The Hey Dudes brand debuted in 2008. And now Hey Dudes is a famous brand in the world of shoes. This brand offers incredible comfort and versatility through its products. Their products provide a supportive and soft ride at every step due to their canvas and cotton material.

They make high-quality footwear out of ventilated canvas with a padded insole for enhanced comfort. Soft-touch linings, a foam midsole, and an EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) bottom complete the look.

The quick and simple answer is hey dudes can be worn with and without socks. The canvas that is made of cotton allows hey dudes versatility, and due to this reason, they can wear formal and informal outfits. Just you need the proper outfit which goes well with hey dude.

Hey Dudes, footwear is exceptionally lightweight, weighing about 5 to 6 oz. This brand comes in a range of colors and has a really stylish look.

When the question is, “Do you wear socks with hey dudes?” The answer is that there are different types of products that are introduced. Most of them can be worn without them, but you can also wear socks with them.

Socks are an important part of your wardrobe and provide comfort. They also prevent you from injuries and keep your feet warm during cold weather.

Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dudes?

No matter whether you are wearing socks or not, They are also appropriate for wearing barefoot. They offer a convenient padded insole that keeps your feet strong and ventilated when worn even without socks.

Hey Dudes’ cotton and canvas design enables air to flow throughout them, making them suitable for use without socks. Be extra cautious and avoid foot problems such as fungal diseases, sores, bunions, or bruising.

Do You Wear Hey Dude With Or Without Socks?

Are you supposed to wear socks with hey dudes? Hey Dude shoes can be worn with or without socks, depending on personal preference. Some people prefer to wear them with socks for added comfort and to absorb moisture, while others prefer the feeling of wearing them without socks. Ultimately, the choice of whether to wear them with Hey Dude shoes is up to the individual and what they find most comfortable.

It is also important to consider the type of socks you are wearing and whether they will be suitable for the activity or occasion. For example, if you are planning on wearing Hey Dude shoes for a long walk or hike, you may want to consider wearing socks to provide extra cushioning and support for your feet.

Is it Required to Wear Socks With Hey Dudes?

Socks are vital for saving your feet from shoe-induced irritation, fungal growth, and skin irritation. If you remain in regions where it is really icy, socks can assist in keeping your feet from freezing.

If you solely use footwear without socks, you may permit some cold to enter your feet, but not totally. Footwear does not allow moisture absorption.

Hey Dudes are incredibly light and comfy. Wearing socks with them, on the other hand, gives an extra layer of security to your feet. Therefore, using socks is good but not required.

Popular ModelsSocks Recommendation
Hey Dude Wendy No show, ankle-cut, matching color depending on the Wendy variant
Hey Dude WallyNo show, ankle-cut, bold colors and patterns depending on the Wally variant
Hey Dude SunapeeCrew sock or low cut, depending on the temperature and occasion

If you want to wear these shoes without socks, it’s best to keep them dry to protect your feet from bunions, blisters, and other foot discomforts. In hot weather, socks get smelly easily. Hey, dude, shoes provide you with dual lacing to protect you from this difficulty.

Hey Guys, Are You Comfortable Without Socks?

As we say, you can wear ‘hey dudes’ shoes without socks or with socks. If you wear them without socks, then there is no bad thing. They also offer you a comfortable ride. The qualities that keep hey dudes’ shoes comfortable without socks are as follows:

Light in Weight

The most interesting and comfortable feature of Hey Dudes is the lightweight shoes. Moreover, the weight of their products is about 5 ounces on average. This weight is easily handled by your feet, whether you are wearing socks or not.

This quality allows them to keep your feet comfortable and relaxed through tiring work. The EVA outsole and midsole of these shoes are manufactured from memory foam, which is also lightweight and contains a mesh upper.

Versatile Upper

The upper material is the most important component of footwear in terms of comfort. only makes the shoes unique from others. In the case of footwear, the upper is manufactured from textile, which is commonly canvas, knit, or just a flexible textile.

Do You Wear Socks With Clogs

These types of uppers provide more flexibility to your shoes according to the movement of your feet. This textile upper also offers your feet the freedom to move freely, securely, and comfortably.

Outstanding Cushioning

Undoubtedly, maintainable convenience was the core value behind the progress of Hey Dude footwear. Presently, these materials possess a memory foam footbed that, aside from constructing a nice and comfortable insole, also functions as a shock absorber.

There’s also foam padding around the clasp that softly embraces your ankle for comfortable wear. Furthermore, the lightweight EVA sole is precisely toothed to provide optimal grip in slippery conditions.

The footwear is also lined on the inside with a comfortable fabric that keeps you cool all day. You’re perfectly all right whether you’re wearing socks or not.


Hey Dude footwear does not provide the same tight fit as lace-up footwear. This includes stretchy straps over the heel and sides for more grip. They appear with laces, but their goal is to help with slight modifications.

They are suitable for all sorts of feet, especially those with broad feet. They are really comfy and have elastic bands that bind the heels and sides.

They provide a comfortable fit around the heel side as well as a gentle hold to maintain the footwear in position when strolling or running. They may be used all day without creating any foot difficulties due to their comfort.

Best Socks For Hey Dudes:

Here is the list of the top 3 best socks to wear with hey dudes, check out now:


Pareberry Women’s Thick Cotton Low Cut No Show Socks

Pareberry Women’s Thick Cotton Low Cut No Show Socks are designed to be worn with Hey Dude shoes and other low-cut shoes. These socks are made from a thick, cotton blend material and feature a low-cut design that sits below the ankle, making them a good choice for wearing with shoes that have a low profile.

WANDER Men’s Athletic Low Cut Socks

WANDER Men’s Athletic Low Cut Socks are designed for wearing with Hey Dude shoes and other athletic footwear. These are made from a moisture-wicking and breathable material, such as nylon or polyester, and feature a low-cut design that sits below the ankle.

They are designed to be worn with shoes that have a low profile and are a good choice for people who prefer the feeling of wearing shoes without socks but want a bit of extra support and moisture absorption.

JORMATT Men’s Cotton Low Cut No Show Socks

JORMATT Men’s Cotton Low Cut No Show Socks are designed to be worn with Hey Dude shoes and other low-cut shoes. These socks are made from a soft, cotton blend material and feature a low-cut design that sits below the ankle.

These socks are designed to be comfortable and breathable, with a ribbed cuff and a smooth toe seam to help prevent blisters and irritation.

Best No-Show Socks For Hey Dudes:

Here is the list of the top 3 best non-show socks for hey dudes, check out now:


PEDS Women’s Cushion Ball of Foot Liner

PEDS Women’s Cushion Ball of Foot Liner socks is designed to be worn with Hey Dude shoes and other shoes to provide extra cushioning and support for the ball of the foot. These socks are made from a soft, cushioning material, such as cotton or polyester.

Peds Women’s Lightweight Low Cut No Show Socks

Peds Women’s Lightweight Low Cut No Show Socks are amazing quality because they provide a bit of extra coverage and cushioning for your feet without being visible above the top of your shoes.

IDEGG Women and Men No Show Sock

IDEGG Women and Men No Show Socks have moisture-wicking properties and an anti-slip design to help keep them in place and prevent blisters. They’re easy to wash properties and breathable and can make an ideal.

What Type Of Hey Dude Shoes Are Best With Or Without Socks?

All the Hey Dude shoes can be worn without socks, but some of them are best with or without socks as follows:

Hey Dude, Women’s Wendy Chamber


These pairs of Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Chamber shoes are available at an affordable price to keep you comfortable in your pocket and on your feet. These shoes are the best choice for women who feel irritated and have to wear shoes without socks because of their incredibly light material and comfort. These types of shoes can be worn at any type of event due to their incredible design and flexibility.

Hey Dude, Men’s Wally Woven Loafer


Hey Dude Men’s Wally Woven Loafers provide an extra comfy and pleasant journey at every step. This footwear contains memory foam to provide you with a soft ride. The lacing technology of these shoes also enables you to wear them perfectly without any fitting issues. In offering comfort, the detachable inserts of these shoes also play a vital role in keeping your feet dry and protected.

Hey Dude Men’s Loafer


The Hey Dude Men’s Loafer is a best-seller for the company and one of the coziest footwear you’ll ever own. To achieve proper comfort, it has a removable insert that stops odor. The Wally Sox Loafer gives you a maximum range of motion thanks to its stretch and bend composition, which also serves to support your heel.

Do You Wear Socks With Crocs?

The textured knit top is built to keep your feet cool and comfy all day. The entire thing is featherweight and comes with two lacing choices. The Wally Sox Loafer is one of the most pleasant and adaptable footwear in the industry, thanks to cutting-edge technologies such as the Flex & Fold Technology.

Hey Dude women’s Wendy Loafer Shoes


This is another product of Hey Dude Wendy Loafer Shoes that you can wear with or without for best use. This shoe is also incredibly lightweight. Wearing them with or without socks allows your feet to relax with each step.

The Advantages Of Wearing Socks with Hey Dudes

  • It keeps your feet dry by blocking cold air.
  • It soaks up sweat and adds padding to the foot.
  • Socks also prevent cracking and irritation of the feet.
  • They also match the outfit you’re wearing.
  • It adds another layer of safety to your footwear and aids in the elimination of odors caused by sweat glands.
  • It keeps your feet solid and minimizes friction between your feet and your footwear.
  • Assist in fungal development prevention and foot protection from blistering, scratches, wounds, bunions, and bruising.

Disadvantages Of Wearing Socks

The main danger of using footwear without socks is that it increases the risk of foot infection. Without socks, there is no hindrance that can protect your feet from dangerous bacteria.

This, in turn, creates a hot, gloomy, and wet atmosphere in your footwear, ideal for fungus and bacteria to grow. Even if you don’t have an illness, wearing sockless with sealed footwear might generate an unpleasant odor due to perspiration and germs. Luckily, this brand of sneakers is made of breathable mesh that keeps your feet cool.

Pros of Wearing SocksCons of Wearing Socks
1. Prevent Friction: Wearing socks with Hey Dudes can prevent friction between your skin and the shoe, reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort.1. Less Breathability: Socks can reduce the breathability of Hey Dudes, which are known for their ventilation. This may make your feet feel warmer in hot weather.
2. Extra Cushioning: Socks offer extra cushioning to your feet, enhancing comfort during extended walks or activities.2. Potential for Odor: Without socks, Hey Dudes’ breathable design minimizes sweat and odor. Wearing socks might lead to increased foot odor.
3. Hygiene Benefits: Socks help keep your feet dry and can prevent issues like ingrown toenails and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.3. Aesthetic Preferences: Some people prefer the sockless look with Hey Dudes for a sleeker appearance, which may not be achievable with socks.
4. Versatility: You can choose to wear socks or go sockless based on your needs and the weather, providing flexibility.4. Sock Compatibility: Not all sock styles and lengths pair well with Hey Dudes, so finding the right socks can be challenging.
5. Reduced Cleaning: Wearing socks can help keep the interior of your Hey Dudes cleaner, as socks absorb sweat and dirt.5. Initial Discomfort: Some individuals may find it uncomfortable to wear socks with slip-on shoes like Hey Dudes, especially if they aren’t the right fit.

What to Wear With Hey Dudes With Men

Some outfits that can go perfectly for men:

  • Jeans and Long Sleeve T-shirt
  • Jeans and T-shirt
  • Romantic Outfits
  • Chino,s Pants & T-shirt
  • Jeans and sweater
  • Denim Jacket
  • Pair with a shirt jacket
  • Shorts and a Tank Top
  • Neutral outfits
  • Beach
  • Trouser
  • Pair with a suit
  • Sweatpants

What to Wear With Hey Dudes With Women

Some outfits that can go perfectly for women:

  • Denim Bib Skirt
  • Flare Jeans and Hoodie
  • Straight-leg jeans and a Long-sleeved shirt
  • Straight-Leg Jeans and T-shirt
  • Wide-leg pants and Denim Jacket
  • Jeans & sweaters
  • Ripped jeans and T-shirt
  • Wool dress and Denim Jacket
  • Printed dress
  • Faux Fur coat
  • Leggings

Conclusion – Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dudes Shoes

Hey Dudes are the leading company in the world of shoes and offer the most comfortable and flexible shoes. The shoes are manufactured in a way that allows you to move your feet freely and keep your feet dry.

You can wear them with hey dudes, but if you do not want to wear them, it’s OK. But the best products are great without socks too.

Can You Wear Black Socks With White Shoes

But there are some benefits to wearing socks with hey dudes like they protect your feet from colds, foot problems, and more. So, if your feet are not feeling any suffocation with socks, then it is best to wear them; otherwise, they look great without socks.


What type of socks are best with hey, dudes?

Some types that can create a perfect combination are:
1. Men’s Low Cut Non-Slip Boat
2. Men’s Jormatt Genuine No Show
3. Women’s Eedor Thin Flat Boat Line
4. Women’s Pareberry Thick Low Cut Flat Non-Slip Boat Line

Hey Dudes, do your feet stink?

Deodorizing Techniques Hey Dude Shoes. After a period, there’s a good possibility your footwear may produce an odor. Don’t be concerned; this is normal.

Hey Dude Footwear can they get wet?

Not water-resistant due to their canvas construction. Their lightweight fabric, on the other hand, dries quickly. They capacity to float on water because of their EVA bottoms!

Can you wear hey dudes with shorts?

Yes, Hey Dude can be worn with shorts. Hey Dude are casual and comfortable, making them a good choice for everyday wear and casual occasions. They are often paired with shorts because of their versatility due to high quality materials and comfort.

Can you wear hey dudes in the winter?

Hey Dude can be worn in the winter, but it is important to consider the type & style of Hey Dude you have and whether they will provide enough warmth and protection for your feet in winter. Some Hey Dude, such as loafers or sandals, may not be suitable for cold weather because they do not provide enough coverage for your feet. In these cases, it may be more comfortable to wear socks and closed-toe shoes, such as boots or sneakers, to keep your feet warm and dry.

Can you wear hey dudes with jeans?

Yes, Hey Dude can be worn with jeans. Hey Dude shoes are a versatile and comfortable choice for everyday wear, and they can be paired with a variety of different outfits, including jeans. Whether you are wearing skinny, straight, or flared jeans, Hey Dude shoes can help to complete your look.

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