Crocs provide many types of things that cover your feet and keep them comfy. They introduced to the market the classic design of clogs, but now they have increased their production lines with flats, flip-flops, wedges, boots, loafers, sandals, platforms, sneakers, slippers, and more, all provided by quality and reliability in the market.

But the question is, with all these things, may Crocs make insoles or not? Yes, Crocs prefers to **make their insoles **rather than use insoles from other companies.

Crocs insoles are Crocs Insert Inserts and Rx Silver Insoles. Crocs also place their foot in the world of insoles and try to deliver a complete package of comfort to you.

What Is A Crocs RX Silver Insole? 

The RX Silver insole is manufactured by Crocs and it is used in the shoes as a removable insole. This insole provides you with extra comfort, padding, and the required support to keep your feet healthy.

When Crocs launched this product, it made its place in the market due to its incredible features. Because this insole is great for making your feet healthy in the situation of foot problems. It is manufactured with quality materials Croslite Ag+.

What Are The Benefits Of The Crocs RX Silver Insole? 

The reason why Crocs RX silver is famous in the market is its incredible benefits.

Relief From Foot Problems

The Crocs RX Silver Insole is an insole that helps to relieve foot pain and provides support for the arch of your foot. This insole is very great for sensitive feet in the situation of plantar warts, athlete’s foot, or heel pain. It also helps to improve your balance and reduce fatigue when you are standing or walking for long periods of time.


The material used to manufacture this Croc product is Croslite Ag+. This material is helpful in keeping your feet protected from bad odors, bacteria, and fungal infections. Bacteria and odor are commonly produced in shoes, and this Rx Silver insole kills their harmful production.

The silver in the insole helps to reflect body heat away from your feet, keeping them cool and comfortable. The insole is made of a soft, comfortable material that contours to your feet and provides support where you need it most. It is also antibacterial and helps to prevent foot odor.

Size Options

The Crocs RX Silver Insole is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. The Crocs RX Silver also comes in different sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your feet. The sizes range from small to extra-large. You can also choose between a wide or narrow width to ensure a comfortable fit.

If you don’t how can find a perfect size, then crocs create many comfortable ways for you. A company employee helps you to find which is best for you.

Circulation Nubs

The pressure on the legs will increase when wearing high heels, which will impact blood flow. Because flat shoes include circulation nubs, wearing them with Crocs RX Silver Insoles won’t obstruct blood flow. Every time you move, they increase blood flow.


The RX Silver insole also provides holes for ventilation. These allow air to move freely and keep your feet healthy and fresh. In hot and rainy weather, these are very helpful.

Can You Put Insoles In Crocs?

Crocs are very flexible and adoptable. You can also wear them with or without insoles. Crocs shoes’ capacity to fit comfortably with an orthotic insert is one of their main advantages. Using Crocs with an insert increases their comfort level, cushioning, and support.

But you have to be very careful in selecting insoles for Crocs. Because no two feet are the same, you need to be very picky about the inserts you choose for your shoes. Your podiatrist can help you choose the right orthotic device and can also create a bespoke orthotic for you.

The over-the-counter inserts are not like these special ones. Custom inserts regulate your gait, which aligns all the joints in your foot and lower extremities.

How Much Height Do Crocs Add

Over-the-counter insoles don’t support your feet when you’re walking; they’re just cushions. Store-bought cushion inserts can be adequate for you if all you need is a cushion.

Best Insoles For Crocs

  1. Endoto Replacement Fur Insoles for Croc Shoes Inserts (VIEW ON AMAZON)

2. Breathable Shoe Insoles, Replacement Insoles for Men (VIEW ON AMAZON)

3. Work All-Day Superior Comfort Insoles (with) Massaging Gel, Women (VIEW ON AMAZON)

How Can I Make My Crocs More Comfortable?

There are a few things you can do to make your Crocs more comfortable:

  • Wear them with socks; this will help protect your feet from the rubbing that can occur with Crocs.
  • Add an insole— this will add cushioning and support to your feet.
  • Break them in gradually: don’t wear them for long periods of time right away. Wear them around the house for a bit first to get used to them.
  • Stretch them out: after you’ve worn them for a while, you can try stretching them out to help make them more comfortable. You can do this by using a hair dryer and hot water.

Conclusion – Crocs Insoles

Crocs own its name in the world of shoes. They also introduce a slew of new product categories to the line. They also want to expand their lines. So, step forward into the world of insoles.

Are Crocs Really Non-Slip?

Crocs RX Silver insoles are very popular in the US. This insole is beneficial for all types of feet. This insole material is incredible and keeps your feet protected from germs, bacteria, fungus, and odor.

These insoles also increase the support level of the footwear and reduce foot pain. You can also wear Croc shoes with insoles. If you want to make Crocs more comfortable, then stretch them.


Do all Crocs have the same insole?

No, Crocs’ different products have different sizes. You have to select the insole according to the Croc shoe size.

Are Crocs flip flops good for flat feet?

Crocs Flip-flops reveal the toes, making them vulnerable to injury. They are flat and lack arch support, which causes the tendons and muscles to be more stressed. The calf muscles are put under additional stress because of the low heel style.

Are crocs RX silver durable?

Crocs RX Silver Insoles are durable and can last months of use, they can help you save money over time and prevent other avoidable purchases.

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