Best Hoka Shoes For Nurses (7 Top Tested Picks in 2023)

Best Hoka Shoes For Nurses (7 Top Tested Picks in 2023)
Best Hoka Shoes For Nurses (7 Top Tested Picks in 2023) (Image: © Legendary Diary)

Only people in the medical field and profession can understand the pain that comes with wearing uncomfortable shoes. Healthcare professionals are giving a lot to the world.

With extra-long shifts that require them to stand and stay alert all the time to take care of their patients, someone needs to show them the light.

Light in the form of shoes that provide you with endless cushioning and support, more like unconditional love in the form of footwear. That’s something every overworked nurse would want in their shoes. This is where the Hoka brand makes an entry and becomes the savior you all need.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick HOKA ONE ONE Women's Rincon Shoe HOKA ONE ONE Women's Rincon Shoe




Most Popular HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 6 Shoe HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 6 Shoe




Budget Pick HOKA ONE ONE Women's Gaviota 2 Shoe HOKA ONE ONE Women's Gaviota 2 Shoe




Best Hoka Shoes For Nurses (7 Top Tested Picks in 2023) At a Glance:

Best Hoka Shoes For Nurses (7 Top Tested Picks in 2023) Reviews

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Rincon Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Rincon Shoe


Manufactured from mesh || Thick midsole || Responsive cushioning of the midsole || Rubber outsole || Midsole made with resilient foam || Resilient foam





Smooth ride


Tongue slips out a little

When Rincon was first launched, it instantly became a favorite for everyone. The shoes have a certain spark that usually isn’t there in running shoes.

Hokas Sizing Guide

It has a midsole that we can compliment for days, made with precision and firmness, the inside really does have a great effect on our feet.

No more aching feet after coming home from work, these shoes are a miracle you’ve been waiting for your whole life. They provide the perfect balance of softness and solid support. No matter where you go the shoes will provide you with everything you can find in running shoes.

Design: Like other Hoka shoes, these are also manufactured with mesh that is of high quality and offers equal amounts of softness and breathability. The shoes have yet to provide you with added support and durability.

It also has a thick midsole that isn’t uncomfortable at all but provides stability for your feet. It is made with a resilient foam that is highly unforgivable with an outsole that has more rubber as compared to its other parts. In contrast with other parts, the shoes have a tighter fit than all the other shoes launched. 

Comfort: The shoes are extremely lightweight which means working while wearing these shoes would become your all new favorite task. You won’t feel a thing when you wear them which would make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

That’s exactly what they’re targeting. The midsole is made up of great material with cushioning that is incredible for all day use. It’s extremely responsive as well so running would be heavenly.

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 6 Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 6 Shoe


Engineered mesh || Embroidery reinforcement || Breathable and soft upper || Midsole and outsole made from EVA foam || Wide toe box || Form fitting






Mixed signals about the grip

Let’s face it, we’re all a little hesitant to try out new running shoes for our precious feet, especially when we have feet problems. It all comes down to how supportive the shoes actually are. Do they provide instant support to your feet?

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Will they be able to handle the everyday exercise that comes with wearing them? Hoka one men’s Clifton 6 running shoes have offered that and more.

They have excellent features to serve us with the best dutiful support and convenience. It’s all part of how they gain input about things and breed such chaos.

Design: The running shoes are exclusively made from engineered mesh with a midsole that is soft EVA foam of full compression. Along with this, the shoes have an outsole that is made out of rubber which is extremely lightweight.

Overall the shoes provide a proper bounce within your system to lead you to a more suitable form. The outsole is extremely durable which means it won’t wear away no matter how much you use it. The toe box is pretty wide as well so you have more room to work through.

Comfort: The shoes are form-fitting which means the minute you get your feet in them, they will melt right in. The upper is soft and breathable with a feel that’s superior to everything you’ve worked through. It makes it incredibly easy to run interference towards the shoes.

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Gaviota 2 Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Gaviota 2 Shoe


Manufactured from mesh || The midsole is engineered mesh || J-Frame technology Heel has seude with embossed logos || Upper is breathable and cushioning || Tight fit for your shoes






Narrow in areas

GAVIOTA 2 running shoes really are the best in the market. They’ve been around for a very long time and have proved to be number one in every way possible. The Gaviota 2 running shoes offer exceptional cushioning and stability that you’ll find to be constant all day long.

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They are a perfect choice to wear to work so you don’t damage your feet with all the walking and running you do as a nurse.

They are famous for their large midsole that serves you with great softness and breathability. Let’s not forget, its amazing quality features that target the purpose of running with careful precision.

Design: The shoes are made from a very durable material that looks highly promising. The midsole is of dual density which means it is a mixture of rubber and EVA. Some might even call it plush which means your feet would sink right into the interior.

The Hoka shoes have added a J-Frame technology that breeds stability within the footwear. The forefoot material is made from engineered mesh which is incredibly great.

It provides you with a lot of breathabilities as well. The heel has seuded with embossed logos that look quite amazing as well.

Comfort: The upper is extremely breathable with extra cushioning to provide you with comfort while you’re working. The shoes have a great fit that isn’t even all that irritating so you can wear them all day every day. They don’t give a definite impact and give a great response to you.

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Bondi LTR Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Bondi LTR Shoe


Leather || Engineered mesh construction || EVA midsole || Memory foam collar || Breathable mesh uppers


Grip is great





Since nursing is a pretty demanding job where you have to work for hours while standing and attending to patients, it’s important to have shoes that take care of your feet. Hoka shoes are one of the best high selling shoes in the shoe market.

Hoka Shoes Knock-Off

Everybody’s been raving about their comfort and extra cushioning, something we shouldn’t think about. The shoes are designed to make you feel right at home with their impeccable design and performance. You shouldn’t worry about their performance as they’ve proved to be the perfect shoes for you.

Design: The shoes are manufactured from leather that is extremely durable and great for nurses who work all day long. The footwear gives way to your feet so you easily get adjusted to them even if you wear them all day long.

It has an engineered mesh construction that leads to the frequent laying down of shoes that make up your whole look. The collars are made from ultra soft memory foam that you will instantly feel once you slide your shoes in. 

Comfort: As is already mentioned, the collars are quite soft and plush providing you with an amazingly comfortable feel.

The midsole is made from EVA material that is incredibly flexible for you. The open engineered mesh construction offers a lot of breathability and support. That way you can be a part of this.

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Arahi 5 Textile Synthetic Trainers (Image credit: Amazon)

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Arahi 5 Textile Synthetic Trainers


Rubber sole || Engineered mesh upper || The insole is foam padded || Textile lining || Low profile construction




Easily molded


Laces were long

Hoka one women’s Arahi 5 comes with a bang to offer you all new features, each greater and more impressive than the last. This version of the arahi series may be the best so far.

It provides you with the ultimate support that comes with wanting stable pressure over your feet whenever you walk and stand.

Best Nurse Shoes For Wide Feet

For once in your life, you’ll look forward to a day of hardworking where you run or stand all day serving your patients. Let’s not forget how these shoes have offered to be the perfect source for your shoes to fit easily in.

Design: The shoes are manufactured with high quality material. The sole is made up of rubber that would prevent you from slipping on floors as hospital floors are pretty slippery.

The upper is made from engineered mesh that is incredibly durable as well. It is made with low profile construction of the ankle area to offer maximum mobility. 

Comfort: The shoes are made to offer you the best of everything including great comfort and stability. The upper is manufactured with engineered mesh with seamless overlays that are extremely breathable.

They offer great support that you’ll hardly see in any other shoes. It also has a textile lining that delivers abrasion-free walking and standing shoes. The insole is foam padded and can easily be removed whenever you want.

HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Cavu Shoe (Image credit: Amazon)

HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Cavu Shoe


Mesh created || Soft mesh upper || Rmat technology for the outsole || Upper is breathable






Shoelaces were short

Wondering where did this Hoka one profly lineup come from? It’s a new lineup launched by Hoka that targets certain features and customers.

The cavu shoes are a part of it. They are responsible for offering the lightest and fastest performance while you walk or stand all day long.

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These shoes have a lot to prove when it comes to being used all day long. You can wear them while training or running due to the high quality they serve. It’s all a part of who they truly are. 

Design: The shoes are constructed with a soft mesh upper that gives in to the pressure that usually arises with such shoes. It provides you with instant support and stability.

Cleaning Guide Of Hoka Shoes

They are pretty lightweight which means you can wear them however and wherever you like without your feet getting tired.

The cavu have a softer side towards the heel as compared to the strength and firmness of the forefoot. When you look at the shoes you’ll realize that they’re pretty large no matter what size you order.

Comfort: The shoes have enhanced Rmat technology of outsole that includes having different parts of material being spread out over areas that are more likely to come in contact with the ground.

The outsole is very soft and highly durable so it would last an extremely long time for you. The upper is incredibly forgiving with a breathable quality that your feet would love.

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Speedgoat 4 Textile Synthetic Trainers (Image credit: Amazon)

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Speedgoat 4 Textile Synthetic Trainers


Rubber sole || Engineered mesh upper || Memory foam padded collar || Megagrip Sole || Low profile construction for arch mobility



Great traction




Hoka strikes again with some of the most amazing shoes to wear at work. The speedgoat 4 textile synthetic trainers are what anyone would the perfect escape from hectic work life. The shoes are quite stylish if you like vibrant colored shoes and are famous for their megagrip.

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The footwear has a grip that is not only great to wear while walking around a wet or dry rock. Ahny slippering or wet floors you come in contact with will easily be dealt with through the hoka one one speedgoat 4. 

Design: The shoes are clearfully manufactured keeping the demands of a nurse in mind. The sole is made from rubber which is slip-resistant so any slippery or wet floors you come across, the shoes won’t defy gravity and betray you.

The upper is manufactured from the engineered mesh of breathable quality. You can wear it anywhere you want. The insole is highly supportive and removable so you can wear it however you like. 

Comfort: The shoes have features to provide added comfort and stability. It has an upper made with mesh that has seamless overlays. The foam-padded collars are another plus of these shoes. They offer great support and strength.

The inner is lined with textile for abrasion-free wearing experience of shoes. It is popular for its megagrip sole that is made from stepped rubber lugs so you go everywhere without worrying about any accidents happening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hoka is best for nurses?

  1. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 6 Shoe
  2. HOKA ONE ONE Womens Rincon Shoes 
  3. HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Gaviota 2 Shoe

Is Hokas good for being on feet all day?

Hoka shoes are the most cushioned shoe on the market, making them ideal for reducing discomfort in the feet and knees caused by aging, long days at work, and the effect of walking or running on the joints.

Which Hoka has the best arch support?

We consider Hoka One-One Men’s Clifton 5 to be the best arch support. The Hoka one-one Clifton 5 is our second pick for plantar fasciitis sufferers since it provides a fantastic blend of comfort and support. This pair is ideal for a larger man. It has good cushioning, which helps to relieve arch strain.

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