Beacon AI isn’t just a link aggregator; it offers many other features that empower users to monetize their content. For example, it gives them a glimpse of their profile visitors’ platforms to help improve their engagement strategy.

The app also allows them to customize their profiles with cool themes and music. Plus, it provides a mobile website builder to help them showcase their work visually appealingly.

Create a Profile

Create a Beacon’s AI profile to display your links, content, and other media in an attractive and organized portfolio. You can add your YouTube and TikTok videos, music from SoundCloud, tweets, photos, and more.

Beacons AI has unique features that make it stand out from other Linktree competitors. One is the Support Block, which enables your followers to donate money to you directly through Beacons AI. Another is the TikTok Shopping Block, which allows you to insert your shoppable TikTok videos. This is an excellent feature for lifestyle creators who promote or use specific products in their videos.

Beacons AI has minor drawbacks, such as upgrading to a custom domain and the watermark logo on the free plan (Creator Plan). Beacon’s AI is a valuable resource for social media influencers and content creators seeking to monetize their online presence. It is also easy to use and offers a seamless mobile experience.

Connect with Brands

Beacons AI is a popular tool for influencers and creators because of its comprehensive features and ease of use. The platform allows its users to display their expertise and monetize their content. It also enables followers to connect with influencers directly through custom video responses. The platform has a free version and a premium plan ($10/month).

The free plan provides users with a customized link in the bio and essential e-commerce tools. The premium plan offers more monetization options, like an email strategy builder and the ability to add affiliate links.

Beacons AI has six monetization tools or “blocks” that enable creators to earn money from their content. These blocks include a Support Form allowing fans to donate directly to the creators. The Marketplace Block allows the creators to sell their products or services, and the Sales Block lets them market other brands’ products. These tools help attract and retain fans.

Start Earning Money

With beacons ai, making money from social media content is easy. You can make money on the platform using various tools known as “blocks.” These include a donation block that enables your followers to make direct donations to support you, a Shop block where fans can buy merchandise like T-shirts, and a Requests block where you can accept paid requests from your fans.

With the latter, you can ask your followers to pay you to create a specific video response that could include things like one-on-one discovery sessions, feedback, or anything else. There’s even a Marketplace Block where you can connect with brands and promote their products for a commission.

Other blocks allow you to embed TikTok videos, a music block for embedding a track or album, and a link block similar to Linktree. The service has several other unique features, such as displaying links in a visually appealing portfolio. This can increase clicks and overall page engagement.

Share Your Content

Whether you’re an influencer, a brand, or a business creating content for your audience, Beacons AI makes sharing and monetizing your content accessible. Its robust tool helps you build a link in your bio website, connect with brands and other creators, and make money by sharing your links.

Its extensive resources and comprehensive monetization features make it an emerging competitor to popular services like Linktree. Its free Creator Plan offers many features, and you can upgrade to its Entrepreneurial Plan for $10 a month if you need more.

Another unique feature Beacons AI offers is the Support Block, which allows your followers to support your work through Stripe. This is an excellent option for creators who run channels about specific literary interests or activism, as it will enable your audience to purchase products related to what you’re talking about. This also works for lifestyle creators who talk about their favorite products.

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