A youthful and healthy skin will be crease and line-free with a smooth surface. However, aging can affect its fabric with pronounced folds and profound, subtle lines. You can also blame this on sun exposure and pollutants. Only a few people understand the causes of wrinkles and, hence, adopt suitable preventive measures or treatments on time. Others mostly avoid or ignore the issue until it becomes an eyesore. As a result, they deal with low self-esteem, dented confidence, and other personal matters. Learning about the causes of wrinkles and appropriate treatment methods can help you avoid unwanted experiences. So, let’s delve into these critical aspects quickly.

Wrinkle facts

Aging affects enzymes in the skin, like elastin and collagen, which nourish it. Consequently, wrinkles appear on your face and other places. People believe wrinkles are avoidable even after a certain age, while they can only be delayed or minimized. One can also prevent its onset with a healthy lifestyle focused on skincare and a balanced diet, away from smoking and overdrinking, etc. Also, it’s essential to know that wrinkles differ from fine, shallow, short lines. Wrinkles are typically thicker and prominent. Fine lines are subtle around the mouth and eyes on the surface. 

Wrinkles affect the skin’s dermal layer. Fine lines can often be manageable with topical solutions, but wrinkles require advanced cosmetic procedures like Botox due to their deep origins. You can search for a medical spa center specializing in Botox San Marcos for local consultation. Nevertheless, wrinkles can happen because of various factors, other than aging, the most acknowledged cause. Think of diet, hydration, sun exposure, and smoking issues. Prolonged outing in direct sunlight has been proven to cause wrinkles and other serious skin problems. Smokers suffer from blood circulation in the skin that affects its nutrients, leading to premature wrinkling. You must have already heard of poor hydration and nutrition effects. On the other hand, some people can develop wrinkles because of their genes.

Wrinkle treatment 

Devotion to standard skincare programs of cleansers, moisturizers, sun protection lotions, and anti-aging products can help to a certain extent. Increasing pollution and stress levels make it necessary to do more. Of various cosmetic interventions, botox has especially gained everyone’s attention for its ability to relieve facial muscle tension caused by neurotransmitters like acetylcholine that lead to wrinkles. The injection targets the muscles to inhibit the signals of contraction. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles, specifically on the forehead area, reduce or disappear. This effect stays for some time until the muscle activity returns. The following pertinent question arises: when should you take this injection?

Despite the common belief that such treatments are appropriate at later ages, cosmetic treatment specialists suggest that people can start them in their late 20s and early 30s. These are the crucial years when one starts to notice the development of lines around some facial regions. Acting at the right time allows you to eliminate the risk of deep lines or wrinkles.

Nevertheless, you can visit a reputed local medical spa for a consultation. The professionals will examine your skin condition and health to determine the proper solution and timing.

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