Best Dental Assistant Shoes (7 Latest Picks in 2023)

Best Dental Assistant Shoes (7 Latest Picks in 2023)
Best Dental Assistant Shoes (7 Latest Picks in 2023) (Image: © Legendary Diary)

Do you work as a dental assistant or want to work as one? If this is the case, you should be aware that as a dental assistant, you will be responsible for a number of activities at clinics and hospitals, including assisting your senior dentist in all phases of their treatment, caring for your patients, and giving them with counseling as needed, and so on.

Most of these everyday regular jobs need you to stand for lengthy periods of time or walk and run throughout the day. You must take proper care of your feet in such a working environment. Your feet ache and fatigue fast as a result of continual standing and walking for lengthy periods of time.

Furthermore, if you do not wear appropriate shoes for your job, it might have devastating consequences for your feet. Inappropriately sized and uncomfortable footwear can cause serious injury to your feet, resulting in swollen feet and significant foot discomfort.

So, I’m guessing you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need to see a doctor to treat your foot problem. You must choose your shoes carefully in order to avoid foot pain and discomfort at your workplace.

Quick Shopping Tips For Dental Assistant Shoes


Size is ultimately one of the best features you can ever come across for your feet. If you wear shoes that aren’t of your size then you can never wear them properly.

For a tough job like a dental assistant, one must be able to wear shoes of their own size so they don’t feel fatigued or have bruised feet at the end of the day.


Wear shoes that have enough breathing room for you to wiggle your feet in. If there isn’t ventilation then your feet will produce moisture that will make them much more uncomfortable to wear. The moisture can make your feet clammy at best so you need to wear shoes that offer breathing room.


This means wearing shoes that are comfortable. Working as a dentist assistant one must be able to easily cushion their feet in so they are easily able to wear them all day long.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick Merrell Men's Encore Gust 2 Moccasin Merrell Men's Encore Gust 2 Moccasin

High quality



Most Popular Dansko Women's Professional Clog Dansko Women's Professional Clog

Padded instep collar


High quality

Budget Pick Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel



High quality

Best Dental Assistant Shoes (7 Latest Picks in 2023) At a Glance:

Best Dental Assistant Shoes (7 Latest Picks in 2023) Reviews

Merrell Men's Encore Gust 2 Moccasin (Image credit: Amazon)

Merrell Men's Encore Gust 2 Moccasin


Leather || Leather upper || Comfortable base active contoured insole || Merrel air cushion in the heel || Lightweight EVA midsole


High quality





For dental assistants one thing’s for sure, they need the most perfect shoes to wear all day long so they can perform their job well. For this, Merrell men’s encore gust 2 moccasin really does make a difference.

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These shoes are incredible to have and are a wonderful addition to the shoe market. They have been the most amazing and comfortable shoes you’ll ever have the pleasure of wearing as they make sure you get the ultimate experience while working or doing a tedious chore.

Design: The shoes are manufactured with leather which is a highly durable material that will last you a lifetime. The shoes are made up of a clog-like style which is great shoes to wear all day long.

The best thing about it is its ability to make you feel like you can do anything. That way you can have the time of your life and be the perfect source of wonder.

The upper is made up of leather as well which makes wearing the shoes that much perfect. This is the best way you can do everything without thinking about anything else.

Comfort: The best thing about these shoes is their way of making you feel like you can do anything and everything without worrying about the consequences. Because once you wear them you won’t be having bruised feet or toes.

The mesh lining is highly breathable which means wearing these shoes will help you relax so your feet don’t take much pressure on them. They have a comfortable base active contoured insole that will make them the best shoes to wear all day long.

There is a merrel air cushion present right in the heel that will absorb any kind of shock you might experience all day long.

Dansko Women's Professional Clog (Image credit: Amazon)

Dansko Women's Professional Clog


Leather || Leather upper || Roomy toe box || Memory footbed || Slip-on shoes


Padded instep collar


High quality


Tight fit

No matter what kind of clogs you come across, Dansko clogs are the best ones you’ll ever experience wearing. They are the only footwear that you can sacrifice your sense of style on.

As Dansko shoes are popular for being ugly they aren’t given much thought during the buying process. Once you think beyond this judgment you’ll know how amazing they actually are.

The shoes are manufactured with utmost care and perfection so you can definitely come up with a way to make maximum use of them. 

Design: The first thing worth noting is the typical Dansko shoe style. It has the ability to absorb any and every kind of shock and impact that you come across.

The shoes have a way of making you feel like you can do things on your own. The shoes are overall made up of leather which is a major difference between them.

The leather is extremely durable and would be a great choice for wearing them at work. The patent upper is made up of leather which is a strong material to work through.

The Toe box is extremely roomy as well which means you can wiggle your toes in and move around in your own shoes. 

Comfort: The first thing you need to get in terms with is the feel of the shoes when you slide your feet in. The shoes are manufactured with great care but you’ll have to get used to their feel.

The shoes are wonderful to have but you’ll have to see if you’re comfortable with them. Just purchase half a size up for your convenience. The toe box is pretty roomy as well. The memory foam footbed is another addition to the features that enhance their feel.

Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel (Image credit: Amazon)

Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel


Leather || Leather upper || Soft fabric collar trim || Memory foam insole || Shock absorbing midsole




High quality



Sketchers have done it again by providing us with the perfect shoes for work. There’s no doubt that they produce the most comfortable and soft shoes to wear all day long. The shoes have been an amazing fit for everyone.

Sketchers Shoes Full Guide

They come in all sorts of ways and have been at the top of many shoe lists. The work sure track shoes were made for workdays where you have to wear them all day long.

That’s something you’d have to be aware of. The shoes have a way of making you feel like you can do anything you want no matter how hard your job might be. 

Design: The shoes have a soft fabric shoe lining with a smooth leather upper that is quite amazing to have. The leather upper is extremely durable and you can wear it with care so it’s great to have.

It has leather toes and overlays so your toes feel cushioned and not at all pressured when they’re being worn. These quality features make up the whole feel and structure of your shoes. You just need to be aware of them without coming up with reasons not to. 

Comfort: There is soft fabric collar trim which means whenever you slide your feet in your feet will look absolutely amazing. There is soft fabric shoe lining as well to cushion any type of fall as well.

The memory foam cushioned top comfort insole is another way of having great shoes to wear. The insole is highly durable and a perfect feature to have in your shoes.

The midsole has a shoe absorbing flex midsole due to which you can wear it without worrying about any kind of impacts you might face while being there.

New Balance Women's 840 V4 Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

New Balance Women's 840 V4 Shoe


Engineered mesh upper || Polyurethane inserts || Rubber outsole || Stable outsole || Abzorb midsole



Comfortable and Durable

Lightweight and Waterproof



For all those who have a hard time catering to your needs with feet issues or job requirements, a new balance has upped the standards of perfect wearing shoes as they make you feel like you should be on your best behavior.

Check Out Full Guide

The shoes have great cushioning and low impact absorption that will enhance all the work and make you feel like a queen who has everything. That way you’ll not only be the best at your job but will also have the perfect shoes to wear while at work.

Design: The shoes are made from engineered mesh upper that is highly durable and would be worth every penny you spent on them. The footwear has polyurethane inserts that will add up to the supportive feel and look of the shoes.

You just have to make sure they are made with care and comfort. The detailed work makes them the appropriate choice for work purposes. The rubber outsoles provide great traction and support so every step you take is not met with bumps or distractions.

Comfort: Since stability is the first thing you feel and note about shoes, new balance has added its own technology to the mix and made footwear the perfect one for everyone.

It has an outsole that is not only enhanced but comes with amazing grip and stability that will mold to your feet and hold down the fort for you.

The absorb midsole is another impressive feature that increases the cushioning of the shoes and prevents compression all the while producing more resistance for you so it can absorb more of the solid impacts.

Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Professional Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Professional Shoe


Full-grain leather || Orthotic footbed || The outsole is slip resistant || Moisture wick lining


Easy to clean

Simple enough to wear


Not Much durable

Do you prefer the comfort and style of a sneaker but need a more professional look for work? This is the shoe for you Velocity has sleek, clean lines and a solid outsole that will keep you properly supported on those days when you’re going full throttle.

It includes our ergonomic AlignTM orthotic, which helps to position your foot in the best possible position for appropriate alignment, stability, and support. This classic grey style will go with just about anything!

Design: The shoes are made up of full grain leather or polyurethane fabric that can make the footwear much more durable. The shoes come in all sorts of forms and you can wear them with care.

The upper is stain resistant which means if you have a job where you get about slipping fluids you’ll definitely be wearing it with care. Since the material is leather you can just wipe it off and call it a day.

That’s the best way of going about doing things. They have laces present to enhance the fit and make it much tighter and unique. The fit would be amazing for you as it would keep things to a minimum. 

Comfort: The bottom of the shoes is quite lightweight so you can wear them without worrying about any pressure on your feet. It has an orthotic footbed with amazing quality that will help your feet mold into themselves quite well.

The outsole is made up of a slip-resistant material that prevents any kind of falling from your feet. So you can be comfortable while walking or doing your job.

Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe


Slip-on shoes || Raised heel || High-quality midsole || Comes in many different colors || Compression-molded EVA foot frame


High quality

Great performance



Gets dirty easily

Since working as a dentist assistant requires you to work in an environment where there are a lot of tools and even fluids, you need shoes that can compete with that environment.

And that’s exactly what these shoes offer. They are manufactured with a great number of features that you can easily get on board with while being at work.

The boots are made to be worn for everyday use so you can get the most out of them. You won’t be disappointed once you start wearing them. 

Design: If you’re someone who likes styling with their shoes then we’d like you to definitely go with Merrell men’s jungle moc slip-on shoes. These have a great eye-catching style that will absolutely love and support.

They come in black color which means you can wear them with anything everything from formal and fancy to laid back and casual.

However, there are a number of different colors you can sort through and come from. Since Merrell is a reputable brand it is great that you can wear them with care and durability.

Comfort: The raised heel and high-quality midsole is another added bonus that makes these shoes the ultimately best choice for you.

The shoes would perform well in wet conditions as well so this is an amazing fit for you. You just have to make sure that you make them feel like you belong.

Propét Women's Stability Walker Sneaker (Image credit: Amazon)

Propét Women's Stability Walker Sneaker


Full-grain leather || Padded collar and tongue || Molded EVA midsole || Nylon lining || Lightweight shoes







If you want to get one step ahead in wearing shoes that come up with a number of special features then these are the shoes for you.

They are manufactured with great care so you can definitely wear them without getting annoyed or triggering your feet issues.

These kinds of shoes have a way of making your day feel more productive as they do not come with any distractions. These shoes are the best for you. 

Design: The footwear is made up of a full-grain leather upper which makes it much more comfortable. The shoes should also have a brushed nylon lining which is amazing shoes to wear all day long.

The overall shoes are quite lightweight which means there won’t be any pressure on your feet. This is what these shoes are for her. 

Comfort: The padded collar and tongue are another way of making you feel comfortable when you slide them in your feet.

This way the shoes will make you feel like you can do anything you want. It has a molded EVA midsole that will absorb shock when you hit an impact. They will also stabilize the shoes when you do it with care.

Conclusion - Best Dental Assistant Shoes

Working as a dental care assistant is rewarding, but it comes with risks, just like any other job. Backache, muscle discomfort, and foot pains will all be present. The good news is that most of these issues may be resolved by purchasing ergonomic equipment.

Please use this list to your advantage, as it contains some of the greatest shoes for dental assistants. We wouldn’t want you to stumble upon something that isn’t worth looking into. So you’re in safe hands that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do dental assistants wear to work?

Some offices require all of their employees to wear attire that has the same colored scrubs, and a dental assistant’s uniform will be the same as the rest of the staff. Scrubs are the finest dental assistants wear, regardless of style; they are clean, comfy, and practical for a long day of work.

What shoes should the dentist wear?

Patients will notice your shoes and socks if they look down while sitting in your chair facing you. Dress in polished loafers or dress shoes. Women can wear flats or short heels, as well as professional dress shoes or loafers. Wear a lab coat that has been recently cleaned.

The best shoe brands include:

  • Dansko
  • Sketchers
  • New balance
  • Velocity

Are crocs ideal for hospital use?

It’s understandable to want to wear something comfy, but crocs should not be worn in hospitals or medical facilities.

View Crocs Shoes Here

Crocs are not permitted to be worn by nurses. They are prohibited due to safety and health concerns. Nursing is a profession in which people spend a significant amount of time standing.

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