Some people might think that being a table game dealer is a dream job. The reality is that it can be a good job, but it certainly isn’t a walk in the park. Dealers have to handle heavy responsibilities, such as certifying that no player cheats. They have to make sure they maintain their focus at all times.

What is a casino dealer? 

As a dealer, you will host a specific table game. As a poker or blackjack dealer, you will shuffle, cut the pack, and deal cards. You will also trade chips for money, collect chips, and pay players out after every round. It’s your responsibility to certify that players follow the rules. You may have to explain the rules to new players, but you shouldn’t give any betting advice. 

As a live dealer, you will do what you do in a traditional casino, like dealing cards or spinning the wheel. The difference is that the player won’t be at a table with you. The action is streamed to the player location. The player may be using a mobile phone and casino app to play a live poker or roulette game. Players can play live dealer games in Michigan and many other states from the comfort of their homes. 

What does a dealer earn?

The average wage for dealers can vary widely, and it often isn’t that high. The average pay per hour can vary from about $8 to $15. If you work a 40-hour week, you can make a base pay between $16k and $20k a year. According to websites like Indeed and Glassdoor, casino dealers can make up to $40k yearly, but that’s not the reality for most.

Dealers usually rely on their tips rather than the actual pay per hour. Those who give players compliments and positive feedback tend to earn higher tips. Dealers can expect to make up to $50 an hour in tips when working at some high-end casinos. Counting on tips can be difficult as not everyone will tip or tip well. 

What do casinos expect from dealers?

Casinos expect dealers to be professional and yet outgoing at the same time. You need to maintain a calm presence even when players are upset. It helps to have the ability to make players feel comfortable. If you want to be the top talent in line for a dealer’s position, your people skills will count. 

You will have to stand for your whole shift, which can take its toll on you physically. In most casinos, you will work an eight-hour shift. You may be exposed to second-hand smoke in some casinos. 

The best jobs right now are those that pay well, challenge you, match your skills, provide a good work/life balance, and offer opportunities for advancement. It can be difficult to find jobs like that. Being a casino dealer can offer you some benefits and allow you to use your skills.

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