Best Jordans For Wide Feet (5 Top Latest Picks in 2023)

Best Jordans For Wide Feet (5 Top Latest Picks in 2023)
Best Jordans For Wide Feet (5 Top Latest Picks in 2023) (Image: © Legendary Diary)

The feet are an important part of the body that needs proper health. In the case of keeping feet comfortable, shoes play a vital role. And if you have wide feet then it’s very difficult for you to shoes a comfortable pair of shoes which keeps them pain-free and avoid any type of injury.

In the market for shoes for wide feet, there are a large collection of shoes, especially in the case of Jordans. Jordans are best for you if you purchase them carefully to avoid any type of irritation.

There are several factors to take into account while selecting a Jordan set for broad foot, such as convenience and arch support.

In this post, we’ve given a list of factors to consider, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each combination. So, stay tuned with us for getting the best pair of Jorden for your loving feet.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick Nike Unisex-Child Air Jordan 6 Retro Nike Unisex-Child Air Jordan 6 Retro



Quality material

Most Popular Jordan Maxin 200 Sneaker Jordan Maxin 200 Sneaker

Durable and comfy


Leather material

Budget Pick Nike Men's Basketball Shoes Nike Men's Basketball Shoes

Comfortable and best for wide feet

Quality material


Quick Shopping Tips For Wide Feet Jordans

If you want to search more about the topic of the best Jordans for wide feet then we will further share with you the important tips to keep in mind while purchasing Jordans and this will protect you from discomfort and problems.


If the Jordan you choose is designed for broad feet, be sure you get your correct size. You won’t have to guess which size is optimal because both the height and length have been personalized for you.


Jordan company sneakers are long-lasting. Having this in the descriptions and comments, however, will boost your trust in the footwear.


Jordan sneakers for the broad foot can be built of a variety of materials. Take care to ensure that the material used to make the footwear is comfy for you. Woven or stitched shoes are suitable for persons with broad feet since they may stretch to fit the user’s size.


Examining the outside sole is another easy approach to see if the footwear is suitable for broad feet. Normal sports sneakers often have a thinner sole than those designed for broad feet. Wide feet are more likely to use shoes with a large sole.


When playing basketball, you pay a bunch of rapid maneuvers to past your rival. Pick a good pair with good grip for extra protection and wellbeing.


Before purchasing wide-foot basketball shoes, consider the cushioning system. Cushioning offers support and allows for easier mobility on the court.

Best Jordans For Wide Feet (5 Top Latest Picks in 2023) At a Glance:

Best Jordans For Wide Feet (5 Top Latest Picks in 2023) Reviews

Nike Unisex-Child Air Jordan 6 Retro (Image credit: Amazon)

Nike Unisex-Child Air Jordan 6 Retro


Brand Nike || Product Air Jordan 6 Retro || Body Material Leather || Sole Material 100% Leather || Weight 3 Pounds




Quality material

Best Jordans for wide feet

Maximum hold on the slippery ground


A little bit bulky

Michael Jordan laced up his Air Jordan Vi shoes in 1992 to capture his second successive NBA Championship and an Olympic gold medal with the ‘Perfect Team.’ 

Tinker Hatfield drew inspiration for this Air Jordan from West African traditional art and crafted a one-of-a-kind design. But the Air Jordan 6 isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about comfort on the court, thanks to its neoprene sockliner, which delivers a snug fit.

Material and Design: These Jordans are the most stunning and comfy sneakers you will ever use. People will notice and even complement you on your Jordan, and if you take proper care of them, they would last a very lot longer.

The sneaker’s upper and body are constructed of leather, and it has a leather sole, which is a terrific mix that offers it a sturdy item.

This soft and durable leather will last for a long time and provide incredible comfort to your feet. This leather sole provides you with a perfect hold on the ground during walking or running.

Its strong bottom makes it appropriate for a variety of activities such as walking, jogging, and strenuous athletic doings like basketball. Because of its lighter touch, you won’t have to put too much strain or pressure on your foot.

These best Jordans also have a stylish look which not only enhances your personality but also attracts other people towards your shoes. These shoes are also best for breathability to your feet and keep your feet fresh and dry.

Size: In ordering these shoes you have to order a half size smaller as compared to your original size. In this case, these shoes fit well on your feet. If you are wearing the right size shoes then it protects you from foot injuries and pain that will lead to dangerous results.

Jordan Maxin 200 Sneaker (Image credit: Amazon)

Jordan Maxin 200 Sneaker


Brand Maxin || Body Material 100% Leather || Sole Material Leather


Durable and comfy


Leather material


Best for wide feet


A little pricy

The Jordan Maxin 200 combines heritage-inspired Air Jordan 5 Retro origins with a modern twist, offering a stunning aesthetic while keeping your feet comfy and dry.

These Maxin Jordans are also another best option in the case of wider feet and if you are facing pain in your feet. These shoes not only perfectly fit your feet but also keeps them away from any type of discomfort.

Material and Design: The design of these overall provides an eye-catching look and enhances your personality by keeping your feet pain-free. 

Its appearance isn’t the only element it brings to the game; it also performs well in practically any action and has shown to be ideal for dealing with extended pressure.

When we talk about the material of these Jordans that is also the best feature that makes them best for wide feet.

These Jordans are manufactured with a quality leather upper which is durable and long-lasting and it’s upper contains a leather tongue featuring Jumpman logos.

The leather of these shoes keeps your feet soft and breathable in worse conditions. The ventilation system keeps them fresh and dry by allowing air to flow easily and keeping your feet protected from bad odors. 

True to Size: If these shoes are a little bit expensive but their benefits are more which minimizes the cost rate. One another interesting feature about these shoes is that they are true to size.

Mean that if you order a size that is perfect for your feet then you should have to order 1 size larger than this and they deliver you that fit and size.

Overall, if you buy this sneaker, you will not be displeased. It provides excellent all-around effectiveness on par with comparable wide-foot sneakers. Its most notable characteristics are its stylishness and light nature, which make it flexible.

Nike Men's Basketball Shoes (Image credit: Amazon)

Nike Men's Basketball Shoes


Brand Jordans || Body Material Rubber || Sole Material 100% Leather || Weight 2 Pounds


Comfortable and best for wide feet

Quality material


Great support



Color issues

The first consideration is quality and affordability, as well as unique goods in accordance with brand requirements, Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes offer all these features to your personality.

The comfort is incredible from day one, and nothing beats the eye-catching on-the-feet, fantastic product.

Material and Design: These Jordan men’s sneaker incorporates light and elastic Flyknit into the legendary classic design.

These shoes also offer you a flexible rubber bottom with extra support that will keep safe your feet during any activity. These shoes are also designed with a unique design which is manufactured of durable leather.

These Jordans also provide maximum cushioning that will protect your feet from pressure and keep them comfortable. Nike Flyknit technology was prompted by input from runners who want a shoe with a sock-like fit (practically no seams). 

As a result, the top is exceptionally light, close-fitting, and almost seam-free. When compared to traditional procedures, this exceptional precision enhances efficiency by minimizing waste production by around 60%.

Flyknit sneakers are created with the quantity of six recycled plastic bottles, saving thousands of tons of materials from landfills.

Mesh Upper: The upper material of these Jordans is manufactured by a mesh that is flexible and ventilated. This breathable feature keeps your feet away from nasty odors and keeps them fresh and dry in moist conditions.

Nike has committed to a four-year project that has engaged teams of programmers, engineers, and designers in the development of the technology required to make knitted uppers with static resistance and support.

So, a mixture of the ventilation, versatility, durability, support, and comfort, proves that these Jordans are best for wide feet in avoiding major injuries and pain. If you have wider feet and want to keep them healthy and pain-free then these shoes are the best option.

AIR JORDAN 5 Retro 'Fire Red' (Image credit: Amazon)

AIR JORDAN 5 Retro 'Fire Red'


Brand Jordan || Product 5 Retro || Body Material Leather || Sole Material 100% Leather


Leather material

Comfortable and durable

True to size

Best for wide feet



A little bit heavy

The Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red - Silver Tongue” is a Spring 2020 launch of Michael Jordan’s fifth signature sneaker in its original colorway.

This edition restores the old “Nike Air” branding present on the model’s initial 1990 edition, which had been substituted with a Jumpman logo on earlier retros.

Can You Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

The AIR JORDAN 5 Retro is a famous sneaker when compared to the others, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a great sneaker for everyone, particularly those with broad feet.

Material and Design: The Jordan 5 design is weighty, but the interior is exceptionally soft, and the tongue is broad and cushioned. As a result, I would suggest them for those long days when you are always on the go and they are also great for wide feet.

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Jordan Brand returns several of the shoe’s classic aesthetic aspects, such as a luminous silver tongue, a black midsole with shark teeth design, and an ice translucent blue outsole. 

The upper is made of premium white leather, with the exception of a transparent mesh area on the midfoot. The upper mesh of these Jordans keeps your feet healthy and odor-free.

What Does GS Mean In Jordan Shoes

The tongue features a red Jumpman logo, and a genuine transparency lace lock aids in pulling the laces securely, exactly as it did when Jordan memorably wore the shoes in the ’90s.

These shoes are comfortable and long-lasting. you can easily protect them from creasing. In avoiding creasing, you have to wear them small and not fold them for a large time. you should have more than one pair of shoes and wear them one after the other.

True to Size: The Air Jordan 5 usually runs true to size, so there’s no requirement to size up or down. The Air Jordan 5 has Air innovation and is cushioned inside, making it one of the comfiest sneakers in the Air Jordan lineup.

Nike Men’s Jordan Jumpman Team I Shoes Cv8926 (Image credit: Amazon)

Nike Men’s Jordan Jumpman Team I Shoes Cv8926


Brand Nike || Product Jordan Jumpman || Body Material Rubber || Sole Material 100% Synthetic || Weight 3 Pounds


Strong synthetic material

Great traction

Athletic shoes

Comfortable and flexible


Bit expensive

Nike owns the “Jumpman” emblem, which is used to market the Air Jordan label of basketball shoes and other clothing. It is the silhouette of Michael Jordan, the current owner of the Charlotte Hornets and a former NBA player for the Chicago Bulls.

Socks To Wear With White Shoes

Jumpman is also the best option in the case of wide feet. Because they offer a great flexible material which will keep your feet comfortable and relaxed inside the shoes. 

Material and Design: The design of these Jordans is crafted in a way to offer great flexibility during walking when you have wide feet. This design is also eye-catching and attracts the audience.

The material which is used to manufacture the body of these Jordans is synthetic and its sole is made of rubber which is durable and supporting. The synthetic material is very great in the case of cushioning and keeping your feet comfortable. 

Do Shoe Stretchers Work

The rubber sole offers a great hold on the ground. The grip is extremely strong and functions admirably on pristine surfaces, but attracts a lot of dirt on filthy courts.

Due to the great support against the ground, these shoes are also best for athletic activities and practicing.

The Phylon cushioning in the heel is smooth and comfy, while the Zoom in the forefoot provides good bounce and reactivity. 

The materials are what you’d expect from a budget model - they don’t feel quality in hand, but they do the job!

Color Choices: These shoes are available in four color choices and you can choose one of them according to your taste. The sole color is different than the body and this combination also enhances the beauty of the shoes and makes them attractive.

Conclusion - Best Jordans For Wide Feet

The factors described above determine the best Jordans for a wide foot. Not all feet can fit into the footwear on the list. This is why we suggest that you select a size that fits you. Because they are not as frequent as conventional foot shoes, having the opportunity to try them on before purchasing is crucial.

It is also advised that you select a pair of sneakers that have the qualities you desire based on your expertise and sports duties. When you have found a pair of shoes that you like, look into its ratings. For optimal efficiency, pick only well-fitting and comfortable wide-foot sneakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air Jordans fit wide feet?

Yes, Jordan sneakers are good for those with broad feet. Most Jordan sneakers are huge, with sizes ranging from five to ten. However, it doesn’t harm that Jordans are among the top sneakers in terms of style and functionality.

Do Jordan 1s look good on wide feet?

The best way to check the shoes it is good or bad is by wearing them. However, as usual, 1s run a little tight. Go up half a size if your foot is broader. Size down if there are more than two inches between your toes and the front of the sneaker.

Are Jordan 6s good for wide feet?

Jordan 6s are running true to size, fit well, and provide incredible support to your feet. These attributes render them to be the best shoes for wide feet and you can try them.

Is Jordan Brand and Nike the same?

Jordan Brand and Nike Brand are independent entities, yet Nike controls Jordan, and Nike deals are still available in Jordan.

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