Although the USSR was dissolved and Russia came into the mix only as recently as 1991. The Russian land has a very long and complex history that has helped shape its unique architecture, culture, and way of life. The official date of the making of Russia is 862 AD. The date also refers to the discovery of the city of Novgorod by the legendary Varangian (Viking) chieftain Rurik. Rurik’s stepping foot in Novgorod is traditionally thought of as the initiation of the East Slavic state that eventually became Russia. Russian translation services have been used to translate old writings for educational purposes. This is done through those who have a deep understanding of ancient languages. 

Many different types of populations have lived on this land including Turks, Salvics, Ukrainians, Armenians, Jews, Germans, Finno-Ugric, Caucasian, Serbian, and more. All these ethnic groups remain in small numbers and have shaped Russian culture through involvement. Ever since the cold war ended Russia’s borders have opened up to many tourists. In 2018, the Fifa World Cup was held in Russia, and demand for Russian translation services surged. The World Cup helped change people’s opinions about Russia in general. US vs. USSR Cold War propaganda had given people surreal expectations, negative and positive. However, in reality, Russia is a state like any other with its own laws, culture, and of course abundance in beauty. Talking about beauty let’s get down to the topic at hand. Here are some of the destinations I recommend you visit on your Russian trip.

Places to Visit in Russia

It is advisable to hire a translation company if you plan a long stay. They can help you work out things like accommodations, car rentals, and more. 

  1. Moscow

I am sure most of you already know that the capital of Russia is a must-visit destination. Many businessmen utilize Russian translation services regularly for Moscow visits. So the city is a hub for business and tourism. The city is home to 12 million people and is remarkable for its forms of artistic expression. Ballet, opera, symphonies, artwork, architecture, street performers, and so much more. Historic old church buildings in the shape of Onion domes fill the skyline. 

Along with the statues of Lenin and Stalin, two divisive 20th-century presidents, the towering Kremlin and stunning Red Square, one of the largest squares in the world, are attractions to not miss. The Gulag and Cold War museums both provide more evidence of Moscow’s less-than-spotless past.

  1. Saint Petersburg

Founded by Tsar Peter in 1703, was once Russia’s imperial capital. The city is a very popular cruise destination since it is located on the Neva River and goes straight into Europe. The translation company can tell you how regularly art collectors and businessmen use their services for this city. The city is famous for its architecture, shopping, food, harbor, and of course its art collection.

  1. Golden Ring

The Golden Ring is a collection of different cities that have high cultural and historic significance in Russia. These cities will give all tourists a glimpse of the country’s rich traditions and history. Each city has a diverse history and infrastructure. Take it as a guide about the basics of Russia. Golden Ring includes the following cities:

  • Sergiyev Posad: It is famous for the most notable monasteries in Russia, Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius.
  • Vladimir: The city is renowned for Assumption Cathedral. Similar to Sergiyev Posa, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Golden Gate, a historic fortification.
  • Suzdal: Suzdal holds significance because of its picturesque wooden architecture, monasteries and churches. The city also includes the Suzdal Kremlin.
  • Pereslavl-Zalessky: The city is famous for its magnificent beauty. Lake Pleshcheyevo and the Transfiguration Catherdal are among the most renowned places.
  • Rostov Veliky: Rostov Kremlin, a maintained medieval fortress is the reason why Rostov Veliky is so famous and also its churches.
  • Yaroslavl: The city has a vivid architectural background that includes the Church of Elijah the Prophet and the Spassky Monastery.
  • Kostroma: Kostroma is famous for the Ipatiev Monastery. It is the same place where the first Romanov Tsar, Mikhail Romanov, was offered the throne.
  • Ivanovo: Ivanovo holds notable significance for its huge textile industry and factories. People also call it the ”City of Brides”.
  • Sergach: Apart from being a small town, it is famous for its incredible churches and proximity to the Klyazma Reservoir.

Importance of Russian Translation

Russian people are widely famous for their courtesy whenever someone visits their country. They have earned a sound reputation as they prefer their heritage and culture over anything else. Also, they prefer communication in their native language only. If anyone plans to visit Russia or move permanently for business expansion. They must hire a translation company to help establish some firm footing. Moreover, students or visitors who come for study or small visits will also have to employ professional translation services to remove communication barriers.


Russia is among the most prominent countries on Earth, having extensive history and their people confidently own it. People living in this country belong to different cultures, areas and religions. They combine to reshape Russia into what it is today. Russia has become a top priority for travelers, a history lesson and vacation all in one.


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