Some runners are doing their daily routine on a regular basis with ease and calm. But some of them feel pain due to severe reasons. Metatarsalgia is one of them which creates discomfort for runners during their practice.

If you are reading this article very interestingly then you or one of your precious ones suffering from metatarsalgia pain.

It’s really difficult to find the best running shoes for metatarsalgia to keep your feet comfortable and healthy. To save you time and effort we provide you with our expert’s top search about running shoes for metatarsalgia.

To maintain your metatarsals as pleasant as feasible and to assist in absorbing pressure, make them very cushiony. Give you strong arch power to ensure your arch is in place, equalize force throughout your foot, and alleviate pressure on the heel of the foot. Allow your toes and metatarsals to protrude out in a velvety, spacious toe area.

Usually, the bottom should have a rocker pattern. Alleviate the pressure on the heel of the foot by having a modest heel-to-toe fall. Make sure you’re not too broad or too narrow.

What is Metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia is a common chronic problem that causes discomfort in the ball of the foot. Using incorrectly fitted footwear, putting an inordinate number of pounds on the feet, and basic foot stress are all causes of foot discomfort (Overpronation). Metatarsalgia is also caused by joint and tendon discomfort caused by overuse and strenuous exercise.

If you suspect you’re suffering from metatarsalgia, cut back on your regular activity or take a rest from exercising for a time. Another way to think about is whether your existing running shoes have a lot of miles on them.

This is a regular occurrence. Regularly walking on your feet while suffering from this unpleasant illness might aggravate the problem and result in excessive difficulties.

Heating or stinging discomfort under the heel of the foot that may extend into your toes are common side effects.

Quick Shopping Tips for Metatarsalgia Running Shoes

If our list of the best shoes for metatarsalgia does not meet your requirements or budget or for any other reason. You can search for more about this topic.

To save you time we also provide you with a quick shopping guide. With this guide, you can get a comfortable shoe that reduces your metatarsalgia pain.

Design And Fit

The design and length of the footwear are the most crucial factors to remember. Metatarsalgia is caused by using shoes that are overly rigid or too stiff.

You should get a shoe that fits snugly but not too tightly. There must be some space for the foot. Selecting sneakers with a bigger toe area is the better decision.


The first point of consideration in your athletic shoes is cushioning. As a result, shoe structure, especially padding, is critical.

As a result, keep in mind your sneakers or the exercise you plan to do have appropriate midsole cushioning.

Toe Rocker

The toe rocker style is another something to consider. Toe rocker refers to the twisting that happens in the sneaker structure starting at the metatarsals.

Footwear with an appropriate toe rocker permits for more continuous movement when walking, reducing stress through the bottom of the foot.


Metatarsalgia sufferers benefit from lightweight footwear. You should buy lightweight footwear because placing stress on your feet might aggravate your disease.


Even if you have metatarsalgia or not, longevity is a significant consideration. In speaking, you should opt for sneakers that are robust and can withstand the strain they are put under without becoming worn out too quickly.

Shock Absorber

If you have metatarsalgia, you should opt for footwear with a wide bottom that will be a shock absorber and lessen the pressure on your foot. Another factor to think about is rigidity. Its inserts also must be shock-absorbing as well.

Our Top 3 Recommendations



HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6 Shoe

  • Great for Metatarsalgia discomfort
  • Comfortable, Breathable and durable
  • Cushioned midsole



ASICS Unisex 33-M-M Shoes

  • Comfy and durable
  • It provides a natural journey.
  • Cushioning that is velvety



New Balance Women’s Vazee Coast v2 Shoe

  • Great cushioned
  • Lightweight and Ventilated
  • Mesh upper keeps your feet fresh

Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia Reviews




HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6 Shoe

  • Brand HOKA ONE ONE 
  • Modal Bondi 6 
  • Body Material Synthetic and Mesh 
  • Sole Material Rubber 
  • Weight 1.9 Pounds

Hoka One One Bondi 6 Running Sneaker the most padded sneaker in HOKA ONE ONE’s street portfolio is the game-changing Bondi collection’s latest product.

Material and Design: This Bondi 6 is one of the finest athletic shoes for Metatarsalgia discomfort and declined feet because of the portion of padding and assistance underfoot.

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This sneaker will especially assist you in avoiding putting so much stress on the heel of the foot, which is excellent.

This Bondi is designed for runners that are moderate to underpronation. This is not a game for the faint-hearted. If you’re looking for the best padding, comfort, and soft travel, this is the sneaker for you.

Midsole: The characteristic cushioning is provided by the extremely velvety full-compression EVA midsole, which creates a compromise between comfort and durability.

This midsole is extremely light and comfy. The ultra-light EVA infused midsole is a major contributor to the shoe’s lightweight materials.

You could believe that with such a high stack height, you’ll become less secure in the Bondi. Certainly not. This Bondi 6 provides a cushion for your foot, unlike other athletic shoes where you sit directly on the surface of the midsole.

Unlike most of the other brands of walking shoes, you are fully enclosed within the sneaker. The Bondi covers your feet for snug, pleasant, and solid riding. An additional feature of this midsole that how long it lasts.

Outsole: On the outsole, we’ll notice more exposed foam and smart rubber in the base and forefoot, indicating that you can wear the sneaker on hard-packed dirt or damp surfaces.

This Bondi is designed for long distances on the pavement, but the wide grooves provide a little more grip on any ground.

Upper: This Bondi contains memory foam in the ankle strap, not only will it be exceedingly pleasant for everyone, but it will also transfer stress around the ankles and back of the heel in a very appealing and even manner.

The top, which is made of synthetic mesh, is extremely ventilated. This year, they’re using an overlay pattern on the exterior of the sneaker to provide it with some more strength and stiffness. Because the sneaker is so fluffy, you won’t be able to move sideways.

The top supports surround and help secure your foot without putting additional heaviness, resulting in a comfortable journey and a more perfect match.


  • Great for Metatarsalgia discomfort
  • Comfortable, Breathable and durable
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Soft memory foam
  • Can be used for concrete floors


  • A little bit expensive




ASICS Unisex 33-M-M Pain Relief Shoes

  • Brand ASICS 
  • Modal 33-M-M 
  • Body Material 100% textile/synthetic 
  • Sole Material Rubber 
  • Weight 11.7 Ounces

Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka started his running shoe company in 1949 in his study hall in Kobe, Japan, by making basketball shoes.

In 1977, he adopted the name ASICS for his firm, which is derived from the Latin term “Anima Sana In Enhanced Capacity Sano,” which translates to “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Taking the abbreviation for this concept, ASICS was created on the premise that promoting complete fitness and health is the greatest way to live a full and peaceful life.

ASICS now provides a complete collection of high-performance athletic shoes, as well as technologically energetic athletic wear and equipment, all to get peace to the physical and spiritual.

This ASICS Men’s/Women’s 33-M-M sneakers brand might benefit you if you already have metatarsalgia illness or any other foot problems. These are cushioned and comfy.

Material and Design: This brand of Asics is manufactured by 100 percent textile and synthetic.

The design of this Asics is a way to provide maximum comfort and ease to your feet during running. The overall cover of these shoes keeps your feet dry and fresh under severe conditions.

For balanced athletes, this cushioned pair of sneakers with little fall and no-sew inserts with a shiny logo on the sides add an attractive look to your personality whatever color you wear.

Outsole: Rubber makes up the outsole of the ‘ASICS 33-M-M running sneakers which is AHAR+ traction with DuraSponge outsole.

The outsole rubber provides outstanding padding and complements the sneaker’s overall comfort. It also provides sturdiness.

Midsole: AmpliFoam midsole innovation of Asics is used in the midsole of the ASICS 33-M athletic shoes. The improved cushioning guarantees a comfortable journey.

Solyte is used in the midsole. This is due to qualities such as lightness, good strength, and greater padding. This also improves the versatility, convenience, and elasticity of the system.

Mesh top: The ASICS 33-M sneakers have a flawless mesh top. The sneaker is built with the 33 ligaments of the feet in consideration, so it fits like a glove.

Asics’s ComforDry sock liner is used in the shoe structure. The upper’s incredible fit ensures that it will not cause inflammation, so you don’t have to think about blistering.


  • Comfy and durable
  • provides a natural journey
  • Cushioning that is velvety
  • Extremely light and Breathable
  • For both males and females


  • They are not suitable for really wet situations since they soak and hold water.




New Balance Women’s Vazee Coast v2 Shoe

  • Brand New Balance 
  • Modal Vazee Coast v2 
  • Body Material 75% Synthetic and 25% Mesh 
  • Sole Material Rubber 
  • Weight 6.56 Ounces

A light daily training program with construction and outsole designed to endure the abuse of concrete floors like highways and sidewalks.

The New Balance Women’s Vazee Coast v2 Running Shoe is also ideal for individuals who enjoy faster healing runs in between more intense sessions.

Material and design: This New Balance brand is manufactured by 85 percent synthetic and the remaining 25 percent by mesh. This combination is very helpful in keeping comfortable your feet under pain.

Outsole: The outsole is made up of a purposeful combination of mild and hard molded rubber. This mixture appears to improve cushioning even further. These separate rubber surfaces are spaced apart by a little gap, allowing the midsole to bend freely.

You can also observe how well the rubber is selectively put on the worn areas to reduce mass where it isn’t required.

In terms of grip, it’s about what you’d anticipate. It performs admirably on highway conditions, mild muddy trails, and even rainy highways.

Midsole: As you may have noticed, the Pure Comfort EVA midsole has received a lot of great feedback, and it’s simple to see the need for.

It’s one of those ultra-dynamic midsoles that provide the soft, velvety comfort you need on long hard road walks.

This midsole is also a shock absorber. It’s also not one that consumes all of your power because it’s messy. It will also provide you with very quick energy output.

This is the sneaker for you if you want a cushy, soft, compressive feeling. This foam has a wonderful bouncing to it, which helps to protect your ankles, foot, and metatarsal bones from the hammering that many of us experience on training journeys.

Top: The top of this New Balance brand is extremely ventilated and stretchy, and it provides a very tight fit when you’re jogging.

The heel cup is comprised of a strong, almost neoprene-like substance that goes across the front of the sneaker even more.

This will offer you a more sealed heel, which should ease any heel slipping you may have experienced in earlier versions.


  • Great cushioned
  • Lightweight and Ventilated
  • Mesh upper keeps your feet fresh
  • Great for metatarsalgia pain
  • Durable and flexible


  • Customers complained about size issues



Saucony Men’s Mirage 4 Shoe

  • Brand Saucony 
  • Modal Mirage 4 
  • Body Material 100% Synthetic and Nylon 
  • Sole Material Rubber 
  • Weight 10.1 Ounces

Saucony is one of the most well-known athletic shoe brands. They provide a large selection of racing and strolling sneakers, all with the Saucony fitting, feeling, and efficiency you deserve. They have studied ancient great athletes’ biomechanical.

What is their objective? To provide innovatively constructed solutions that enhance your effectiveness in your chosen sport while enabling you to concentrate on the action rather than the gear. Many unique Saucony designs have sprung from their research.

Performers of all sorts benefit from sophisticated techs like Grids, the first sole-based safety, and padding technology.

Saucony’s brand has long been a popular uniform and stable sneaker. Flexibility sneakers have had a terrible reputation in the past. They’re seen as clumsy, hefty, and unattractive.

The Mirage has attempted to modify this perception, and the Mirage 4 features some pretty exciting new features that make it even lightweight and easier on the eye than earlier editions.

It’s not an extremely forceful stabilization shoe, but it’s a moderate one. So, if you experience Metatarsalgia discomfort and other painful conditions for your feet, the Saucony Men’s Mirage 4 Running Shoe will keep you in great shape.

Outsole: Carbon rubber makes up the outsole of the Saucony Mirage 4 athletic shoes. The added endurance is provided by the blowing rubber.

The rubber also provides a pleasant and versatile movement. Rubber studs are also included on the sole, which are meant to improve grip.

Midsole: The TPU midfoot stabilizer has been the most noticeable component of the Saucony Mirage 4 sports sneakers’ midsole. The midsole’s PowerGrid material is more resistant and lightweight than normal EVA foam.

Upper: FlexFilm portions and a two-thread mesh make up the top of the athletic sneakers. The larger net provides stability, while the thinner thread adds to the aesthetics.

This upper mesh is also breathable for your feet keeps them fresh and protects them from getting nasty odors. This mesh is easy to wash properly with soap or water without the tension of the material quality getting worse.


  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • Good for metatarsalgia discomfort
  • Shock Absorber
  • Perfectly heel size


  • The outer fibers are not long-lasting.
  • Rigid



ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 7 Shoe

  • Brand ASICS
  • Modal Gel-Excite 7 
  • Body Material Mesh 
  • Sole Material Rubber 
  • Weight 10 oz

Metatarsalgia sufferers may benefit from Asics’s athletic shoes, which come in a variety of styles. The ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 7 Running Shoe is one of the most famous.

The Gel-Excite 7 is a female shoe with padding in the front and the rear of the foot and growing to fund near the inside of the arch.

The Asics Gel Excite 7 is as similar to its more sophisticated street racing brothers as we’ll get! It’s quite comfy, and we’d suggest it to any limited runner looking for a single sneaker that can be used for roadway, workout, and strolling. This sneaker is also a superb pressure and shock absorber if you wish for extra safety!

Material and Design: It has the feel and looks of a more costly sneaker, with a delicate, elastic top and an incredibly comfy midsole.

This sneaker will appeal to a wide range of folks, including healthy pedestrians, relatively low runners, and even gym-goers who want to utilize cardiovascular equipment.

It has an Ortholite sockliner in the insole giving this design a lightweight feel while also keeping feet warm and comfy.

The Gel-Excite 7 version is a suggested choice for those who want to keep things simple. Flexible for runners searching for a sneaker with a comfortable fit and agility.

Gel-cushioning: This pair of Asics also provides gel-cushioning to provide maximum comfort. The footwear is not only solid and collaborative, but it also has plenty of padding for enhanced pleasure.

Furthermore, the Gel bottom aims to relieve stress on your ankles and bones, making it ideal for lengthy runs.

Breathable: The Gel-Excite 7 runner sneaker is a lighter option with an enhanced fitting in the forefoot to provide long-lasting pleasure no issue how far you go.

The Gel-Excite 7 running shoe features a technological mesh top that allows for optimum ventilation through the inside to keep feet fresh while running.

This lightweight mesh is breathable for your feet under the injury of Metatarsalgia pain and protects them from nasty odors.


  • Great for any foot injury
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Ventilated and Inexpensive
  • Keeps feet fresh and dry


  • Durability issues



Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker

  • Brand Skechers 
  • Modal Ups 2.0 
  • Body Material 100% Trubuck 
  • Sole Material Rubber 
  • Weight 12 Ounces

Skechers is a multi-award-winning worldwide leisure shoe company that creates, manufactures, and promotes shoes for trend-conscious males, females, and kids.

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The Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneakers are recognized for putting a lot of effort into certain muscle tissue, especially the buttocks and calf muscles.

Material and Design: The design of these Skechers is crafted in a way that is mostly used for strolling. Comfortable Walk versions, on the other hand, feature a lower installation character, keeping the bottom thickness comparable to the previously described possibilities.

Furthermore, this version doesn’t fit on the rear, providing the client with the assistance they require for ascent and descent.

These styles take into account the need for heel support. They have a lengthy sitting axis that keeps the consumer moving in the appropriate direction.

The sneaker running mechanism is segmented and maintains the foot seated on the correct degree foot’s cushion.

Because of its comprehensive corrective capabilities, this design is a fantastic option. Touched the floor running, begin building durability, and commit to a long-term professional path.

These shoes are also lined with a soft fabric and have an Air-cooled memory foam padded pleasant footbed. The foot is supported by a strong polyurethane structure. Kinetic Wedge is a shock-absorbing soft foam midsole.

Upper: The Upper is made of smooth imitation leather. Cooling effect with fabric patterned mesh fabric panels on the front and back.

Front lace-up for a secure fit. Decorative embroidery Overlays at the toe, sides, and heel. For simple on and off, there’s a distinctive heel overlay with a pull loop.

The collar and tongue are padded. The Upper has holes for evaporative oxygen and allows air to flow easily. This upper is also breathable for your feet and keeps them fresh. The ‘S’ logo is on the side.

Dimensions and fitting: To suit customer size concerns, the Skechers Ups 2.0 Padded Superior Emotion follows the conventional shoe size. However, it is recommended that you test the shoe first and then read customer reviews before deciding to buy.

The shoe’s size is influenced by several factors. The shoe insole, for example, brings relief and ventilation. The laces and cushioned tongues are also included, which provide extra support and counseling for a more customizable in-shoe fit.


  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Cloudfoam Memory is used.
  • It’s good for relieving pain in the ball of the foot


  • A little bit expensive
  • White sole gets dirty very quickly



ALTRA Women’s Torin 4 Shoes

  • Brand ALTRA 
  • Modal Torin 4 
  • Body Material Synthetic and Mesh 
  • Sole Material FootPod Technology 
  • Weight 1.1 Pounds

Altra walking and running sneakers are a better-for-your-feet substitute for traditional sporting sneakers.

Despite standard running shoes, Altra shoes care for your ankles and feet, promoting a stronger atmosphere that facilitates organic toe splay while still offering a solid foundation of assistance.

The Altra Torin 4 is a great sneaker. It performs admirably in the categories of cushioning, longevity, and comfort, which are the main requirements for long-distance running shoes that can be used in the case of metatarsalgia pain.

Over the ages, this Altra Torin 4 sneaker has seen several alterations and versions. At their company, they had a lot of success with the first Torin. Altra enjoys tinkering with this design.

Outsole: The FootPod outsole is featured on the outsole of the Altra Torin Trail athletic shoes. It’s a track pattern that’s very similar to the joints and ligaments found in a person’s foot. As a result, there is more room for movement.

Because of this bottom, the sneaker stretches and extends following the anatomical placements of the feet, allowing for normal foot movement.

Midsole: The midsole of the sneakers is comprised of A-Bound, which is supporting material. The typical pads in athletic shoes contract 2 or 3 times less than this layer.

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This aids in the preservation of a great surface sensation. Hitting has a substantially reduced effect, particularly on concrete floors. The midsole of the Altra Torin 4 is soft and padded. They are quite comfy and provide excellent support for tired feet.

Breathable: The top of this Altra Torin outdoor walking sneakers includes a quick-drying air mesh top. It’s pliable, lightweight, and comfy.

This top mesh is also ventilated mean provides oxygen to your feet and allows air to flow easily and keep them fresh. The sneaker entrance has modest cushioning and stays in place without being restricting or stiff.

When you’re jogging or wandering across the city, it also gets even better. I’d say the toe area is somewhat spacious, but not to the point where your feet will be floating about in it.

Zero-drop: The Altra Torin 4 is a zero-drop light sneaker. The heel of the sneaker and the toe area are both in the same range from the surface, which is known as zero drops.

This improves running position and is especially beneficial for athletes who are under pronator. It also allows for a more organic walk, which can help to avoid foot problems.


  • Excellent Cushioning
  • The upper level is quite relaxing
  • Snug-fitting and Flexible material
  • Very good surface contact
  • Shock absorber


  • The toe area is a bit shallower



NEWTON Distance 8 Shoes

  • Brand NEWTON 
  • Modal Distance 8 
  • Body Material Mesh upper 
  • Sole Material Rubber

In 2022 and 2023, Newton has made significant efforts to employ environmentally friendly and efficient products. They keep up the legacy by updating the Distance line with a new underfoot style.

Newton updates the midsole to foam and redesigns the XPS panel to enable a more seamless shift upon load. As a consequence, the lighter instructor classification now has an agile, reactive alternative to contribute to it.

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Newton Distance 8 Running Sneaker In 2019, Newton’s prize-winning Distance platform received an updated upper that reduces stitching and increases ventilation. You’ll forget how to run in no time.

Material and design: These NEWTON Distance 8 Running Shoes offer unparalleled support and a well-ventilated atmosphere to keep your foot fresh and healthy all across the range of motion.

The outsole features Response innovation, which consists of a five-lug forefoot mechanism that helps dissolve stress on contact while also returning energy on toe-off.

The midfoot has a complete flex zone that helps your foot to bend and stretch freely, while 360-degree reflectors keep you noticeable and secure in poor lighting.

Its fresh clean and simple textures assist without placing undue portions or loads and work cooperatively with a conventional stitch settlement of a protected, away match up. The no-sew toe cover eradicates uneasiness from skin irritation and scraping for a hindrance trip.

Midsole: This sneaker has a shock absorber EVA foam midsole with a layer of Newtonian foam for a high lighter, reactive movement, and optimum power returning.

Upper: The Newton Running Distance 8 Shoes are featherweight, featuring a super-duper ventilated mesh top and simplistic overlays that let air flow and distribute heat, keeping you fresh and quite well breathed during your walk. The no-sew toe cover prevents discomfort by eliminating friction.


  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • Washable mesh
  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Great for metatarsalgia pain


  • One customer said not true to the size

Conclusion – Best Shoes For Metatarsalgia

The most important thing for athletes with Metatarsalgia to do is to lessen stress in the ball of the foot when fast walking.

Updating your shoes might help alleviate metatarsalgia discomfort. If the problem continues, you could have a more significant wound, such as a broken bone. If you’re worried about your metatarsalgia, you might want to see a specialist.

Reduce your exercising frequency to see if the soreness goes away faster. For relatively brief pain control, consider freezing the affected region.

You now know which sneakers are ideal for metatarsalgia. It’s now time to put skills to the proof! If you have a favorite flavor, go with that first. Also, keep in mind that your footwear is expenditure on your body and safety.

Our list of the best running shoes for metatarsalgia might help you a lot in getting a comfortable pair of shoes for this unwanted pain. These shoes are specially designed for reducing foot issues and keeping them comfortable and pain-free under severe conditions.


Can you run with metatarsalgia?

Sure, you may run with Metatarsalgia as long as you use extremely cushioned sneakers that lighten the stress on your metatarsals. If you still feel uncomfortable beneath the heel of your foot, try resting your feet, switching to a low-intensity exercise, lowering your frequency, or switching to the softest ground to assist absorb pressure.

What shoes should I wear for metatarsalgia?

The nature of the shoe depends on the condition of your metatarsalgia. Commonly excellent cushioned, perfectly fitted, shock-absorber, lightweight, durable, and supportive shoes are the best option shoe for this pain. The list we shared is all great in the condition of metatarsalgia discomfort.

How do you get rid of metatarsalgia?

The following are some home remedies for metatarsalgia:
1. Putting your feet to rest
2. Use Ice for your feet for a half-hour at a time, many times per day
3. After any action, raise your feet.
4. Getting rid of heavy load if it’s the source of the problem
5. To ease swelling and pain, use an over-the-counter pain reliever.
6. Furthermore, you can decrease metatarsalgia discomfort by switching to footwear that provides good support. When you have metatarsalgia signs, you should avoid wearing heels.
8. Stay home from your workout routines if the discomfort does not go away. Change to a low-impact workout such as swimming or bicycling. 9. Otherwise content with an expert.

Are Hokas good for metatarsalgia?

Yes, Hokas is a wise option in the case of metatarsalgia discomfort. I’ve also enjoyed wearing a set of Hoka One One Bondi sneakers when strolling about. When you have metatarsalgia or any other foot injury, they also fit soft and comfortable and give similar assistance and pain relief.

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