Three—card poker is an interesting and popular type of game offered in many world casinos. According to the rules, it is similar to Caribbean poker, where the dealer is in opposition. There can be no more than six participants at the table. You are, however, free to test your luck at as many tables as you like. Players can talk to each other and share their thoughts while the game is in progress.

In three—card poker, the dealer uses a classic 52-card deck, where the ace is the strongest. Only three cards are available to players to make combinations. The winning combinations here will be different than in a five-card game. Let’s consider their types in order, starting with the strongest one.

Building combinations

  1. Straight Flush. Cards of the same suit should fall out with alternating increases in dignity. For example, a ten of diamonds, a jack, a queen.
  2. Three. This winning piece involves three identical cards of any suit: three kings, three nines, etc.
  3. Street. In third place in value, it includes cards of different suits with increasing dignity in order: jack of diamonds, queen of spades, ace of crosses.
  4. Flash. It is made up of three matching cards with different denominations. Example: the cross nine, six and jack.
  5. Couple. Two cards of the same denomination should fall out here;, the dignity of the third card can be any. For example, two sevens and a king.
  6. The highest card. Here, the winner is determined by the strongest of all his cards.

The winning combinations in this type of poker are simple, they are quite easy to learn. This famous and exciting game is now available to guests of Jack’s Casino Online. It is enough to remember all the combinations of cards, read the rules, and then go try your luck.

The rules of the game

Poker starts with the “Ante” bet, which is a mandatory gaming fee for everyone present at the table. Next, the dealer deals the cards: three pieces each. Players review them, evaluate their chances and announce a decision: exit the game by discarding cards, or raise the bet. After passing the game, the participant loses the bet amount. You can increase the bet by the amount of the initial one.

The exchange and additional cards are not provided for by the rules of this type of poker. Therefore, the participant should rely only on the results received. The winner is determined at the showdown. An important condition: The dealer must have cards with a face value not lower than the queen, otherwise there is no game. In such a situation, the casino loses, the participants’ cards are not checked. If the participant has not discarded the cards after the issue, then he wins in this case.

Two game options

Depending on the number of bets, there are two ways of playing the game in this poker:

  1. With the “Ante” bet.

The first method involves only one bet before the cards are dealt. Next, the dealer, as in the rules described above, gives the players three cards each. Participants either fold their cards or increase the initial bet by an equivalent amount. If the player refuses to continue and discards the cards, his bet goes to the casino account, if he raises it, everything is revealed and the winner is determined.

The dealer opens the cards first. If he does not have a card older than the lady, the player does not show his combination and takes the money. If the dealer turns out to have an ace, king or queen, then it is necessary to compare the cards. If a player has one of the three strongest combinations, then he is paid a bonus calculated according to a special winnings table. Each casino can have its own winning table.

  1. Pair Plus: a game with an additional bet.

In the second type, the player must place an additional bet — Pair Plus. The participant can build a “Pair” and stronger combinations, but only after this additional bet. The player will either lose the bet money or win. The exact amount of winnings is also determined by the table. In this case, the dealer’s cards do not affect the winnings. Next, the combinations are compared, as in the first classical method with the “Ante”.

The three-card type of poker is perfect for relaxing and having a good time. This game does not require tension and strong concentration from the participants. Luck is more important here than the actions of the players. Three-card poker with interesting partners will allow you to appreciate this famous game and have a good rest.

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