Sketchers’ Alternative in 2023 [7 TOP Picks]

Sketchers’ Alternative in 2023 [7 TOP Picks]
Sketchers’ Alternative in 2023 [7 TOP Picks] (Image: © Legendary Diary)

Sketchers are quite a popular brand in the shoe market and have many loyal customers. It without a doubt delivers the best footwear to wear all day long. If you’re looking for shoes for work, you never have to sacrifice your comfort for the price.

Sketchers have multiple ranges of footwear, each one possessing amazing qualities for you to look through. However, there are alternatives to shoes like thee that you can find anywhere else.

As we know the price range might be a little too expensive and not being able to afford something like that is truly heart-breaking. But worry not, we’ve got a selection of shoes that you can look through and choose some of the best footwear for yourself.

Quick Shopping List:

Sole: Walking shoes come with a variety of outsoles, some of which are soft and lightweight, while others are composed of rubber and are tougher.

A thick rubber outsole may be preferred for longer walks and off-road adventures on tough terrain. On rough terrain, rubber outsoles will also provide extra stability and support.

A walking shoe with a soft, foam outsole would be perfect for everyday walking in all types of weather for comfort and breathability.

Size: When looking for a walking shoe, look for manufacturers that provide a variety of width options, since this can help with fit and comfort, depending on your foot shape and demands.

Check the footbeds of different walking shoes, as some may include a soft memory foam footbed that will readily mold to the shape of your feet, providing you with a bespoke and comfortable fit that matches the specific size and shape of your feet.

Sketchers’ Alternative in 2023 [7 TOP Picks] At a Glance:

Sketchers’ Alternative in 2023 [7 TOP Picks] Reviews

Gravity Defyer Women's Athletic-Inspired Sneakers (Image credit: Amazon)

Gravity Defyer Women's Athletic-Inspired Sneakers


VersoShock Patented technology || Polyurethane sole || Breathable || Builds blood circulation || Durable mesh




High technology


Appearance is limited

Looking for some shoes that might be better than sketchers? Gravity might not be better and but is still considered one of the best shoes to wear all the time.

If you’re someone who suffers from joint and knee pain then these shoes are probably a good choice.

They are made with advanced technology that seems to be quite great and would leave you wanting more. This makes it the perfect footwear to wear all the time. Improvement will definitely come when you add it to your daily wear.

Design: The footwear is made with a large polyurethane sole that is highly durable and leaves a lot of room for the ground to keep the traction at bay.

Whenever you walk on a bumpy track, these shoes have exceptional support thanks to the big sole, giving you space to walk nicely.

The shoes are also made with mesh that is extremely durable and strong which will leave them looking absolutely amazing.

The best part about it is how you can come up with the perfect way to do things accordingly. The mesh would last a really long time so you’ll also get your money’s worth. 

Comfort: The shoes are made with verso Shock patented technology that will direct pressure away from your knees, relieving any pain from it in the process. This kind of technology has proved to be quite effective.

The toe box has a lot of room which means there’s a lot of space for it that you can use to wriggle your toes. It builds blood circulation to your feet so don’t have any negative effects with it. They are also very breathable so your feet aren’t suffocated.

New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker (Image credit: Amazon)

New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker


Rubber sole || Midsole cushioning || 100% synthetic || Durable


Great fit




Quite tight for high arches

New Balance is truly one of the best shoes you can wear all day long. They have never disappointed with their latest features added to shoes. Their policy is to provide as much comfort as they can to their customer.

The same goes for these beautiful shoes. It is made with a strong material along with high-quality features that will totally convince you to wear it every day at work. This is especially if you’re working is related to physical labor. 

Design: The footwear looks extremely lovely and comes with a lot of features that you can definitely work through. It is manufactured with a rubber sole that is quite durable with qualities like slip resistance.

This feature won’t let you engage in any kind of unfortunate accidents while you’re at work. They are 100% synthetic which shows how lovely they actually are. They are strong and durable so you won’t feel like you wasted your money.

This is choosing these shoes would good. They come with a great fit however you should get it for half a size larger. Your shoes would be more comfortable as they are. 

Comfort: There’s great midsole cushioning within them that you’ll love. It is revlite cushioning present within them that will keep you coming back for more. It will bounce back and keep the cushioning to a max which everybody wants for you.

It also has memory underfoot comfort which is an insert that is added to the shoes, making it the best fit. With comfort like this, you can wear these shoes all day long. This is what will get you coming back for more.

STQ Women Slip On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Comfort Wedge Platform Loafers (Image credit: Amazon)

STQ Women Slip On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Comfort Wedge Platform Loafers


Slip-on design || Wide toe box || Thick sole || Knitted upper || Flexible and lightweight || Shock absorbent sole







STQ slip-on shoes are some of the most wonderful footwear you can wear all the time. It is manufactured with absolute care and can be found anywhere in the world. They are highly popular and have been everybody’s favorite.

They are a great sketcher’s alternative if you look at their appearance and would look amazing on you. Just hang on and don’t go anywhere where you can look through them without wondering about anything else.

Design: The slip-on design is extremely convenient for people who are always in a rush and just want to put on shoes without hassle. They have an elastic cuff that will easily pull them on and off. The footwear also has a knit upper that is very durable and strong.

It will last a very long time as well. It will stretch nicely and has very lightweight which means you won’t have to carry some extra weight with it either. So make sure that you do everything like this accordingly and do it with carefulness.

Comfort: The inner fabric is pretty smooth to make your feet feel really comfortable. The footwear is extremely wonderful with a wide toe box and excellent features that make it one of the best shoes to wear.

The nature of the material is very flexible and lightweight as well. This would make sure that you are comfortable at all times while at work or an outing. The thick sole has an air cushion that absorbs any shock that it might have to suffer through.

New Balance Women's 608 V5 Cross Trainer (Image credit: Amazon)

New Balance Women's 608 V5 Cross Trainer


High quality || Durability || Footwear flexibility || Great traction || Wide toe box




High quality


Poor ankle support

New balance truly has a history of being one of the most wonderful shoes you wear all day long. It is quite lovely and comes in many different forms.

The shoes are made for athletes as each one launched by the brand is there to improve their performance. If that’s what you want for yourself as well.

These are the footwear for you. They come with many intriguing features that you can look through in order to find what works for you. 

Design: When it comes to durability, a new balance rarely disappoints. It comes with footwear that essentially has the power to last a really long time.

However, there have been some mixed reviews regarding it. Many have mentioned that the footwear lasted a few weeks for them until the top part of the sole started tearing up.

Others have mentioned that the footwear has lasted them a really long time. Overall the shoes have provided high-quality features and shoes that truly make them the best shoes you can ever wear. 

Comfort: The footwear has a lot of flexibility which makes them one of the best shoes for you. They are made with a shape that molds right to the shape of your feet.

It even has great traction with an upper that keeps your feet in place. It is better cushioned than its siblings and has a wider toe box. This way your feet will settle well with you.

The breathability of the footwear was improved through many perforations made to it. So you can wear it without worrying about it being suffocating.

TIOSEBON Women's Walking Sock Shoes Lightweight Slip-on Breathable Yoga Sneakers (Image credit: Amazon)

TIOSEBON Women's Walking Sock Shoes Lightweight Slip-on Breathable Yoga Sneakers


Mesh upper || Versatile top line || Sock-like design || Slip-on sneakers || Pigskin insole and lining







Tiosebon shoes are truly a work of art when it comes to providing its female customers with comfortable footwear to wear all day. These walking sock shoes are extremely lightweight and have been the talk of the town for a really long time.

The second you slide them on your feet, your mood will lift in an instant. That’s why you’ll have the time of your life once you try these beauties on. They are cushioned and would look amazing on your feet. 

Design: The shoes are made with mesh upper and a versatile top line that will keep them fit and comfortable. The shoes have a pigskin insole with a lot of padding that is there for solace and relief from any kind of foot pain.

The inner lining is highly breathable and provides more room for you to follow through. There’s also the padded outsole that has a great bounce and cushioning within it that will keep you coming back for more.

You won’t know what’s hit you once you wear these beauties on your feet. The design seems sock-like and is very soft and smooth to wear. 

Comfort: Thee are trendy walking shoes that are perfect for formal occasions. These shoes look great with shorts, capris, cropped pants, thin pants, a blue jean skirt, and a sundress, and they looked great with everything.

Fashionable slip-on sneakers with a flexible topline for convenient slipping on and off of shoes. A delicate shoe mouth that fits perfectly.

GDEFY Women's MATeeM Cross-Trainer (Image credit: Amazon)

GDEFY Women's MATeeM Cross-Trainer


Micro fiber leather upper || Seamless soft lining || Hybrid verso Shock technology || Pain relieving







These are straight-up athletic shoes that might seem a little too big on your feet. However, they provide you with high-quality performance that is craved by athletes all over the world.

They are manufactured with high-quality features that can be compared with sketchers as an alternative. They can compete with higher-up brands due to their solid feel and comfort. Shoes like these are hard to find and would be a good sketcher’s alternative.

Design: The footwear is made with a microfiber leather upper which is weaved and gillie reinforced. This means that every step you take while walking is measured with care and is smooth to feel.

You can definitely wear it daily at work. It also has a seamless soft inner lining that is highly soft to the touch. When you wear it you’ll love how it will feel on your feet. They won’t damage as easily and you can have the time of your life with them. 

Comfort: The shoes have Hybrid versoShock technology that is patented and can be combined to give you the most comfortable experience ever. It has smart pain relief cushioning that provides great comfort for you to smoothly feel it all on your feet.

The wonderful is an excellent choice that will never make you regret wearing such shoes ever in your life. They are an amazing sketcher alternative as sketchers are always offering their customers the best of everything.


Choosing shoes from a series of options can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re in a similar dilemma, you need to wear footwear that is according to your needs.

Consider all the factors that make up the footwear choices and choose from them to find the ones that are going to be great for you. You won’t be disappointed by your choice and won’t waste your money either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shoes are similar to Skechers?

The top best shoes that are extremely similar to Sketchers are:

  • Gravity Defyer Women’s Athletic-Inspired Sneakers
  • New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker
  • STQ Slip On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Women Fashion Sneakers Comfort Wedge Platform Loafers

Are Skechers good for your feet?

Skechers' shoes are meant to soften the impact of jogging and walking while also minimizing discomfort and tiredness. Skechers have a flexible sole that flexes and bends with your feet as you walk and provides gentle support when you are standing still.

Are Sketchers and Nike the same?

Nike is basically an American multinational corporation that designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells clothes, accessories, and other services all over the world. Skechers, on the contrary, is based in the United States and primarily produces, markets, and sells lifestyle and performance footwear.

Are pavers the same as Skechers?

Skechers, like us, is a family business dedicated to creating footwear that satisfies the needs and desires of people of all ages. We are a proud stockist of Skechers footwear at Pavers, ensuring that our customers have a perfect style and amazing comfort.

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