There are various gifts available in the market, but you are confused about what to give your girlfriend, right? Sometimes, think about the price, and other times, quality strikes your mind, isn’t it? If you give a low-price gift, then the quality will be good or not as this is for the most special person in your life, your girlfriend. There are so many questions in your mind about which solution you want, so don’t worry now.

Here are some of the most trendy gifts that will be suitable for your girlfriend and are under Rs. 2000. You can give any of these to make your girlfriend feel happy, and also her love will increase for you seeing them. All the gifts are designed for couples only to make their day more romantic and special. So now move further and read the details below.

1] Romantic Showpiece With LED Lights

Whether a long-distance relationship or a close one, the showpiece is for both couples, as this is a thing that you will gift to your girlfriend. Firstly, she will feel very happy and special, and then, secondly, this gift will help her to remember you always. As she sees this, her mind will automatically memorize you in front of her, and in this way, she may miss you a lot, so this may be the best gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. 

Choose some romantic type, such as couples hugging each other or a boy giving a gift to a girl as you want to do. You can get the best and most beautiful romantic showpiece with LED lights or any decorations under 2000. You can even give a showpiece with some romantic lines written on it.

2] Photo Frame

This is a decorative item, but you can also choose to give it to your girlfriend by inserting your couple’s photo rather than any other one. There are several different types of photo frames available to choose for the best valentine gift for girlfriend, but you can go for the best quality frames. Also, remember to choose the right color combination so that it can be attractive.

3] Makeup Box With All The Essential Cosmetics

For especially girls, these are the perfect gifts you may give to your girlfriend as obviously she may be interested in doing makeup and cosmetics. In this, you will get all the makeup-related products to help her make her skin more attractive and enhance her beauty. But select any branded makeup kit so that it will help you make your impression in front of her and also refresh her skin without any side effects. As of Rs. 2000, you can get any branded cosmetics kit easily.

4] Unique And Trendy Jewellery

You may choose this as the best choice to give your girlfriend, as she may love to wear jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bangles you can give any of these that she loves to wear the most. You just need to remember one thing: the color that may match the dress she wears, whether at a party or on casual days. 

5] Hampers Filed With Exciting Gifts 

So now, on the list, the next one is the gift hampers that consist of several gifts of the same type or sometimes may also be different. This may be the very best option if you want to give a variety of gifts, as this is packed in a beautiful box or basket-type container. You may fill the containers with a variety of chocolates or gifts to make personalized gift hampers. Moreover, such items are budget-friendly and come under Rs.2000, and surely, this gift hamper will fill your relationship with more love.

6] Handbags With Some Surprise Gifts Inside

Handbags are now a fashionable accessory for girls, whether it’s a sling, clutch, or handbag. Give her an attractive and branded handbag that may have at least 2-3 or more compartments to carry all her essentials easily, such as her mobile, money wallet, and any cosmetics as per her needs. If you want to give any small bags, then you can also go for clutches and slings. 

You can also get bags customized by writing the name of your girlfriend or any romantic lines, and you can also opt for some trendy handbags with attractive designs that will match her personality. So, without any delay, you can move to an online platform and order Valentine Day gift with some customization. Moreover, you must prefer the best quality and belt adjustable bags so that it’s easy for her to hang as she likes. 

7] Branded Perfume

Giving perfumes to your girlfriend is also the best choice, as she may use them on any special occasion. Choose a fragrance that your girl likes the most, and surprise her this Valentine’s Day. According to your budget of Rs. 2000, there are various brands available with several other fragrances, so first, you can take the information about which one she may like the most, then buy the perfume.

8] Branded Watch 

Apart from the jewelry, you can also give your girlfriend a branded watch, which may be beautiful and may suit her personality. There are two types of watches available in the market: one is a belt, and the other is a chain. You can buy belt watches as those can fit any girl, whether healthy or thin, no matter but in a chain if she is thin, then the watch may be loose on her wrist. 

Also, take special care about the color combinations of the watch and dial inside as well. Some girls like light whereas others like dark colors, you can choose accordingly which she likes wearing in every dress. Go for a branded watch because, in this, you will also get a brand box which will create an amazing reputation in front of your girlfriend. 


Hope your problem has been solved after reading this article because all these are the most attractive and trendy gifts for giving to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day under Rs.2000. But the thing that matters a lot is color combinations and the quality of the products, and if your budget is under 2000, you can get the best quality for all the products. So that your girlfriend likes your gift, and your relationship may be filled with more happiness, trust, and romance.

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