Insoles are bits of cloth that go within your footwear or sneaker to provide ultimate cushion, heating, and a perfect match. Inserts, often known as ‘foot beds’ or ‘internal soles,’ serve the main goal of making footwear more convenient to use.

For endurance and longevity, inserts are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients. Insoles are also protected in the case of reducing the force that will be applied to your feet during walking or running.

Unless you use bespoke or customized footwear, you do not have arch support in your sneakers. Adding a footbed to your sneakers can make them more comfortable and will relieve tension and strain on your feet.

There are also some types of inserts like Ortholite that can be used in the case of injury and avoid some serious injuries and discomfort.

Can You Wear Shoes With Two Inserts?

Yes, you can use two footbeds in your footwear if you have foot issues such as Morton’s Neuroma or heel of foot discomfort and require greater padding and cushioning beneath your feet while walking for lengthy periods.

Things To Put In Shoes To Make You Taller?

Check that the thickness of the customized orthotic footbed does not move and overlay nicely on the footbed of your footwear. If there is additional space in the toe area or a large space between your foot instep and the footwear top, you may require two inserts.

If your footwear doesn’t have any additional room, buy a footwear size larger with a deep and broad toe area and then insert two footbeds.

Why Put The Insole On Another?

There are some valid reasons between this thing that why need coming to put two insoles in a shoe?

For Additional Support And Cushioning

As we know that footbeds are an important part of any footwear. So, that’s it must be in perfect shape before you consider adding another footbed on top of it. Otherwise, you risk exacerbating the situation.

In case of any injury, you have to provide your feet with extra arch support and cushioning to speed the recovery time and protect them from further pain. This thing can be achieved by using two insoles in your shoes.

These two insoles spread equal pressure on your foot and absorb the applied force on your foot. Because if there is too much stress focused on one location for a long period, soreness and pain can arise, just as when any other region of your body experiences problems due to too much pressure.

To Make Up For A Lack Of Footwear Space

Adding a footbed to your footwear on top of the one that comes with their aims to decrease slipping caused by any surplus substance that might accumulate between your feet and footwear.

In addition, if you have more than enough space within the footwear, putting another footbed can assist eliminate any gap for your feet to wander about, particularly if you are using heavy socks.

To Alleviate Foot And Knee Discomfort

If you have foot discomfort, either from an old disease or from constant pressure on the joints, having much more space in your footwear might be problematic since you’re effectively applying increasing strain to that region. Putting an extra footbed implies less space for your foot to move around, which can assist lessen overall tension and discomfort.

Provides Additional Shock Absorption

Though most sports sneakers have some padding on the sole, many individuals dislike how rigid and unpleasant shoes seem after a while of wear.

That’s where having two inserts feels right — having more cushioning on top of what was already there not only provides your foot with another area to promote relaxation but also allows you to feel more at ease when moving.

To Preserve Your Feet’s Dryness

There is also another reason behind using two insoles in one shoe is to keep them dry. There are some types of shoes whose materials do not offer you a proper ventilation system and do not keep your feet dry in wet conditions. But you love to wear these shoes and never want to throw them.

There is a way to make them breathable and make your feet dry. By using two insoles inside these shoes, you have to maintain your feet dry by absorbing water with the help of these insoles and allowing air to flow for breathing purposes.

While putting on two insoles may take a bit of time to become used to, it is well worth all the effort for those who desire an additional option that allows them to keep their beloved pair of sneakers without any difficulty or suffering.

By using two insoles, there is no free space remained in your sneakers. So, that’s there is no room for dangerous moisture and sweat to stand there and keep your feet dry and healthy.

To Extend The Lifespan of The Inserts And Shoes

Putting two insoles also avoids damaging your shoes and insoles. In the case of two insoles, there is less pressure applied to your feet and shoes because these two insoles absorb the stress and protect your feet.

While less pressure applied to your shoes increases their lifespan of them and allows them to run for a longer time in a new condition.

When the pressure is applied to the feet then this pressure equally distributes between two insoles and decreases the stress. As compared to one insole, these two insoles will last for a longer time because of this distribution between them.

Do You Require Larger Footwear for Two Inserts?

To accommodate two inserts, the footwear must be large enough to accept each bottom. If a sneaker is too tiny for one individual, it will be too short for two.

Assume the sneakers aren’t large enough to fit both of them. In such a situation, you may use a type of glue to join both footbeds, providing more padding while also making your bottoms feel more stable on the floor.

You may use either textile paste or double-sided adhesive for this objective. The second method is considerably faster and easier to deploy because you only have to adhere both layers of adhesive on the bottoms one after the other.

After you’ve injected both of these, insert the footbed into the footwear. This is more difficult than it appears since there is always the possibility that you did not align them up properly and they now appear off-center with one another or do not fit well enough with your sneakers.

You may apply glue to fix this challenge so that the inserts don’t slide around within your shoes. If they’re correctly fastened down, you won’t even notice them until you begin moving about. In that case, you adjust two insoles easily without occupying more space, and if you have space to occupy it’s good.

Tips For Using Two Insoles In Shoes

  1. Make Sure Your Shoes Have Enough Room: Before adding a second insole to your shoes, make sure that there is enough room in your shoes to accommodate it. Using two insoles in shoes can make your shoes tighter, which can cause discomfort or pain. So, if your shoes are already tight, using two insoles may not be a good idea.
  2. Use a Thin Insole as the Base: When using two insoles in shoes, it is best to use a thin insole as the base and a thicker insole on top. This will provide you with the maximum cushioning and support while also ensuring that your shoes do not become too tight.
  3. Choose the Right Insoles: When choosing two insoles to use in your shoes, make sure that they are compatible with each other. Using two insoles that are not designed to be used together can cause discomfort or even injury.
  4. Replace Your Insoles Regularly: Over time, insoles can become worn out and lose their cushioning and support. So, it is important to replace your insoles regularly to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from them.

Conclusion – Can You Put Two Insoles In The Shoes

The article about the topic ‘can you put two insoles in shoes?’ was shared with you hope you understand the reason. Putting two insoles are good in some cases like if you want extra arch support and cushioning to avoid some type of pain or injury.

This is also helpful in the condition of making your shoes breathable and keeping your feet dry. Putting two insoles are also good for loose shoes to make them perfectly fit by decreasing the extra space.

This also increases the life of the shoes and inserts, provides extra shock absorption, and other useful reasons for using them.

So, the result is that you can put two insoles in shoes. But one thing keeps in mind is that your feet are an essential part of your body before doing anything new you have to contact an expert about this change that will protect you from side effects and leads to benefits.


Would it Be ok to use two insoles?

Yes, you can use two or more inserts in your footwear if necessary. Inserts are used to improve convenience and change sneaker size. So, if you feel more at ease putting more inserts, go ahead and do so.

Can I put Superfeet insoles in conjunction with factory insoles?

Yes, you may use Superfeet orthotic insoles without discarding the factory footbed, as long as the built-in footbed is not orthotic. Superfeet arch support insoles give complete relaxation for high arches, as well as biomechanics alignments and stress absorption for your foot joints. If your present footbed is straight, you can layer your Superfeet insoles on top of it.

How long can a pair of footbeds be expected to last?

You may anticipate your inserts to last around six months with typical wear, although this fluctuates based on criteria including frequency of wear (i.e., jogging vs. ordinary activities) and foot anatomy. For dedicated athletes, you may require to replace your footbed every 3-four months.

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