Technology and fashion may seem like an odd matchup, but they have been going hand in hand for quite some time now. The digital age that we are in right now has made huge changes to the sustainability of fashion and brought about new styles and innovations. 

Fashion technology is growing at a tremendous rate. We have AI that can recommend clothes for you to wear using virtual reality and can also predict certain style trends with algorithms. We have robots that are capable of cutting and sewing clothes with shocking precision. The fashion industry will undergo some big changes such as designs, manufacturing, sales and advertisements, all with the help of growing technology. So let’s take a look few of these:

How is Technology Helping the Fashion Industry? 

Clothing and textiles have always played a significant role in the history of human civilization. The production of apparel and textiles, as well as the larger sector of fashion, are all vital to the modern world economy. As a result, technology has been incorporated into the fashion industry with a lot of ease. Technology development has affected the processes of both business and production, but it has also resulted in a wide range of stylish looks that have an impact on the global trends of fashion.

The influencers and analysts of the fashion industry all acknowledge the growing significance of technology in the fashion business as well as the impact it has on the worldwide fashion market. Fashion designers of modern society get inspiration from a wide range of sources, using creative concepts to translate their ideas and views into actual clothing designs.

How is Technology Helping in the Innovation of Materials? 

To stay competitive, today’s fashion industry has shifted to an approach that is more profitable and ethical in its pursuit of eco-friendly products and sustainable fashion. This change is primarily supported by research and development (R&D) projects as well as technological developments, which are all essential for improving the process of production. All of this begins with the innovation of materials.

Some of the most prominent clothing companies including H&M, Puma, Adidas, and Zara have made use of sustainable methods at every step of their entire production process.

As a result, fashion labels are constantly looking for innovative ways to produce non-textile materials and sustainable apparel. More and more money is being made with the use of sustainable techniques and raw resources. These include the construction of biodegradable textiles, the use of nanotechnology, the development of smart textiles, and the invention of hybrid materials.

Use of Technology in Fashion

Here we have curated a list where you can see how exactly technology has brought about change in fashion and where the change lies.

Artificial Intelligence in Fashion

In recent times we have seen several brands make use of AI to increase their sales, analyse big chunks of data, provide them with guidance related to inventory, forecast different trends, and even make the shopping experience of their customers a whole lot better.

However, with the huge growth of the technology behind artificial intelligence, we are seeing a lot more innovative use of it in the fashion industry.

For example, we often see many fashion lovers and enthusiasts struggling to find clothes that will make them look the most flattering from every angle. When they are unable to find what they are looking for in local shops, they will turn to online shopping which also ends up disappointing them since they still have little to no idea whether or not the piece of clothing they want would look good on their specific body type. It can help boost fallen businesses like the one from Aaron Easaw.

This can be quite chaotic for both the retailers and customers. Still, since artificial intelligence is a lot smarter than it ever was before, we are now able to integrate virtual try-ons to bring a whole new level to the game.

You can now have a lifelike avatar of yourself, trying on clothes that you haven’t even bought yet and rummaging through your closet to find what would look the best for the dinner date tonight or a friend’s birthday party.

Novel Textiles

This could very well be the future that fashion is now headed towards. Since almost everyone in the fashion industry agrees that it is not sustainable to use eco-leather, we need another alternative to that.

Novel textiles are smart fabrics that are developed with the help of modern materials and are injected with things like conductive threads and nanotechnology. With the high-speed evolution of 3D technology and 3D printing, we are seeing extraordinary growth in fabric design and manufacturing.


We only listed some of the many ways technology has affected the fashion industry and how it has helped the industry evolve in so many different ways. We will only see more ways fashion incorporates technology to reach a wider range of people!

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