Best Shoes For Mail Carriers (7 Top Tested Picks in 2023)

Best Shoes For Mail Carriers (7 Top Tested Picks in 2023)
Best Shoes For Mail Carriers (7 Top Tested Picks in 2023) (Image: © Legendary Diary)

While you’re scrolling through endless mail carrier shoe blogs, let me save some time for you and give you the list of the 7 top best shoes that will make your life easier as a mail carrier. These things aren’t easy to find and that’s why we’ve got the ultimate collection for you.

Once we were able to find appropriate mail carrier shoes from different brands, we made a list of the shoes with 4 to 5 ratings so you can easily find the best ones to go for. All of these shoes are an amazing choice for mail carriers and will be a great fit for you.

Finding Shoes For High Arches? Read here.

Just scroll down and find which ones you would want for yourself as someone who stands all day long to keep their shoes intact. This is just what everybody wants in their work shoes to be.

Quick Shopping Tips For Mail Carriers Shoes


You want to get shoes that will last for a long time. This saves you a lot of money and time when it comes to shoe shopping. If you have a spare pair of shoes, you can use them interchangeably to extend their lifespan. Investing in high-quality shoes rather than saving money could be the best thing you can do to have supportive footwear to wear.


**Comfortable shoes relieve your fee**t from feeling tired and pressure from being on your feet all day. Finally, you will not only keep your feet in one piece but you will also prevent costly medical expenditures. These shoes have a way of making you feel like you’re floating on clouds.


This is something that is often overlooked but needs all the attention in the world. Shoes have to be lightweight so you don’t feel like there’s extra pressure on your feet that you have to carry around with you. This is what needs to be taken care of. SO you can do this without worrying about anything else.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick Reebok Work Men's Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot Reebok Work Men's CP8500 Boot

Available in different sizes

Convenient design

Cushioning technology

Most Popular Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Duty Boots Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Duty Boots

Cushioning shoes

Durable design

Amazing feel

Budget Pick Bates Men's Bates Lites 6 Inch Uniform Leather Chukka Bates Men's Bates Lites Boot




Best Shoes For Mail Carriers (7 Top Tested Picks in 2023) At a Glance:

Best Shoes For Mail Carriers (7 Top Tested Picks in 2023) Reviews

Reebok Work Men's Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot (Image credit: Amazon)

Reebok Work Men's Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot


Boot lace-up design || Moisture-wicking linings || PI-1000 cushioning || USPS certified || Maxum Lite PU outsole


Available in different sizes

Convenient design

Cushioning technology


Provides your feet with protection

Reebok has grown into a powerful player in the sports and fitness footwear business since its launch in 2005. They are a brand that provides shoes for each and every profession serving everyone without discrimination and that’s what everybody loves about it.

The same goes for these shoes, they are designed to keep you agile while you’re on your feet all day long. This is solely possible due to its shock absorbing and out of this world cushioning features.

You’ll definitely love to wear it at work because they have that vacationing feel that everybody wants to chase these days.

Design: The overall material that these reebok shoes are made with is leather. It’s highly comforting and durable which means you can wear it without worrying about it getting torn up soon. Just make sure that everything you do with it is clear.

The shoes have a boot-like shape that also has a lace-up design that you can work towards for yourself. Even your feet would be safe from any outside elements that you might come across. The shoes have a way of making you feel like you can do anything with them.

The MIL-22 moisture-wicking quality of the shoe would never let them develop any kind of moisture within your shoes. This way your feet won’t have any kind of smell that you might have to endure throughout your workday.

Comfort: The shoes have a removable PI-1000 cushioning insert that will make sure that you are comfortable on your feet all day long. They even have a feature of shock-absorbent that will cushion any kind of impact you face while walking. The shoes are USPS certified.

Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Duty Boots (Image credit: Amazon)

Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Duty Boots


Comfortable shoes || Non-metallic stabilizer || Full-grain water-resistant leather || Slip-resistant outsole || Aegis microbial shield on footbed


Cushioning shoes

Durable design

Amazing feel


Might feel chunky

As you walk or stand on your feet, these pair of comfy Rocky shoes will provide you with ideal support and protect your feet from swelling.

Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved **Duty Boots are berry-compliant **shoes that provide you with the comfort you need to focus on your business.

This is made possible by the non-metallic stabilizer, which provides the necessary support to keep the vehicle steady and balanced on uneven terrain.

When you wear the 5′′ water-resistant full-grain black leather shoe, you won’t have to worry about your feet getting wet while wading through water.

Design: These shoes are made to always keep your needs and necessities in mind so you can work your way towards a great future and life. These shoes have a non-metallic stabilizer that works towards providing you with amazing support.

It is made with full-grain water-resistant leather which keeps your shoes strong and durable no matter how much you wear them.

They can even be polished so you can get that squeaky clean look for your day at work. The shoes have a slip-resistant outsole that doesn’t get slippery so you won’t be into any accidents. 

Comfort: Boots are one of the most comfortable types for someone who has to be on their feet all day long. These Rocky tMC shoes are no different. They come in all sorts of designs that you’d love to have on your feet.

They even have an aegis microbial shield on the footbed to stop your shoes from growing bacteria within your feet. That’s how you can tell how amazing they look.

Bates Men's Bates Lites 6 Inch Uniform Leather Chukka (Image credit: Amazon)

Bates Men's Bates Lites 6 Inch Uniform Leather Chukka


Innovative design || Breathable moisture wicking lining || Cushioned removable insert || Durable leather upper || No marking bates outsole






Laces aren’t strong

Sometimes not having anything fancy ingrained over this footwear, is the most appealing thing anyone could ever want. Bates Men’s bates lite shoes have a sturdy and durable polish, as well as a Goodyear Welt Construction design.

The material is simple to clean and polish to get a gleaming appearance. The inside of the boot is cushioned to minimize chafing by reducing friction between your feet and your shoes. 

Design: The shoes have a durable leather upper which makes them a strong candidate for lasting the most out of all the shoes you’ve ever bought. They have an amazing quality that looks premium despite not having much fancy style to them.

However, that whole high boot look gives it a classy appeal that few are able to achieve. You can pair it with some stylish jeans and call it a day. The sole is manmade so as we’ve mentioned twice, it wouldn’t look as weird. 

Comfort: The shoes have a breathable moisture wicking lining to ensure that you don’t develop any bacteria in your feet. Along with this, it has cushioned removable insert so you feel comfortable all the time.

The no marking bates outsole will last a long time as it wouldn’t be damaged as easily. Overall the shoes have extremely wonderful and comfortable features that will stay with you a really long time.

Reebok Men's Postal TCT Work Shoes USPS Approved (Cp8275) (Image credit: Amazon)

Reebok Men's Postal TCT Work Shoes USPS Approved (Cp8275)


Great design || Polyurethane sole || Moisture wicking lining || Removable PI-1000 cushioning || Black leather







With these amazingly beautiful shoes, one never has to worry about being uncomfortable at work.

It’s all about finding a balance that everybody wants to be a part of. Reebok has always launched shoes that keep your comfort before anything else and that’s what anybody wants to be noted.

These men’s postal Tct work shoes have all the right features to make you feel safe and cared for. This is something that you would want to look forward to everyday. 

Design: These work shoes are manufactured with black leather which is a durable material and would last a really long time.

The sole is made with the polyurethane which is also a strong material to have for a sole. The heel is a little high which means you’ll gain some height when you wear it.

The footwear is extremely casual so you can wear it without worrying about anything else. With an exterior like this, these shoes will last you a long time and you can wear them without a care.

Comfort: Another thing that’s wonderful about it is its great features that are made to make you feel like you can do anything.

They have a soft toe that you won’t even feel when you press your toe against it. It also has a moisture-wicking lining which would rule out the possibility of any bacteria growing in it.

It has removable PI-1000 cushioning which means you can wear it without getting uncomfortable. You will instantly feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Thorogood Men's Soft Streets Series 6" Waterproof sports boots (Image credit: Amazon)

Thorogood Men's Soft Streets Series 6" Waterproof sports boots


Full-grain leather || Black boulder leather || Comfortable removable footbed || Softstreet outsole || Direct-attach construction || Polyurethane sole || Waterproof shoes


High quality




Outsole construction isn’t good

The stylish Thorogood Streets Series 6" is another great choice to rock the postal carrier job. The stitching surrounding the covering cloth is stylish, and the pattern is excellent.

With a history dating back to 1892, you can count on them to keep your feet toasty and dry while you work.

The shoes will be a great addition to your shoe collection as they have been part of your world for a very long time. Their features are made to keep you comfortable all day long.

Design: These boots are made with black boulder waterproof leather which is extremely comfortable and durable to have. Since they’re waterproof, they won’t be dirtied up by any kind of liquid so you know how that goes.

They have Thinsulate insulation and polyurethane sole which is also a strong material to go with. The shoes have a great comfortable feel that you can go for.

Comfort: The footwear has a comfortable removable footbed that you can work through. There is a softstreet outsole which is quite waterproof as well. This means any liquid splashed on you will be cleaned quickly again.

It also has direct attach construction as well. The stitching isn’t as hard and won’t be too hard on your feet so you can have a great experience with it.

New Balance Men's Made in Us 706 V2 Walking Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

New Balance Men's Made in Us 706 V2 Walking Shoe


Stylish look || Leather and synthetic shoes || Roomy toe box || C-CAP sole || Rubber sole || Polishable leather || Arch support




High quality



Mail carriers spend a lot of time standing or traveling from one location to another. The good news is that the New Balance Men’s walking shoe has all of the features you’ll need to stay comfortable all day.

The lightweight cushioning and sturdy components made up of the polyurethane or C-CAP midsole will make you happy.

Comfort and support are provided by a breathable leather upper, high-quality foam insert, and rubber sole. Everything about these shoes makes them a wonderful choice for you.

Design: The shoes are made with 50% leather and 50% synthetic which is a great choice as well. This will add to the durability of these shoes.

The sole is made with rubber which has a slip-resistant quality to it. This way you won’t slip if you happen to walk on slippery floors.

They also have a C-CAP midsole which adds value to them. The footwear is extremely lightweight which shows that these shoes are quite light in weight and would have a great feel to them. 

Comfort: The toe box is extremely roomy with the heel area being too snug and warm. This ensures that your feet get enough attention to make them feel comfortable.

They have amazing arch support that you can look through and be wonderful at being a part of. The upper has polishable leather which gives it a classy look.

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer (Image credit: Amazon)

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer


Stylish design || Leather overlays || Upper is leather or mesh fabric || Mesh tongue || Foam midsole || Air sole unit


High quality

Great design

Comfortable features



Nike men’s air monarch IV’s are some of the most trending shoes in 2023. Everybody’s been raving about their style and even their features.

Nobody has to worry about their quality as Nike never disappoints, certainly not with these hyped up pairs of shoes.

They have everything one would want in their work shoes to be so they’re not distracted by the constant aches and pressure that comes with wearing such shoes.

Design: The Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Running Shoe has an appealing design that combines a simple main upper color with vivid multicolored accents.

That is to say, these shoes are made for people who don’t like brightly colored shoes but yet want to seem fashionable. The shoes entire upper can be made of one of two materials, leather or a blend of synthetic leather and mesh.

This design is extremely durable and protects the foot from damage. A huge Nike emblem is printed on the side of the shoe. It gives this pair of shoes a unique charm and distinguishes its owner from other runners.

Leather overlays add durability and support, while a mesh tongue improves airflow. The Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Running Shoe features a lace-up front with a loop on the heel. It makes it easier to put on and take off shoes.

Comfort: The shoes have a lot of space and are roomy enough for people with wide feet. The footwear also has a foam midsole with an air sole unit to work with. The feel isn’t as firm and is wonderfully comfortable to have.

Conclusion - Best Shoes For Mail Carriers

Searching for the greatest shoes for a postal carrier shouldn’t be difficult, especially after reading our list of the top 7 best shoes for mail carriers.

Investing in the best postal-service-recommended footwear should be a priority for a work that requires you to be on your feet the majority of the time.

It not only keeps you safe and healthy, but it also saves you time and money by eliminating the need to replace your work shoes on a regular basis. Choose from a variety of high-quality postal footwear, and your job will become that much more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes should I wear to USPS?

USPS employees should wear shoes that:

  • Heels that are more than 12 inches high or soles that are more than 12 inches high
  • Shoes that are high in heel, height, and toes
  • Steel tap heels
  • Tennis shoes
  • Athletic shoes

What shoes are good for mail carriers in 2023?

  • Reebok Work Men’s Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot
  • Rocky Tmc Postal-Approved Duty Boots
  • Reebok Men’s Postal TCT Work Shoes USPS Approved - Cp8275
  • Bates Men’s Bates Lites 6 Inch Uniform Leather Chukka

Why do you need mail carrier shoes?

Mail carrier shoes are USPS-approved shoes and are ones that do not create a hindrance for the mail carriers while they’re working. That is something that everyone should get.

The footwear has a wonderful quality to it that isn’t too firm or uncomfortable for them at work. As it is a job that requires you to stand all day long, they need shoes that are extremely comfortable to wear.

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