Recent studies that have been conducted show that using crocs is not only safe but also a better option for your bunion post-surgery. Bunion surgery can be a long and uncomfortable process, especially for those who wear high heels or shoes that put pressure on the bunion area.

Many people ask the question, are Crocs a good shoe after Bunion fasciitis surgery to correct a bunion? The answer is that they can be — but they may require careful consideration before wearing them.

In the past, many people have used soft-soled shoes to help ease the pain of bunion surgery and allow your foot time to heal. Crocs are a popular option that allows you to be able to wear them right away. While they can be great for comfort, they may not be a good choice as everyday shoes.

Most Important Rules With Bunion Surgery

Don’t Walk Barefoot

You mustn’t walk barefoot immediately after surgery, putting more pressure on the foot area. The skin is very thin, and walking barefoot will cause considerable pain in the bottom of your foot.

Wear Supportive Shoes

Crocs can be a great choice for comfort and support, but they may not be the best option if you are looking for an everyday shoe. Crocs may not be comfortable enough if you need to wear the same pair of shoes all day. You should try walking in them a few times before deciding if they are appropriate for everyday wear.

Don’t Wear Heels

High heels can make your foot worse. They put pressure on the bunion and cause the foot to flatten and widen even more. It is better to wear flat-heeled shoes after surgery, as they can help correct the shape of your foot over time and provide you with great comfort.

Avoid Tight Shoes

You mustn’t wear tight-fitting shoes after surgery. Tight shoes put a lot of pressure on your bunion and can worsen it. If you can wear them with a bit of relief, you can work the foot muscles and get the bunion back in shape.

Avoid Sandals

Sandals that allow your foot to move around in them too much will put pressure on the bunion, so you will want to avoid these from day one. Even flip-flops can cause a lot of pressure on your foot. High heels are the worst, and they should be avoided.

Advantages Of Wearing Crocs

Crocs Are Very Comfortable

Crocs are very comfortable, and they will allow your foot to bend and move. It can help to improve the shape of your foot, as well as give it more elasticity. Walking in shoes with Crocs will surely help you to get some exercise and start strengthening the muscles around your foot.

Relatively Inexpensive

Crocs come in a wide variety of styles and designs, so there is a shoe for everyone in this brand. They are easy to find and can be purchased in almost any shoe store. Most of them also come in various colors, so you can get what you want.

Crocs Can Be Worn For A Long Time

Crocs are designed to be worn all day comfortably, whether at home, while doing errands, or running around town. They provide excellent support, even when you walk a lot or spend the entire day on your feet.

They Do Not Need To Be Broken In

Crocs will not need to be broken in as much as shoes made of leather or other materials. They are well-made and look great right out of the box. There is no time when you have to leave them outside or in the sun to “season”. They easily slip on and off, with no tying or laces.

They Are Not High-Heeled

Crocs are made to be comfortable and supportive, which is what you need after bunion surgery. You don’t have to worry about them supporting your weight or providing you with a great look. The design of the shoes allows the foot to move freely, which is needed for successful bunion surgery.

Conclusion – Are Crocs Good Shoe After Bunion Surgery

Crocs are shoes that can be worn after bunion surgery. However, they will not work for everyone. You will have to try them on to see if they are comfortable for everyday wear.

Crocs can also be worn for various purposes, and you may find that you wear them more than anything else in your closet. Remember that it is important to wear proper shoes and supportive footwear at all times, especially after foot surgery or injury.

Crocs are designed to be very comfortable, but it is always best to consult with your doctor before making any major decisions when it comes to this type of surgery. If they advise you against wearing Crocs, do not wear them. The benefits aren’t worth it.


What are the best shoes to wear after bunion surgery?

When we think about shoes, what happens to the toes isn’t on the top of our minds. But your postoperative care is drastically improved by a few simple steps like choosing the right size shoe, wearing it with adequate padding and being mindful of how often you wear it.

Can you wear crocs with bunions?

Yes, you can wear Crocs with a bunion. To help relieve the pain you’re experiencing, and it is important to ensure your Crocs are well-fitting. It will help prevent any discomfort or pressure on the bunion that a shoe that isn’t properly fitted would cause.

When can I start wearing shoes after bunion surgery?

You may start wearing shoes again a few weeks after foot surgery. When your bunion heals, you can move your foot more easily and with less pain.
Many factors can influence when you can begin re-wearing shoes after foot surgery, including how rigorous the surgical procedure was, what type of shoe is being worn, and how much pain and discomfort you experience in moving or walking. Once these factors are balanced, it is then possible for individuals to begin wearing their preferred shoes again.

What do I wear on my foot after bunion surgery?

It is recommended that you wear non-binding, comfortable shoes with a low heels. Some people have had success wearing crocs or clogs. For the first few weeks, it’s advisable to keep your feet elevated and iced frequently.

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