Finding a bra that is both comfortable and made with sustainable practices can be difficult, but it is getting easier with each passing year because it turns out that some of the most sustainable choices are also the highest quality and most comfortable in many bra categories. Most of the time, it’s because those bras are made out of cotton.

High Quality & Skin-Friendly

The first two reasons are really simple and easy to understand, because they have to do with your daily experience wearing cotton underwear. Cotton is a natural fiber, and as such it has a known consistency and chemical composition that has been proven to be gentle on sensitive skin for longer than recorded history. The quality of a cotton fabric is easy to measure by its thread count and cotton type, so you can be sure you are getting the quality you shop for.

100% cotton underwear is so skin-friendly that when it is processed naturally in ways that avoid harsh dyes that it is the top recommendation for those with sensitive skin. That includes clinical skin sensitivities like allergies and eczema that can cause sensitivity to synthetic fabrics, too. The quality of cotton fabrics has stood the test of time through several civilizations over thousands of years for a reason.

Eco-Friendly & Renewable

Buying women’s underwear that is 100% organic cotton helps support eco-friendly farming practices and skin friendliness at the same time because it means the cotton was grown without artificial pesticides and other chemical applications that can irritate skin if they are still present in the material after processing. As a natural fiber, cotton is also a renewable resource. It literally grows again every year, unlike many synthetics that are made with petrochemicals that will eventually grow rarer and more expensive.

Cotton is still eco-friendly even when it is not grown organically, too. Its renewability goes hand in hand with its eco-friendliness, making the third and fourth reasons to buy cotton underwear synergistic. Since it is grown naturally and can be processed naturally, it has a smaller carbon footprint than processed petrochemicals that are not renewable anyway.

The process of growing cotton is part of the carbon dioxide cycle, and industrial scale cotton production is a carbon sink, removing it from the atmosphere as part of the plant’s natural metabolism and transforming it into the cotton that makes your clothes. One of the best ways for products to be ecologically friendly is to be growable and refinable with minimal chemical processing, and cotton fits both of those criteria.

Find Your Comfy Fit in a Sustainable Fabric

Since cotton is the top choice for skin sensitivity, it is a great idea to seek out comfy bra styles that use all-cotton construction if you want to have the bra that delivers the experience you are looking for. Seamless, unlined bras are designed to fit like a second skin, moving with you as naturally as part of your body. Check out cotton skin bras today for a gentle fit that you hardly even notice.

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