Do Adidas Run Big or Small or Narrow? (2023 Size Guide)

Adidas is one of the most famous brands in the world. After Nike, Adidas comes into the world of comfortable shoes. Adidas products offer great durability and flexibility and protect your feet in bad conditions.

Do Adidas sneakers run narrow? This is a common topic before purchasing a pair of Adidas sneakers. This is a typical topic because popular companies of shoes might have distinct sizing designs that run small or large, necessitating you to acquire pairs narrower or wider than your usual size.

Do Adidas sneakers run narrow? It depends on the specific model and style of Adidas sneakers. Some may run narrow, while others may not. It is recommended to try them on or check the brand’s size chart for a better fit.

Adidas offers so many various sorts for so many separate events that you can select to your requirement. Let’s find out if Adidas runs narrow, or if they run true to size.

Do Adidas Run Big Or Small

Adidas shoes generally run true to size. However, there are some models that may run a bit larger or smaller than normal. Some examples of Adidas shoes that run larger include the Cloudfoam series, the Gazelle series, and the Ultraboost series. Some examples of Adidas shoes that run smaller include the Stan Smiths and the Superstars.

How Long Do Adidas Shoes Last?

If you are unsure about what size to order, it is always best to try on a pair of Adidas shoes in a store before making a purchase. You can also check out online reviews of specific Adidas shoes to see what other people have said about the sizing.

Adidas Shoe Size Table For Men

US SizeInchesCMUK SizeEU Size
4.58.922.5436 2/3 1/3
69.423.85.538 2/3
6.59.524.2639 1/3
7.59.825.0740 2/3
810.025.57.541 1/3
910.426.38.542 2/3
9.510.526.7943 1/3
10.510.927.61044 2/3
1111.028.010.545 1/3
1211.328.811.546 2/3
12.511.529.31247 1/3
13.511.930.11348 2/3
1412.030.513.549 1/3
1512.431.414.550 2/3
1612.731.81551 1/3
1713.032.61552 2/3
1813.333.51753 1/3
1913.734.31854 2/3
2014.035.21955 2/3

Adidas Shoe Size Table For Women

US SizeInchesCMUK SizeEU Size
5.58.922.5436 2/3 1/3
79.423.85.538 2/3
7.59.524.2639 1/3
8.59.825.0740 2/3
910.025.57.541 1/3
1010.426.38.542 2/3
10.510.526.7943 1/3
11.510.927.61044 2/3
1211.0″28.010.545 1/3
1311.328.811.546 2/3
13.511.529.31247 1/3
14.511.930.11348 2/3
1512.030.513.549 1/3

Do Adidas Sneakers Run Narrow?

As we know that Adidas Is a famous brand in the world of comfortable sneakers. They provide great products to their customers with a perfect fit. Adidas designs its products, especially for athletes, and provides a snug fit for keeping their feet stable and strong.

Adidas sneakers tend to run narrow because they are designed for athletes who need a snug fit. This can be a problem for people with wider feet, so if you have wide feet, you may want to consider another brand.

However, some styles of Adidas shoes are available in wide widths. If you’re unsure about what size to order, you can always contact customer service for help.

Adidas Ultraboost 22s, for instance, are comfortable and better running sneakers meant to fit tightly to make them lighter and safe.

If you’re unsure, basketball sneakers are a wonderful alternative to explore if you like a broader fit. The Adidas Dame 8s, for instance, should have a little wider fit than the Ultraboost. So, you can find both narrow and wide Adidas products in the market according to your size.

Are Adidas Sneakers True To Size?

Adidas introduces many editions for making life easy. Regardless of genre, all Adidas sneakers are true to size. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to have the most proper fit.

Adidas sneakers come in a variety of substances for the uppers, bottoms, and midsoles due to their diverse functions. Some, like the Ultraboost sneakers for runners, are lighter with elastic uppers. Others, like the Superstar version, feature firmer leather uppers. Both products of Adidas are true to size.

This means that if you afford a piece of Adidas sneakers in a size comparable to your foot dimension, they will fit perfectly.

For manufacturers that run small, you’ll need to order a size larger than your usual size to acquire a sneaker that fits. If they run large, you should go down a size.

It’s difficult to have to estimate which size to buy when companies don’t correlate to genuine size, particularly when purchasing online. Luckily, with your Adidas sneakers, you didn’t have to think about this.

When buying Adidas sneakers, it is important to know your shoe size. There are different ways to measure your shoe size. The first way is to use a Brannock device. The second way is to use a ruler and more.

To Use A Brannock Device, You Will Need To

Brannock Device: Get Device On Amazon For Men’s & Women’s

  • Place the heel of your foot on the back of the device
  • Place your foot forward so that your toes are touching the front of the device
  • Read the measurement at the top of the device where your foot intersects it. This is your shoe size.

To Use A Ruler

  • Place a piece of paper on the floor and stand on it
  • Place a ruler on the paper so that it is touching the back of your heel
  • Mark the spot where your toes end with a pen or pencil
  • Measure the distance from the back of your heel to the mark you made with your pen or pencil. This is your shoe size.

Use White Paper

You can also measure your foot size with the help of white paper.

  • First, trace your foot on the paper with a pencil.
  • Then measure the length and width of your foot.
  • After that, compare the measurements with a size chart to find out your shoe size.


There are also things to keep in mind during measuring your foot size.

  • You have to measure your foot size in the evening or afternoon because your foot size stretches due to activities.
  • You have to measure whenever you want to buy new sneakers, especially in the case of children.
  • You have to measure your both left and right feet and buy shoes according to the large one.

Conclusion – Do Adidas Sneakers Run Narrow

Do Adidas sneakers run narrow? The answer to this question is varied in different situations. Adidas products are mostly designed for athletes and in the case of runners, they require a snug fit to keep them stable and secure. So, they are narrow.

But Adidas also offers some sneakers like Adidas Dame 8s which are best for wider feet. In wider shoes, they provide more space to the toe area for keeping wide feet comfortable. One important thing is that before buying any Adidas products you have to measure your foot size and buy according to it.



Do Adidas shoes run narrow or wide?

Adidas shoes are known as the best brand for runners. So, most products provide a snug fit. But their some products also great for wider feet.

Are Adidas narrower than Nike?

When it comes to the greatest running shoes from both companies, Nike trainers are 0.2″ larger than Adidas sneakers, giving them a full 44 in EU size. As a result, it appears that Nike sneakers, especially sneakers, fit true to size, but Adidas sneakers may require half a size larger.

Are Adidas shoes supposed to be tight?

Adidas sneakers provide a snug and tighter fit for professional runners for keeping their feet protected in the case of uneven grounds.

Is Adidas okay for wide feet?

Adidas has a line of sneakers that is** specifically wide-fit**. So, if you have wide feet and want to buy comfortable shoes then you can search for Adidas shoes that are great for wider feet.

Does Adidas Run Big or Small Compare to Vans?

Adidas sneakers are somewhat larger than most traditional Vans skate shoes. The Vans UltraRange is Vans’ more good approach, and it runs larger than the conventional skate sneakers. In terms of length, it is a great complement to the Adidas Gazelle.

Do Adidas Ultraboost shoes fit true to size?

Adidas Ultraboost shoes have a reputation for being extremely comfortable, and they generally do fit true to size. However, as with any shoe, it’s always best to try them on in person to be sure.
If you’re ordering Adidas Ultraboost shoes online, be sure to check the size chart and return policy before you buy, just to be safe.

Do Adidas Cloudfoam shoes run big or small?

The answer to this question may depend on the specific style of Adidas Cloudfoam shoe you are referring to. However, in general, these shoes tend to run slightly larger than average. This means that if you usually wear a size 8, you might want to try a size 7.5 in Adidas Cloudfoam shoes.

Do Adidas superstars run big or small?

Adidas Superstars generally run true to size. However, as with any shoe, it is always best to try them on before purchasing to ensure a comfortable fit.

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