Finding a stylish hat can feel daunting if you have a bigger head. However, you don’t want to give up just yet! There are so many styles that look outstanding on larger heads. A good hat can make you confident and stylish, so everyone should own at least one.

Don’t know where to begin? Everything you need to know to get the best hat for your head is below. Let’s start!

1. Trapper Caps

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Since it’s getting colder outside, let’s start with trapper caps. These are the winter hats that have ear flaps on the side. They’re warm and come in many different styles. These hats have a long-standing history, especially for people who work outside.

These hats look great on people with bigger heads for several reasons. First, the ear flaps cover part of your head, making it look more proportional to the rest of your body. They can make the side of your face appear more elongated, bringing more balance to your face.

These hats are also slightly stretchy due to the materials they’re made from, allowing those with big heads to wear them comfortably.

2. Straw Hats With a Wide Brim

What if you want a hat for the summer instead? A straw hat with a large brim would be the perfect option because the material is stretchy, and the headwear should provide ample UV protection.

The wide brim on these hats also adds more proportion to your body when you have a bigger head. The broad brim can make your head appear smaller, making it more balanced with your body. 

These hats also come with plenty of ventilation to help keep you cool. This feature is perfect for those with larger heads because your head might sweat more since it makes more heat.

Additionally, big sun hats are trendy and make a huge fashion statement. Some of these hats have incredibly wide brims. They’re elegant, fun, and the perfect summer accessory. So, why not give one a try when you have the chance?

3. Knitted Beanie Hats

Next, you can try a classic beanie hat. They’re in style, comfortable, and stretch to fit every head. Many people also decorate them with pins and patches. These hats will keep you warm in the winter, too.

Beanies come in many colors and styles, so you should experiment with them to find out which ones you like best. You’ll also want to try wearing it at different angles on your head and see what you like the most.

Generally, slouched beanies are better for someone with a bigger head. They have more room and look more stylish. A fitted beanie will be tighter and won’t stretch as much. You’ll also want to choose one made from cotton or acrylic, or even a blend of the two, so it’s more stretchy.

Beanies look great and can make you look more confident and stylish. So, pick a few of your favorites and swap them out over several days. These hats are versatile, allowing you to wear them with all your outfits easily.

4. Classic Fedoras

Fedoras can also be great for someone with a bigger head. The classic shape has a wide brim and an indented crown, which can help balance out your head’s size. They’re fashionable and classy, making them great for formal occasions.

Many fedoras come with a brim wide enough to provide sun protection on the back of your neck. You’ll want to choose between a few different materials, depending on when you plan on wearing the hat the most. For example, a cozy wool fedora would be best for the winter since it would help keep you warm.

Fedoras can give you confidence because they’re an exquisite cap. Confidence can play a significant role in whether you can pull off a hat, so it’s good to get a boost.

Finally, many fedoras come with adjustable bands or sweatbands on the inside. These bands can help you fit the hat to your head better. You can get more stretch out of them, especially if you loosen the strap.

In short, classic fedoras are an excellent choice for anyone with a bigger head. These hats also have a rich history, making them more interesting.

5. Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are another great choice for anyone who has a bigger noggin. These hats are easy to adjust and usually come in larger sizes. You’ll have no problems finding one that fits you well. 

Baseball caps are also very functional. Many people wear them when working or exercising outside. They can prevent sunburns on your face and come in many colors and designs. Plus, they can detract from the size of your head.

You’ll want to choose a neutral style to wear it year-round and for many occasions. They’re more of a casual hat and have a sporty appearance.

Overall, baseball caps are comfortable, adjustable, and breathable. It’s no wonder they’re among the most popular modern hats. You’ll want to have at least one in your wardrobe to rely on.

6. Cool Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are another fantastic cap for people with big heads. They’re fun, stylish, and perfect for the outdoors. Many come in larger sizes, a range of materials, and have a larger brim. This feature makes your head look much more balanced.

Next, these hats are incredibly durable. They’re made from strong felt, allowing them to withstand the test of time. So, even if you’re a bit rough on your headwear, you’re sure to get a lot of use from one of these hats.

Cowboy hats can add a Western flair to your outfits. So, give them a shot!

There’s a Hat for Every Head

No matter what size head you have, you’re sure to find a hat that suits you well. You’ll want to measure yourself before buying a new cap. If you can do that, then you’ll get a perfect fit.

All the above styles are excellent for people with larger heads, so why not test out some of those options first? 

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