortable. Do you know crocs are made from a material known as “cross lite” which is a type of closed-cell resin and looks very familiar to rubber and plastic? Yet, in reality, they don’t have the properties of one or the other elastic or plastic. They are much more flexible, softer, and not slippery at all.

They are very attractive, extremely lightweight, and resistant to odor, sweat, and tints.

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However, there is one issue with crocs that is they are too comfy in which individuals now and again tragically purchase baggy crocs mixing up it to be the solace at first.

Their free-fitted Crocs will lead you to distress as they will slip from your feet while moving. Other than the Crocs are known for giving the best of comfort to the feet. So not getting the right fit can create issues to a great extent. Consequently, many have been thinking about can you shrink Crocs?

Yes! Applying heat to the Crocs is perhaps the simplest method for contracting Crocs. There are multiple ways to apply heat to crocs like heat from the hairdryer, dryer machine or natural heat source all work effectively in shrinking crocs.

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Through this article, I will convey to you the detailed steps as to how to shrink your Crocs fast using all the heat sources and will also answer some of the most asked questions concerning the shrinking of Crocs.

Heat is the only way to shrink Crocs, but you can use the desired source of heat! So here are some of the multiple ways of applying heat to Crocs to make them shrink:


Crocs Shrinking Methods

How to make Crocs fit better, for better fit here are the 4 best methods for shrinking Crocs fast.

1. Shrink Crocs In More Easy Way

There are easy ways you can shrink your crocs more quickly even if it does not damage your crocs. It is a mixture of all the below methods but it’s a really fast and worthy method. With the help of this method, you can shrink rubber shoes within the given time. How to shrink Crocs a size down, Following are the Steps!

Steps To Follow:

  1. Boil Your Crocs in Hot Water For 5 Minutes
  2. Use Dryer To Dry Crocs And Keep it For 10 Minutes
  3. Use Your HairDryer For Pointing To Your Crocs For 10 Minutes
  4. Using Natural Sunlight and Held it Under Sunlight For 20-25 Minutes
  5. Finally, You can Wear Your Crocs But Keep Your Crocs Cool For Waiting 10 Minutes Before Wearing them.

2. Shrinking Crocs Using A Hairdryer

It is a common question can you shrink Crocs with a hair dryer? Using a hairdryer is one of the easiest ways to make crocs smaller but you have the control in your hands as to where to apply heat to shrink that particular part of the crocs. That’s why this is the most commonly used method for shrinking Crocs.

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Things Required

  • A hairdryer
  • 2 wet towels

NOTE: The wet towel is used to ensure that heat is not directly applied onto the material of Crocs to avoid any type of damage to the Croc.

How To Make Crocs Smaller: Easy Steps To Follow

  1. First of all, take 2 towels and wet them in water. Do not forget to squeeze out the extra water or else all the heat will be used in the drying towel and the heat will not reach the desired area of Crocs.
  2. Wrap the Crocs in the towel. There is no compelling reason to secure towels as you can grasp the crocs in your hands and there will be no movement of the crocs.
  3. Take the hair dryer and set the heat setting to medium. Here you can use the medium heat setting as you can regulate the distance of the heat being applied to the Crocs as the hairdryer will be in your hands.
  4. Switch on the hairdryer and start applying the hotness to the ideal pieces of Crocs.
  5. You can unwrap the towels in between if you want to check whether the crocs have shrunk or not and then start again applying the heat till you reach the desired result.

3. Shrinking Crocs Using a Dryer Machine

How to shrink Crocs that are too big? With this technique, work will be managed absent a lot of exertion and this is the most time-efficient interaction. All it requests from you is an oversight.

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Things Required

  • A dryer machine
  • 2 wet towel

Steps To Follow

  1. First, you need to set the heat settings in the dryer as well as the timing.
  2. To make sure that the croc will get proper low heat for a long time which won’t damage the material of the Croc while shrinking them. You need to adjust the settings of the dryer to the lowest temperature and the timing from 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Take 2 towels and wet them in water. Do not forget to squeeze out the extra water.
  4. Wrap the croc into 2 towels respectively. You can secure them with a string or some kind of rubber band so Croc won’t come out while they are in the dryer.
  5. Put the wrapped croc in the dryer.
  6. Switch on the dryer. Ensure that you have changed the dryer settings according to your requirements.
  7. Make sure you should stand in front of the dryer machine while the dryer circle is going on.
  8. After the dryer circle is completed, switch off the dryer and take out the Crocs.
  9. After taking out the croc from the dryer machine you will notice that the crocs have shrunk into your desired size.

4. Shrinking Crocs Using Natural Sunlight (Easiest Way)

This is the easiest way and most cost-effective way to shrink your Crocs. All you need is just leave your Crocs in an open place where direct sun rays are coming.

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The heat from sun rays will shrink your Crocs without putting any effort. Besides this is very time-consuming. You might have to do it for some consecutive days to get the desired shape.

Conclusion – How To Shrink Crocs

That’s all how to shrink crocs. Check Out Unshrinking Crocs in this article.

Simply a memorable note before we part….

If you have Crocs too big, during shrinking, excessive heat can damage the material of crocs. So carefully apply heat to Crocs until you find the texture of the crocs is the same without any damage and there is wrinkle and creases on it. Because you will have to discard them if wrinkles and creases appear on them.

With the help of these methods, we easily shrink the Crocs strap also. Hope you find this useful!


Do Crocs shrink in the washing machine?

Crocs won’t contract to assume you simply wash them in the clothes washer. You have to put them in a dryer to shrink them. Because you need heat to shrink Crocs. That is, no one but heat can shrink the Crocs and not the water. So, if you just planned to wash them in the machine, you can do so without putting the dryer mode on.

Can you shrink Crocs with a hairdryer?

Indeed, you can shrink Crocs with the assistance of a hairdryer and 2 wet towels. Using a hairdryer is in fact, the best way to shrink crocs because here you can control the amount of heat and also make sure that you apply the heat only to the required parts of the crocs.

Can you shrink Crocs in hot water?

However, heat assists with shrinking the material of the crocs, this isn’t true with high temp water. Boiling water will do the opposite work of dry heat. High temp water will slacken the material of the Crocs and will extend the Crocs and make them baggy. High temp water can likewise loosen up the material of the Crocs and cause them to lose their flexibility. So, they’ll stretch over time. Even though they won’t shrink, you’ll have the option to extend them utilizing boiling water If you need to shrink the Crocs then go for the dryer choice. In any case, getting them wet in steaming hot water won’t shrink them.

Do Crocs Stretch Out After Wearing?

Indeed, crocs can loosen up somewhat in the wake of wearing.
It’s because of the heat produced due to friction between your foot and Crocs. On the off chance that you’re thinking about getting tight Crocs, then, at that point, they’ll stretch in the long run. This is because heat makes the materials relaxed. Along these lines, assuming that you’re wearing them for quite a while, they’ll stretch. If the crocs don’t loosen up that amount in the wake of wearing, a slight expansion will happen ultimately. Moreover, assuming you want to extend them just put them in steaming hot water. The heat from the hot water will do the work.
If you want to shrink them just put them in a dryer it will do the work. I will reverse the process. The heat from the dryer reduces the size of Crocs.

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