Do you ever just want to kick off your nursing shoes and run barefoot around the hospital with no destination insight? But the only thing that stops any person is the excruciating pain that comes with plantar fasciitis.

That’s a pickle only a particular shoe can solve that is exclusively made for the purpose of relieving the pains and aches that are a result of a long hectic day of working at the hospital.

Everybody knows being employed in the healthcare industry is like selling your whole life and body to your job. The best way to survive is to adjust to a lifestyle in the exact same way.

This means introducing some things in your lifestyle that will help you adjust to the requirements of your job. You probably know by now where I’m going with this.

Our Top 3 Recommendations



Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis

  • Lightweight
  • Has many different styles
  • Great cushioning



HOKA Women’s Cavu Running Shoe

  • Versatile properties
  • Great cushioning
  • Lightweight



Gravity Defyer Proven Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

  • Advanced versoshock technology
  • Cushions any violent impact on feet
  • Decreased pressure in different areas of the foot

The best nursing shoes with advanced features like an arch, flexibility, and durable material will be the saving grace you’ll need to survive a job like this, especially if you have plantar fasciitis. Once you get your hands on these amazingly effective shoes, your life will never be the same. It’s time that you take this chance to find the perfect shoes for your job and give your poor feet a much-needed break.

Quick Buyer Tips for Plantar Fasciitis Nursing Shoes

Arch support: Before you get on with the business of purchasing nursing shoes, make sure to get your eye on the one that has superior arch support. The description usually has information about the arch being high, low, or average. Just make sure it goes with the shape of your foot.

Cushioning: Purchasing shoes for plantar fasciitis means the shoes should put effort into the cushioning of the feet. Check out the shoes’ interior and midsole to see if it has enough cushioning so the impact doesn’t sabotage your comfort.

Flexibility: The best way to ensure you have the right shoes is to focus on how flexible it is while walking and running. As plantar fasciitis extends toward the foot’s bottom, flexibility is essential for recovery. Therefore, it’s essential to have this feature in your shoes.

Aftermarket insoles: Put your condition first while you’re searching for shoes for work. These happen to provide extra protection to the foot area that is on the line while you’re working, which means walking and running for hours.

Best Nurse Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis Reviews




Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis, Foot and Heel Pain Relief

  • Comfortable design with style features 
  • Orthotic insoles with arch support 
  • Extended widths for the perfect fit 
  • Interior lining and smooth foam padding 
  • A roomy toe box with a lot of space

Orthofeet is one of the best shoe brands designed to prevent plantar fasciitis. It’s made solely for the purpose of providing comfort to your feet.

Any running or walking daily at work can quickly be done with these fantastic ortho feet shoes. It’s for foot and heel pain relief that comes from hard work, pressing into all those pressure points, providing instant comfort.

Design: The overall shoe structure is pretty lightweight and padded with a sole for serious comfort. The design is very ergonomic, offering great support for your feet. It is launched in a mary-jane style, making it the perfect choice for office wear attire.

Biomechanical technology: The shoes are designed with superior functioning of orthotic insoles and heel pads for a cushioning effect. It has a soft interior lining that offers a lot of comfort along with a definitely padded collar formed with foam.

It is biomechanically designed, meaning it has an accurate foot alignment process and plenty of toe space with comfortably wide toe boxes.

Expanded widths: The best part about these shoes is the number of sizes they appear in. These casually built shoes with soft, no overlaying bunions come in sizes like medium, comprehensive, and extra-wide fit for your comfort and support. The extended widths are a great feature of these shoes.

Solution for all diseases: Suffering from arthritis, neuropathy, diabetes or just generally having sensitive feet, these shoes are your ultimate holy grail. They have great interior lining with padded foam present right within the shoes to put your comfort first.


  • Lightweight
  • Great cushioning
  • Has many different styles


  • Doesn’t have many color options




HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Cavu Running Shoe

  • Rubber sole 
  • Mesh is breathable and has a perfect fit for everything 
  • Textile lining with friction-free wear and fit 
  • Interior has foam padding for great support 
  • Profly technology which is durable and lightweight 
  • The sole is pretty durable as well with a strong grip

HOKA ONEone cave running shoe is exclusively the perfect running shoe for someone who can’t sit still and is always on the move. You can run as fast as you can without leading to any accidents.

It has left all the other models behind with its superior cushioning abilities, ready to make your day! You won’t even find it to be stuffy with no room to breathe. The shoes have a lot of space with a lightweight as well.

Design: The shoes come in a nimbus/white color and have a rubber sole for smooth running purposes. The whole structure seems to be pretty massive but is surprisingly light in weight. The complex parts of the RMat outsole are present in the rear and forefront of the shoes.

Cushioning technology: The Hoka one is very particular about the way it handles the rear area versus the forefront one. In comparison to the very firm forefoot, the Cavu is significantly softer in the heel area. This is great for someone who’s a heel striker; the impact would be a lot softer with a strong push off forward.

Versatile: The shoes are incredibly versatile when it comes to their usage. They can take almost any type of run and can even be worn while you’re at work and have to be on your feet at all times.

They are manufactured to put your comfort before anything else with an adequate cushion that can cover any distance. It’s pretty firm and makes you seem like you can take on anything that comes your way.


  • Versatile properties
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioning impact


  • Laces are short
  • Eyelet is metal




Gravity Defyer Proven Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

  • Synthetic Sole 
  • Advanced technology of Versoshock patented that provides instant pain relief 
  • Toe box has a lot of room for ventilation & blood circulation 
  • Front rolling design to reduce pressure on the foot 
  • Mesh has proper breathing space & flexibility Removable insoles to replace them with custom orthotics

Gravity Defyer G-Defy Mighty Walk is one of the most incredible shows in the market. The company introduces new technology to the public, focusing on all those weak points that would ultimately force them to buy these fantastic shoes. They target the very tendons causing you pain so you can relieve yourself of their very existence.

Design: The pain-relieving women’s shoes have an extraordinarily sleek design that commits you to this fantastic brand. The walk seems to be quite incredible, with a lightweight structure that takes much of your pain away.

It’s incredibly comfortable, with a soft interior lining making it possible. It’s a rolling front design as well that relieves your muscles, stresses joints, and isolates bones.

Flexibility: The durable mesh is built within the shoes to provide breathable space in the mesh for flexibility. The ventilation is another perk that arises with it. This way, there’s more room for you to adjust to the perfect fit of the shoes, so you feel more comfortable wearing them.

Removable insoles: The shoes even have removable insoles that help in inserting customized orthotics that result in a well-balanced and stable walking alignment.

These unique mechanics work at improving your gait day by day, so you get used to the exclusive feel of wearing these nursing shoes. They don’t even produce any pressure on your feet, which makes them all the more comfortable.


  • Advanced versoshock technology
  • Cushions any violent impact on feet
  • Decreased pressure in different areas of the foot
  • Flexible and breathable structure


  • Low till the medium arch height



Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional Shoe

  • Sole is manufactured with a polyurethane material 
  • Addition of aligned corrective orthotic 
  • Made up of full-grain or printed leather 
  • Laces are of stretchy material which makes them, adjustable 
  • Shank is stable 
  • Lightweight bottom

Nurse mates, women’s shoes are made to serve the medical community, offering the utmost care and convenience in the form of these fantastic shoes.

Significantly lightweight with an advanced design of the exterior as well as the interior, one must pay attention to what’s being provided. It shows when one can let go of all their reservations and truly feel the warmth and comfort that comes with it.

Design: The shoes are manufactured with printed polyurethane or full-grain leather that seems to be quite durable. The sole is made up of polyurethane as well.

It comes in many shades of gray, brown, and white, providing you with a wide variety of colors to choose from. It has a lightweight bottom which makes it easy to walk without being worn down by the added weight.

Align™ orthotic technology: The brand conveys a very smooth and particular design which ergonomic in nature. Built with Align™ orthotic to position your foot in a well-balanced state.

The optimum position that the sole will put you in, should be great with a distinct alignment so you can walk in a stable and supportive manner. You’ll get used to the feel of it when you gradually start wearing it, so be prepared for some discomfort in the beginning.

Lace design: The shoes have adjustable stretch laces that you can rearrange according to your convenience. These include traditional laces as well, which make the job of the beginner easier when they’re trying out these shoes. It’s all in the way you wear these products.


  • EVA bottom for nurse shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible lining


  • Shoes are not for wide feet



Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford

  • Comes in US sizing 
  • Made up of full-grain leather 
  • Sole is made up of rubber 
  • Padded collar 
  • Elastic goring built 
  • Slip-resistant sole with anti-fatigue qualities

Looking at all the reviews, the shoes seem to have incredible value and quality when it comes to their longevity.

As nursing is a brutally hard-working job where you have to stay on your feet for hours, the comfortable state of these shoes provides a great outlet for your poor feet to let out a tired sigh of relief. They’re made with extra footing and support that is great for stability and support.

Size: The nurse mate’s shoes come in US sizing, which makes it easy to buy them in your size with no conversion in the European chart.

Just be careful while you shop for them, as you might want to look for a size that you usually wear, so you don’t have any problem finding your accurate size.

Material: The shoes are made up of tumbled floater, full-grain leather that is completely stain resistant. Any liquid stains like blood or food can easily be washed out.

The material is durable as well, making it the best in the market. The soles are manufactured with rubber which doesn’t have much weight and is slip-resistant.

Comfort: The brand has paid particular attention to the comfort level of the shoes. The shoes have a padded collar to support your ankles with easy slipping on and off of the shoes through elastic goring built within them.

The soles have anti-fatigue qualities that make your walk a bouncy and smooth one, so there’s no worrying about taking a fall while you’re wearing these beauties.


  • Professional shoes
  • No scuff over soles
  • Comfortable


  • Bit Expensive



Dansko Women’s Professional

  • Manufactured with 100% leather 
  • Imported with polyurethane sole 
  • The footbed has PU foam 
  • Polyurethane rocker bottom sole 
  • Special arch for maximum comfort

When it comes to standing on foot all day, one must ensure that they’re treating their feet right. This is where Dansko women’s professional shoes enter.

The God-given shoes have the power to absorb all aches and pains that come with such feet. It has a great arch that comes with finding the perfect way to end all walks with a sweet and delicious pull through your bones when you home.

Comfort: These professional clogs are built with a distinct well-padded instep collar. The minute you experience any discomfort, these coverings absorb all stress and pressure that comes in the form of an impact while walking.

The footbed is made up of a PU foam that offers optimum temperature control so you never have to sweat in your shoes which can be highly discomforting.

It has an additional polyurethane rocker bottom sole that takes in and absorbs all shock that comes with the impact and reduces fatigue.

Design: The product is built with excellent stitching that makes sure nothing falls apart while you’re using it. The thread has high-quality, and the material for the exterior has great leather that is evidently quite durable. They are designed for work or semi-casual events that require you to stand and walk for a long time.

Arch: The arch is a unique feature added to the shoes for maximum comfort. Any orthopedic would definitely recommend these shoes as they come with an arch sole that provides comfort and support, stabilizing your gait. It was going to be the perfect selling point for the brand.


  • Durable material
  • Comfortable sole
  • Spacious toe box
  • Wide heel


  • Bit Heavy



Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On

  • Made with 100% leather 
  • Sole is manufactured with polyurethane 
  • Threading is hand-stitched over the lining insole & upper 
  • Footbed is removable with a supportive arch 
  • Rocker outsole as well

Algeria Women Debra slip-on shoes are made with delicate quality soles worldwide due to their availability in European sizes. The brand has focused on the comfort and convenience of the buyer when it comes to these slip-on shoes.

Wherever you are, you take to shed your shoes and give yourself a much-needed rub to your feet between a very hectic day of hard work.

Check Out Slip-ons and Dansko here.

Design: Some individuals are particularly influenced by the looks of shoes. And these shoes have absolutely nothing to be conscious of.

They’re manufactured, keeping aesthetics and the pleasantness of their appearance in mind, so you never have to be ashamed of wearing anything that might look ugly.

The shoes are stitched to make them look fabulous as well as roomy. Buy these beauties, and you’ll love the compliments that come your way.

Comfort: This product is manufactured with the amazing technology of a synthetic sole that softens the firmness of the usual sole resulting in a stable gait.

The footbed is highly durable with memory foam and can easily be removed if you want to put it in orthotics. The outsole is pretty rigid, making it slip-resistant. Even the toe box is spacious enough to have exceptionally large feet easily fit into the shoes.

Affordable: Buying shoes that put a dent in your wallet isn’t worth it at all, especially if you’re a medical worker.

Therefore, shoes like these at such an affordable price would be your best purchase. They have great value and have a lot of benefits. This makes them the best in everything.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive


  • Bit Expensive


Are Danskos bad for plantar fasciitis?

Danskos are absolutely not bad for plantar fasciitis. They are beneficial and will gradually relieve all aches and pains that arise from your daily walking and running. They come with an effective arch along with several other features that target the pain caused by this condition.

Are Alegria shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

The Algeria shoes are exclusively designed to assist in minimizing foot problems. Some of these include neuropathy, hammertoes, bunions, and plantar fasciitis. Any pain from walking and running can be relieved with the help of these shoes.

Are soft or hard shoes better for plantar fasciitis?

If you have a firm and rigid foot with an arch pointing high, a softer shoe would be a good choice. Using a more rigid shoe with a firm and robust surface would put a lot of pressure on your forefoot and feet, advancing and directing stress right in the plantar fasciitis.

What shoes do doctors recommend for plantar fasciitis?

The top best shoes recommended by doctors for plantar fasciitis are:
Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk
Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis, Foot and Heel Pain Relief
HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Cavu Running Shoe

Conclusion – Best Nurse Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The best nurse shoes in town are presented right here in the article. All of these shoes have one thing in common; they are a perfect balance of durability and comfort. Trust us! You won’t be disappointed by what they have to offer.

You’ll be floating over the cloud once you get a taste of these beauties. They’re ready to rock your world with their magical ways of relieving pain and providing the utmost comfort to your precious feet. You’ll be perfectly capable of kicking off all the symptoms that come with plantar fasciitis. So don’t wait up and get these nursing shoes at affordable prices, or they’ll be sold out in no time!

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