Perhaps no shoe is more synonymous with alternative subcultures, rebellion, and resilience than Vans. Vans produced its first shoe in 1966, and the company’s iconic shoes have become an icon in their own right.

Nowadays, they are sold by worldwide retailers like Best Buy and Amazon in various styles, varying from casual to skateboard shoes to high-end designer sneakers.

The Vans brand comprises a diverse assortment of products, which are still relevant today. Some of the best rave shoes are from this brand. You’ll also see many people wearing stylish sneakers around you.

Some people think the original Vans were skateboard shoes, but that’s not true. They were made for surfers and have since morphed into one of the most iconic brands in history.

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Vans Authentic VS Era – History

The Vans Authentic is a low-top style sneaker by Vans, released in 1966. Authentic was the first model to gain international popularity, which allowed Vans to become a household name. If you’re looking for a classic sneaker to add to your collection, look no further than the Authentic.

The Vans Era was released in 1976 and has been a top-selling classic. The Era was redesigned in 2014 and had the original’s classic elements and style. It is a skateboarding style shoe that appeals to many people.

Main Differences Between The Authentic And Era

There are some differences between the Authentic and the Era, which will help you decide which one to buy, but there’s not a huge difference in quality.


The Authentic has a solid footbed, making it a little harder to wear and a break-in. On the other hand, the Era is well cushioned and will have a softer feel.

The Era has a softer footbed of better quality which means i**t is more comfortable to wear**. Although you might have better luck breaking in a higher quality Authentic than an Era, it won’t be very noticeable after a few wears.


The Authentic has compact uppers, which are made of canvas and suede, whereas the Era has a roomy upper. Although this doesn’t make a huge difference in comfort, it gives the Authentic a slightly more rugged look and makes it slightly better for skateboarding. If you want to skate in them, stick with Authentic instead of Eras.

Vans For Wide Feet Is Good Or Not


The Authentic has less padding than the Era, which means it is less comfortable. If you can get over the lack of padding, you’ll enjoy all the other benefits of Vans Authentic VS Era.


The Authentic has less stitching on the upper, which gives it a sleeker, streamlined look. Although this may be an issue for skateboarders, most people will be happy with the Era. The Era has more stitching on the upper, making the shoe look more casual. It is great for people who don’t skateboard.


The Era has a skinnier canvas, which gives it that skater look like the Authentic. It is less bulky than the Authentic. The Authentic has a durable canvas for a classic look, which is great for people who don’t skateboard but want to wear Vans.

The above comparison hints at the main differences between Vans Authentic VS Era.

Similarities Between Vans Authentic VS Era:

There are some similarities between the Authentic and the Era.


The Authentic and Era have similar styles with a casual look that is great for everyday wear. Although these don’t have an obvious difference in quality, it is nice to be able to pick between these two stylish models when deciding what to buy.

Lace-up Design

Both models have a lace-up design so you can adjust them to your foot size. It will allow you to get the most out of your Vans shoes by ensuring they fit perfectly.


These shoes’ prices are similar, making it easier to choose between them. If you’re on a budget and want excellent quality, then either of these models will be great. The price is comparable in both models, so there is no real difference in value regarding the Authentic VS Era.

High Soles

The Authentic Era has high soles, making them perfect for everyday wear and skateboarding. You will never have to worry about these shoes getting dirty when you’re out in the city because they are well made and very clean.


These shoes are classics that have withstood the test of time through many years and different styles. It means you can wear them for years and look good doing it.

Conclusion – Vans Authentic VS Era

The Authentic VS Era is a great debate, but it comes down to what you plan on using the shoe for. If you plan skateboarding in them, stick with Authentic because they’re specifically designed for it. However, if you plan on wearing them casually and don’t skateboard, then the Era will be a better fit for your needs.

These shoes are quality products by Vans and are great additions to any sneakerhead’s collection.

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What is the difference between vans era and authentic?

The term “vans era” refers to the declining style of wearing Vans shoes, which was used to convey a carefree attitude and an urban upbringing. The term “authentic” takes on a more literal definition as it refers to original or genuine, rather than that which has been mass-produced or copied.
Typically, when people talk about authenticity, they refer to aspects like quality versus low-price goods.

How do you know if Vans are authentic?

Many companies claim to make the original Vans, but many of these are run by counterfeiters. The original Vans were made in California, so if you’re unsure if your pair of shoes is authentic, look for a tag inside the tongue that says three letter country code, and the same code is on the shoe.
Generally, the third-party manufacturer will produce the shoes and then sell them to the trader or distributor.
If you have any doubts about your purchase, drop into a real Vans store, and they will be able to tell you at first glance.

Are Vans Authentic still in style?

They’re still in style and a great way to have a unique look without too much effort. Every day people are starting to question whether vans are trendy anymore. And the truth is that van shoes are in style, and people wear them.
Some people may not realize that vans are a uniquely fashionable footwear option. And this is true especially because they appear to be wearing a pair of sneakers or other shoes.

How To Style Vans Authentic and Era

For a laid-back look, you can pair Vans Authentic or Era with distressed jeans and a simple graphic tee. For a sporty vibe, match them with joggers with a comfortable hoodie. To elevate your style, you can wear them with a RASTAFARIAN OUTFIT.

What are era Vans?

Era Vans are typically a vintage or retro style of footwear created by the company Vans. They have been around since 1966 and have a variety of unique designs, such as lace-ups, slip-on, and high tops.
Skateboarders also favor Era Vans because they offer extreme comfort and feet protection during all-day sessions on the board.

Do Vans Era run true to size?

Yes, Vans shoes run true to size. If you’re looking for something for kids or someone with a smaller foot, these shoes tend to come in many sizes. So, if you are deciding whether or not this style is running true to size, the answer is yes. It’s a really good shoe and has a nice design too.


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