It’s time to ditch the comfort of your old shoes and try these unique Sanuk alternatives. From a wild step-up in versatility to a wonderful ensemble that’s great for ladies and men with big and small feet, we’ve got 7 stylish picks for you.

Sanuk shoes are great, but they’re not for everyone because of their slight pronation and ability to take on water. They are great shoes for those who need support, but if you’re looking for something versatile and comfortable, these alternatives might be worth checking out.

With the Sanuk alternative, you’ll be able to go from the beach to the bar and be comfortable doing it. From a walking shoe to a sandal, you will have some versatility with this brand.

If you want a Sanuk shoe alternative, these are the way to go. They’re great for smaller foot types and have a lot of durability for the buck. These are a great option for those looking for an alternative shoe that needs something that will last in rough conditions.

Points to Remember Before Buying The Sanuk Alternative


You won’t need to look at the size, considering that one size fits all when you buy an alternative Sanuk.


You can find cheaper Sanuk alternative models, but they are not as durable and reliable as the original ones. Many high-quality Sanuk alternatives are available in this article. Imitation goods are less likely to last long with normal wear and tear.


The price tag is the most important consideration when shopping for shoes. Though the lower prices of imitation shoes may tempt some people, you’ll never get full value for your money.


The majority of people end up buying shoes in the same color as their original ones. However, it is important to go for a different color to add a particular flair to your shoe collection. You can find many color options for your shoes ranging from black, white, and blue to red, green, and orange.


It is sometimes difficult to match shoes with your clothes. These are designed to match the type of clothes you generally wear. To ensure that you can easily dress your shoes up or down depending on the occasion, you need to buy a style that will complement all your outfits.



Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Shoes

  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Cotton canvas upper



Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Convertible Loafer

  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Easily on/off
  • Sleek silhouette



OluKai Moloa Men’s Leather Slip On Shoes

  • Classic look
  • Dual-density PU footbed
  • Orthotic friendly

7 Best Sanuk Alternatives | Top Reviewed




Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Shoes Multiple Colors

  • Manufacturer Hey Dude 
  • Product Dimension 12.44 x 6.34 x 4.41 inches 
  • Weight 11.68 Ounces 
  • Item model number B098R9JS1F

There is a lot of detail when it comes to these shoes. Wendy has designed these to provide the wearer with comfort.

Most women love the idea of wearing their shoes without suffering from pain and discomfort, so this is by far one of the most popular types for those on their feet for long hours throughout the day.

It does not just include those who work in retail or other service industries but also teachers and all types of professionals.

As for the design of these shoes, they do not provide any additional weight thanks to their light-weighted rubber soles and laces. They are thus very easy to walk around in and are also very comfortable to wear.

Is It Ok To Wear Socks With Hey Dudes

Wendy has used the material they use to make these shoes known as memory foam. This is because it provides support without feeling like your feet will sink or catch on anything.

With its rounded toe design, this shoe gives you a lot of room to move around while providing excellent ankle support. The main purpose of these shoes is to provide the wearer with a very comfortable fit.

The memory foam used by Wendy is made into distinctive layers, and upon making contact with your feet, it forms a very soft and cushiony fit. Even the heel on this shoe provides good comfort and proper support for your ankles.

The cotton canvas upper makes the shoe breathable, and if you love wearing closed shoes, this is the right choice for you. It even makes it suitable for rainy days when you need a closed shoe to keep your feet dry and safe from germs.

Bottom line: These shoes by Wendy are the ultimate combination of style and comfort. If you are looking for good-quality shoes that will provide you with a decent amount of comfort, these might be the ones for you.


  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Cotton canvas upper


  • Recommend ½ size below than actual.



Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Convertible Slip On Loafer

  • Manufacturer Crocs 
  • Product Dimension 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches 
  • Weight 3.53 Ounces 
  • Item model number 204834

A great choice for the active lifestyle, the Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Convertible Slip-On Loafer provides comfort and convenience in one.

The iconic rubber soles of the Santa Cruz are combined with a soft synthetic upper, providing durability with a lighter weight. They provide lightweight, flexible traction on different surfaces and enough arch support to protect your feet while you’re on the move.

You’ll love this shoe’s versatile style with its durable upper and full-length slip-on design. The soft synthetic upper feels lightweight against the foot and covers your foot completely for durability and comfort. The shoe has a slip-on design that makes it easy to put on and take off to protect your feet while moving.

With its tiny nubs along with the footbed and heel, the shoe ensures you have traction and grip on different surfaces. Even on slippery surfaces, you can keep yourself balanced. You’ll love how lightweight, flexible and comfortable it is for everyday wear and all your activities.

These Santa Cruz shoes have padded heel cups, making them perfect for wearing with or without socks. The shoe features a wide and flexible sole that ensures you have more traction.

You’ll love the slip-on design that makes it easy for you to put on and take off. It has a wide toe box ideal for people with wider feet or bunions.

The relaxed shoe fit is a great feature that makes it perfect for casual wear. The shoe can easily slip into your bag or suitcase for travel. You’ll love wearing them in the office and on weekends with jeans, shorts or chinos.

Bottom line: A great choice for active lifestyles, the Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Convertible Slip-On Loafer is lightweight and comfortable, making it an ideal everyday shoe.

A Great shoe for activities or just casual wear. It is the best choice to look great and feel comfortable. You won’t regret getting these shoes.


  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Easily on/off
  • Sleek silhouette


  • The upper leather is a little bit inferior



OluKai Moloa Men’s Leather Slip On Shoes

  • Manufacturer Olukai 
  • Product Dimension 11.3 x 7.5 x 4.2 inches 
  • Weight 1.04 Pounds 
  • Item model number 10128-2733

The OLUKAI Moloa Men’s Leather Slip-On Shoes are an absolute classic. These shoes are made from soft and durable leather, which is stylishly finished with contrast stitching.

Appealing to casual and formal occasions alike, the Moloa Men’s Leather Slip-On Shoes will provide a versatile look for men of all ages.

In addition to being a fashion-forward shoe, this pair can also be worn during the colder months to add warmth and comfort to your feet.

The leather upper will mold to your feet, providing a custom fit with each wear. Ribbed throughout the shoe allows for extra movement flexibility without sacrificing support. It can be worn on nearly any occasion.

With its drop-in heel design, you can slip on and off these shoes in seconds. The slip-on design also protects your feet from direct impact by providing additional cushioning between your skin and the ground.

The rubber outsole is slip-resistant, and the suede heel cup keeps your heel in place when walking. The tread pattern on the bottom helps prevent slipping while adding extra support while standing.

The orthotic insole provides additional comfort and support by aligning your foot with your ankle’s natural movement. It also provides additional cushioning when walking.

The contrast stitching on the upper provides a sophisticated look, while the leather outsole offers additional stability, flexibility, and traction.

With its dual-density PU footbed, the Moloa Men’s Leather Slip-On Shoes provide a comfortable fit and feel for your feet.

The footbed is removable, so you can easily replace it with an orthotic to give you even more support. It has a durable leather upper that molds to the shape of your feet while the suede heel cup holds your heel in place.

Bottom line: The slip-on design is both stylish and functional. It provides a secure and comfortable fit and makes it easy to slip on and off your shoes in a matter of seconds.


  • Classic look
  • Dual-density PU footbed
  • Orthotic friendly


  • Limited colors available


Clarks Men’s Step Isle Lace Sneaker

  • Manufacturer Clarks 
  • Product Dimension 12 x 8 x 4 inches 
  • Weight 8 Ounces 
  • Item model number 26132767

The Clarks Men’s Step Isle Lace Sneaker makes you feel like you’re walking on air. This shoe is designed with a 100% textile, breathable athletic mesh upper that is supportive and flexible. You’ll love the adjustable lacing system that lets you customize the fit.

It provides a next-to-skin level of comfort while still being able to show off your hard work in style. This shoe features an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole, a recyclable material.

It provides a snug fit for the athlete who loves to have a step up in their shoe game. Another benefit of this shoe is the removable insole which allows you to replace it with your orthotic if necessary.

You’ll find Clarks EVA midsole cushioning that absorbs shock, increases shock- absorption, and maintains flexibility. This shoe is versatile and can go with any outfit or activity. It’s ready to go with jeans, khakis, or shorts.

This shoe is perfect for the man on his feet all day at work or play. The slip-resistant sole keeps you on your feet even when wet weather is involved.

It’s a perfect shoe to wear with workplace casual dress codes. You can wear it to work and easily change your look by popping on some khakis and a polo shirt.

With its Ortholite footbed and removable insole, this shoe is perfect for someone with flat feet or toe pain. The men’s Step Isle Lace Sneaker 2 offers a great style makeover while giving you the support and comfort you deserve. It also has arch support with memory foam cushioning that provides even more cushioning.

Bottom line: This shoe is for you if you want a comfortable and durable shoe. It’s an excellent choice for people with orthopedic issues, flat feet, or any other foot problem that might need extra support.


  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Ortholite footbed
  • EVA outsole


  • Not much stylish



Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Waterproof Slip-On Shoe

  • Manufacturer Merrell 
  • Product Dimension 13 x 8 x 6 inches 
  • Weight 15 Ounces 
  • Item model number J52931

If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, the Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Waterproof Slip-On Shoes are an excellent choice for anyone looking stylish in the water.

This shoe is perfect for activities where water is present. Its 100% Suede upper provides maximum breathability and a water-resistant finish.

It also features Merrell air cushion heel technology which enhances the footprint of your foot and absorbs shock easily. It is available in multiple colors to match your wardrobe.

The shoe is made from a proprietary fabric that will become water repellent once it comes in contact with water, allowing you to put it on immediately after you get out of the shower.

It offers great traction, durability, and comfort. It comes in many colors to suit your style and needs. With its molded EVA foam foot frame, you’ll be able to walk or run comfortably. The shoes sole is made of rubber, providing non-slip protection and stability while walking.

Its Molded nylon arch shank provides more support to your feet. It is designed with a fabric lining for comfort and full-grain leather for durability.

The multi-directional lugs on the outsole provide excellent traction on a wet surface. This shoe is ideal for any weather and can fit many lifestyles and occasions.

It’s lightweight, stylish, and comfortable. These slip-ons are perfect for water activities like kayaking, canoeing, or fishing. It is designed to be comfortable, lightweight, and slip-resistant. Get one today to feel comfortable walking in your brand-new pair of shoes.

Bottom line: This pair of shoes has various beneficial characteristics that make it a good purchase, such as lightweight and durable, non-slip sole, shock-absorbing heel, and water repellent upper, and that’s why we add this to our list of Sanuk alternatives. It also has breathable mesh linings that lets air flow through the shoe, ensuring comfort to your feet.


  • Comfortable midsole
  • EVA molded foot frame foam
  • Water-proof membrane


  • Easily get dirty



Columbia Men’s Bahama Vent PFG Boat Shoe

  • Manufacturer Adidas 
  • Product Dimension 10.87 x 6.61 x 4.09 inches 
  • Weight 1.1 Pounds 
  • Item model number BY9146

Columbia Men’s Bahama Vent PFG Boat Shoe is truly versatile. This boat shoe has been designed with performance in mind. The breathable mesh keeps moisture and stinks out of the sneaker, so your feet remain comfortable throughout your workout or wear.

With its best feature, Omni-shield protection, you will stay protected because the shoes have multiple layers of protection from the sun, water, dirt, and other elements.

You can put your trust in Columbia because they deliver high-quality sports shoes worth their price. They are durable and have been tested to be reliable under different conditions.

The outsole has high traction features, so it will never fail you when you need to jump around in different directions.

With shock absorption technology, this shoe will ensure your feet remain comfortable even after hours of training.

The outsole makes you able to get a grip and as well as allows for optimal traction. The understated design will never have you wondering if someone’s looking at your feet.

Furthermore, the lightweight design allows you to get into any movement with ease and control. The molded toe guard and rubber outsole allow you to get into the most difficult of movements.

The breathable construction allows for airflow, and your feet remain dry and cool throughout the workout.

The shoes are lightweight, making it possible to train in any direction. The shoes are made from durable materials and will never disappoint you with how it feels.

Bottom line: They are breathable and waterproof, and they look stylish as well. Additionally, these are worth their price if you’re looking for a shoe that will get you through any movement in the gym.

You can also wear them when not working out. They’re light and comfy, thus making them shoes that will accompany you in your activities.


  • Stain and water resistant
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Omni-shield protection


  • Break easily after regular use



Cushe Men’s Cushe M Slip-On Loafer

  • Manufacturer Cushe 
  • Product Dimension 12.2 x 7.01 x 4.57 inches 
  • Weight 6 Ounces 
  • Item model number M SLIPPER-M

Cushe Men’s Cushe M Slip-On Loafer is designed for those who want to buy dual vamp goring styles. These slip-on are as easy to wear as they are stylish.

The textured material on the foot and side is comfortable so you can wear these shoes with any outfit.

They have a minimalist design and urban feel you won’t find anywhere else. It is a great choice for both everyday use and dressed-up occasions.

These slip-on loafers are made with a 100% textile upper and lining and a rubber sole for easy wear and durability. The textiles in the shoe are imported, giving you a classic look desired by many.

The shoe’s overall design incorporates simple lines mixed with a modern style, making them perfect for any occasion.

You can wear these shoes with almost anything because they are so versatile. They are a great choice for casual use and make excellent urban shoes.

This stylish loafer also makes a great dress shoe option for dressed-up events like weddings, parties, or even more formal business meetings.

This slip-on is comfortable and durable with its molded EVA outsole and heel. The good traction will make it easier to walk in these shoes, and the non-slip inner sole will keep your feet safe and secure. These shoes have an overall minimalist look that makes them extremely trendy.

The Slip-on shoe featuring crisscross stitching at the tongue makes these shoes casual and fits most body types. The upper is made from a soft, breathable fabric, making them comfortable to wear.

This shoe has a modern look that makes it great for any occasion. The slip-on feature makes these shoes easy to put on and take off.

Bottom line: The Cushe Men’s M Slip-On Loafer provides great comfort and a stylish look. The breathable design makes them ideal for all-day wear, while the easy slip-on style makes them great for running out the door.


  • Canvas lining
  • Long lasting construction
  • Dual camp goring shoes


  • Not much stretchable

Conclusion – Sanuk Knock-Offs

Sanuk is the most common shoemaker with a wide range of products to suit all needs but at a high price. Fortunately, there are many best Sanuk alternatives with lower prices that we would like to introduce to you.

These 7 brands are more affordable alternatives to Sanuk and have the same quality in manufacturing for both inside and outside use.

You can buy any brand that suits your need and have an everlasting shoe-wearing experience. There is no difference in terms of quality and durability, considering that all these shall make you satisfied with what you buy.

I hope this post has helped you in some way and if you have any comments, feel free to add them. This post is written for people who need Sanuk shoe alternatives and those who Hope to buy Sanuk products one day but not today. Good luck with your future searches.


Are Sanuk shoes durable?

Yes! Most Sanuks are made from synthetic materials, making them more durable shoes. The outsoles of the shoes are flexible or contoured to the shape of your foot, which will be good for your overall foot health. Although they are not as durable as leather shoes, they will last longer and maintain their shape better than a more traditional shoe.

Are shoes like Sanuks comfortable for walking?

Yes, Sanuk shoes are comfortable for walking. Walking is an essential part of our daily lives. However, some people may be experiencing some pain in their feet while walking or running. If you want to feel like you can walk in any pair of shoes, I would recommend going with Sanuk shoes that are simple and do not have the extra cushion.

Is Sanuk ethical?

Having been in the shoe industry for over twenty years, Sanuk knows something about what makes for a good shoe. One of the things they really care about is being ethical and environmentally friendly – that’s why they created vegan shoes. Sanuk strives to make all of its products without harming any animals, and they’re also committed to responsible production with low environmental impact.

Are Sanuk shoes good for walking?

The answer is yes. Sanuk shoes are good for walking because they have a lot of support, are flexible and comfortable, and have shock absorption. They also offer great arch support. If you’re looking for shoes made to endure mushy terrain and walking on a variety of surfaces, Sanuk is the shoe for you.

Are shoes similar to Sanuks stretch out?

Yes, Sanuks stretch out. Sanuks are a type of shoe that stretches as you wear them. This can be a fun way to kick off your shoe collection but also comes with some important safety considerations to keep in mind. Learn more about the pros and cons of stretch shoes from our article on this topic.

Why are Sanuks so comfortable?

Sanuks shoes are made from leather and fabric, which makes them comfortable because the material molds to your feet, unlike most other shoes. The Sanuk brand is not only committed to giving everyone an incredible, high-quality shoe, but they also want people to live in style while being comfortable. Their line of shoes can be worn anywhere, anytime, and make people’s lives a little more fun. Many different styles of Sanuks are available, including clogs, sandals, slip-on, and much more.

Do knock off Sanuks make good walking shoes?

Yes. There are a ton of knock-off Sanuks on the market right now. These shoes are popular because they’re affordable and stylish, but they’re not designed with all-day comfort in mind. A lot of people say you get what you pay for, and there’s no arguing with this statement

Can you wear socks with shoes similar to Sanuk?

Yes, you can wear socks with shoes similar to Sanuk. But make sure you’re using the right type of socks. Our recommendations are classic dress socks in cotton or wool, not fancy elastic varieties. Most men prefer to wear white socks because that’s what they know and trust. But go ahead and experiment with color, pattern, and texture.

Are Sanuk alternatives good for plantar fasciitis?

It depends because there are many factors to consider before one can really answer that question. Do you have flat feet? What’s your budget like? How much do you weigh, and how tall are you? The answers to these questions will help determine whether or not a Sanuk substitute is the right shoe for you.

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