If you’ve already had a Calcaneal dislocation, you understand how awful it may be. As you adapt your strolling without placing stress on the broken calcaneus bone, it becomes severe.

Calcaneus fracturing could be quite painful. Surgery is frequently used to repair the natural architecture of the heel and regain movement, allowing the client to restart regular activities.

Even with adequate care, however, certain injuries can lead to long-term consequences including discomfort, inflammation, reduced mobility, and arthritis.

The pain after a breakage can also be excruciating unless you find the correct footwear. To accelerate recovery time, you’ll require the right shoes to freeze the damaged bones and protect them from additional harm.

Lengthy treatment and secure shoes are required for calcaneus fractures. After a calcaneal breakage, try to locate and choose the best sneaker. After a fracture, the best shoes will supply consumers with distinct benefits.

The majority of people are conscious that there are numerous benefits to utilizing them. On the other side, some people despise sneakers and will invent any argument to justify their calcaneal cracks footwear off their feet.

For that purpose, we share the Best Shoes after Calcaneal Fracture list with you for saving your feet from getting worse. These shoes keep your feet comfortable under awful injury.

What is Calcaneal Fracture?

A calcaneus fracture occurs when the heel bone breaks. Despite its rarity, this type of injury can have catastrophic repercussions.

When the heel is driven down by the bodyweight during a strong action, such as a vehicle collision or a drop from a staircase, a calcaneus injury occurs. The heel may expand, shrink, and deform with time.

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The talocalcaneal/subtalar joints of the feet can also be affected by a breakage. As a consequence of the injury to the articular cartilage that surrounds the joints, lengthy issues such as chronic discomfort, arthritis, andr limited range of motion might arise.

Calcaneus’s Purpose

  • It is very important for weight tolerating and steadiness.
  • It aids in the inverted and external rotation of the body.
  • It is the starting point for several narrow muscles.
  • On the calcaneus, the gastrocnemius, soleus, and plantaris connect. Running, strolling, and leaping are all aided by these muscles.

Quick Shopping Tips After Calcaneal Fracture Shoes

If that list of the best shoes after calcaneal fracture does not satisfy you, don’t worry we will also share our expert guide that will help find the best boot according to your requirements in minimum time and save you money.

Visit A Doctor

If you have a calcaneal injury, it is essential to contact your doctor before purchasing new boots. A doctor can help to tell you if your fracture has been fixed (sutured) and what style of boot you should wear.


The most important element to look for in a calcaneal injury boot is protection. To handle or cure the injury, you must be provided with the appropriate degree of satisfaction and safety.


You may need to wear braces or dressings on your heel at first. It may also expand, necessitating extra space. Get a boot with plenty of areas to handle the extra breadth.


If your healing foot is to recover quickly, it must be stable and restrained. The boot you choose should feature laces that secure the heel and ankles in place. If the foot is not secured, it will bend, exacerbating the damage.


Your mending foot should not carry any more load. Search for a boot that is lightweight and has all of the required characteristics.


This contributes to maintaining your feet clean and healthy. Note that whether the foot is in a cast or has bandages on it, they are providing heat to the foot.

High temperatures will be painful and may lead to more difficulties on the injured heel. So, you need a ventilated shoe for this extra heat evolving.


You won’t be able to bath in it, but you ought to be willing to wear it in the rain. As a result, the waterproof element in your calcaneal fracture boot is essential.

Our Top 3 Recommendations



Aircast AirSelect Walker Boot

  • Comfortable and perfect fit
  • Supportive and Slip-resistant
  • Pressure absorber



Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot

  • Optimal shock absorption
  • Air bladders to adjust the stiffness
  • Ventilated and airflow fabric



United Ortho Short Air Cam Boot

  • Exceptional stability
  • Outstanding client experience
  • Very relaxing.
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Best Shoes After Calcaneal Fracture Reviews




Aircast AirSelect Unisex Walker Brace/Walking Boot

  • Brand Aircast 
  • Modal AirSelect 
  • Material Front Panel: High-Density Polyethylene, Shell: POLYPROPYLENE 
  • Straps Material NYLON 
  • Weight 3.34 Pounds

The Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace/Walking Boot (Elite, Short, and Standard) is damage protection equipment for your feet, heel, and ankles.

It is available in three main configurations, allowing you to find the ideal match for whichever style of stroller or walking stick you like.

Material and Design: The boot is available in Elite (smaller), Short (normal), and Standard lengths, with Orthopedic insoles that give improved protection and pleasure regardless of boot level.

These boots protect the damaged foot from sliding on the damp ground while simultaneously offering assistance when it’s required most.

The strong, durable shell of these finest boots after calcaneal damage gives weather security. On lengthy treks or excursions, they also provide comprehensive coverage to protect your feet and ankles from any injury.

Unlike many other methods of compression, oxygen chambers are employed to coat the casing in the Dual Pneumatic Compression Technique.

This implies that when you use these boots for a calcaneal injury, your edema and inflammation will go down three times faster.

This Aircast AirSelect is designed to accommodate both the right and left foot. The has the power to deliver recovery from foot problems in a matter of minutes.

Its one-of-a-kind structure enables customers with a range of ankle sizes and dimensions to use it without difficulty.

We strongly suggest you purchase new inner shoes so that you may rotate them every few hours and make them comfortable. Replace them since they are excellent at absorbing water.

Shock Absorber: With a padded stride and a smooth motion, that’s how you were designed to stroll. These shoes’ unique SoftStrike innovation dissolves and distributes shock, while the lighter rocker bottom allows you to walk in your normal rhythm.

When moving, the “rocker” design relieves strain on the heel. Instead of being on the front, the buttons are on the sides. To get a sufficient amount of sleep, take off the shin protection.

Slip-resistant: The slip-resistant and non-marking properties let the wearer comfortably stroll without fear of sliding or scratching the ground. The streamlined layout has a top hole that will improve ventilation in high-intensity workout conditions.


  • Comfortable and perfect fit
  • Supportive and Slip-resistant
  • Pressure absorber
  • It remains inflated even midnight


  • Cleaning may be internal air bladders




Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot | Air Pump Rocker Bottom Ventilated Panels

  • Brand Ossur 
  • Modal Rebound Air Walker 
  • Material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 
  • Weight 2.00 pounds

The Ossur delivers better strolling pleasure and general security. It’s a lot less difficult to maintain. Everything is simple to wear.

Patients with Grade two and three injuries, tendons or ligamentous dislocations, and stabilized feet cracks can benefit from Ossur’s Rebound Air Walker Boot, which provides additional safety, enhanced support, and is incredibly comfortable.

Material and Design: This model introduces a single inflating valve and connected lateral and medial oxygen urinary systems that are engineered to cradle the Achilles and maintain the heel in position for appropriate stimulation. When combined with the Achilles Wedge Package, it can be worn to treat Achilles breakages.

The upper surface is fantastic. If you overtighten any of the bands, you risk cutting off the circulation of blood to your feet. It’s an incredible quality brand from start to finish, from fitting to substance.

If you require to safeguard your feet or ankles after damage or operation, this is the shoe to have. There are other options, some of which are far less costly, but this boot is well worth the investment because it is so well constructed, safe, and comfortable.

It is always good enough to use in the wardrobe. It can also be described as a “lifesaver.” It’s wonderful to move in because it’s versatile, simple, lightweight, and comfy.

Pressure Customizable Comfy Bands attach in front for simple working, modification, and withdrawal, and the completely functional air pump and discharge valve enable quick, tool-free growth and inflation for perfectly alright compression.

To assist reduce the creation of stress spots, the Flex Edge overfolding fits every patient’s anatomy. It also has a stretch-to-fit casing that can be shortened for further calf flexibility for a great match.

Shock Absorber: It’s made of EVA foam, which is both tough and good at cushioning stress. It features enough cushioning on the inside and in the insole to reduce shocks and protect you from irritation and blisters.

Breathable: The boot also boasts an excellent breathable technology that keeps your feet fresh and clean.

Because it is sturdy and does not restrict oxygen and blood circulation on your feet, you may use this boot for a long period following a calcaneal breakage. Furthermore, it provides enough protection for your foot, allowing it to recover faster.


  • Optimal shock absorption
  • Air bladders to adjust the stiffness
  • Ventilated and airflow fabric
  • Adjustable straps are included
  • Lightweight and Very secure


  • There is insufficient padding




United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

  • Brand United Ortho 
  • Material Plastic 
  • Weight 2.1 Pounds

The United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Shoe in black is ideal for people who are constantly on the move. No matter where you’re going or what your day holds, these shoes with a fold construction will give pleasure and security.

Having followed damage or post-operative process, the United Ortho air short cam walking boot offers extra protection and strength.

Severe ankle damage, soft tissue wounds, stable lower limb, ankle and foot breaks, and post-operative usage are all possible with these pair of shoes.

Material and Design: This shoe’s revolutionary design ensures convenience when strolling or standing on uneven ground the whole day.

The pressure-reducing insert and rocker bottom will maintain you lightweight as air, whether you’re a top player or just driving back from the office. The additional insoles complete the look, offer cushioning, and ease the pressure on sensitive regions.

It has never been simpler to support natural strolling with the innovative outsole structure that encourages the improved distribution of load across all sections of boots.

One of the most significant advantages of using this boot is that it provides specific compression, allowing for a good match and pleasure.

Simply place your feet into these comfy shoes to gain greater strength and vitality. Your feet will no longer throb in pain.

With these durable, lighter boots for broken feet, you’ll don’t have to bother about feet discomfort or damage again. When you use these excellent boots after a calcaneal breakage, your feet don’t require much security.

Its strong thick plastic casing and indicating defend and encourage a patient’s foot even while they’re moving or staying on their feet all day. If you’re uncertain, get this shoe.

True to size: A boot that fits your feet perfectly regardless of which party it is on. It’s one size fits all and can be adjusted to accommodate either the left or right foot. Narrow matches male sexual boot sizes 4.5-6.5 and female’s boot sizes 6-8.

Check the dynamic sizing guide to select your sexual preference and learn more about the perfect match for you. Users may also use an actual sizing chart to obtain tailored advice on which design or kind of shoe is best for them depending on their feet form.


  • Exceptional stability
  • Outstanding client experience
  • Very relaxing
  • Extra inserts and air inflation
  • Lighter


  • Better to ignore it if you have a knee problem



Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot

  • Brand Aircast 
  • Modal SP (Short Pneumatic) 
  • Material Neoprene 
  • Weight ‎1.6 Pounds

While healing from an accident, the Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace / Walking Boot is a detachable casting that will not hinder movement essential during daily tasks.

The Aircast SP Walking Boot is a really pleasant boot to stroll in. The boot’s edges are robust enough to move your feet in place while staying elastic sufficiently to prevent your ankle joints from being pushed.

The boot will keep your foot from moving up and down while also providing a bouncy feeling to aid walking. It’s also quite easy to place on and remove.

Material and Design: It’s designed to safeguard and maintain the foot and ankle against stable breaks, serious ankle sprains, soft tissue issues, health complications like foot problems, metatarsal injuries, forefoot, and midfoot injuries, bunionectomy, and post-operative usage.

A cushioned part is hidden under the dividing plastic cover. It’s half-filled with air, half-filled with foam. This makes walking more comfortable by keeping your shin from scraping against the front plastic.

There is plenty of room for bandages, and you won’t have to sacrifice any pleasure. The boot’s large region will give you adequate relaxation. Low locker soles are built into the boot to facilitate movement.

It is much easier to make a progressive forward movement with this shoe than it is with the regular black shoe that your physician or foot specialist delivers you from their clinic.

You may enjoy the reduced weight of this shoe if your health condition is mostly in your feet or ankles and your doctor prescribes a smaller shoe.

It offers essential safety and support for a good recovery, and it comes with a hand bulb air compressor that lets you control the degree of support.

The Aircast SP Walker Brace / Walking Shoe has a uniform fitting and may be used on either the left or right leg. If your measurements fall towards the top of the size chart, we suggest going up a size to guarantee correct fit, convenience, and inflation.

Easy to wash: It’s simple to maintain since you can manually clean it and let it air dry. If you’ve sweated in your shoe or it’s been somewhat stained, a quick clean with hot water and detergent can freshen it for the coming day’s usage.


  • Cushioning mechanism that may be adjusted
  • Comfortable
  • There is enough room for the foot and the dressings.
  • Parts that can be cleaned
  • Individually adjustable air cells
  • Locker soles increase movement.


  • Might be noisy



BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot

  • Brand BraceAbility 
  • Material Plastic 
  • Weight 2.00 Pounds

Putting braces is the greatest approach to cure any foot injury, but if you require labor every day, you may need to wear boots, and in those circumstances, donning boots that look like braces is the better alternative. As a result, the BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot ought to be a fantastic choice for you.

It may repair metatarsal injuries, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, sprains, operation, post bunion surgical intervention, and any other form of ailment. When you require to immobilize a toe, foot, or ankle, this BraceAbility is a wonderful option.

Material and Design: This boot comes in a single set and may be worn on both feet. The footwear is supposed to cure and defend against any foot ailment, and it has been medically confirmed to have a successful method for effectively healing the feet.

It also contains liner foam inside to make the foot comfy and soft during the recovery period. A more comfortable stride is made possible by the compact design and rocker sole.

It makes it possible to move even when in discomfort. The boot’s rocker bottom promotes movement fluidity.

There is a medical-grade fastening band that can be adjusted. It likes like you simply modify the fit. It provides excellent help and security because of its strong polymer plastic strengthened covering.

It is sufficiently comfy not only for the leg but also for the ankle. You can use this solution to heal a fractured toe or foot.

Insole: The lightweight Orthopedic foam footbed cushions and absorbs shock for rapid healing. It also has an antibacterial fabric that maintains your feet feeling pleasant by sealing out microorganisms – even while you’re on the road.


  • Medically proved the best shoe after calcaneal fracture
  • Comfortable, Lightweight and durable
  • Designed with a broad toe bed and an open-toe
  • A style that allows for inflation


  • Weak ventilation system
  • Size changes



Aircast XP (Extra Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot

  • Brand Aircast 
  • Modal XP (Extra Pneumatic) 
  • Material Neoprene 
  • Weight ‎2.4 Pounds

Aircast is more effective than a Bledsoe shoe in reducing chronic ankle injuries. A below-knee plaster or an Aircast was shown to be more beneficial than just covering the ankle in compressive dressings, cooling, and raising the leg, according to the research.

The Aircast XP Walker Brace/Walking Shoe is a ground-breaking and inventive approach to improve your walking pleasure.

The braces contain air-injected cushioning that relieves discomfort by applying an appropriate lot of stress to the heel or ball of your foot.

It also aids in strolling consistency, so if you’ve been having trouble going to transition from one move to the next, this item will be of great assistance.

Material and Design: While healing from a calcaneal breakage, these best boots are created to give movement, security, and pneumatic assistance for day-to-day tasks.

These boots offer a molded shock-absorbing bottom with arch support in the midsole, maintaining assistance where you most need it.

This shoe is designed for steady foot and ankle breakage, serious ankle injuries, soft tissue injuries, forefoot, and midfoot concussions.

Its one-of-a-kind structure enables it to be used after surgery to prevent interaction with dangerous surfaces while recuperating.

This low-rise boot with a low rocker sole is made to help you face the difficulties of a day in the great outdoors. This shoe will fit your feet and the dressings if your feet are still bandaged.

Unlike other walking shoes, you may use this light boot every day without irritation, high temperatures, or stink after a calcaneal breakage.

These are the ideal boots to use after treatment if you would like to be willing to modify the amount of stability you get.

This independence, as well as a perfect seat that will endure through any trip, is provided by the two liners and hand bulb air compressor.

Grip: The Aircast XP Walker Brace / Walking Boot has a unique grip, which ensures it may be used on either the right or left leg, allowing it an excellent choice for persons who have damage to both legs.

The simple design makes it simple for anyone who requires assistance when walking to utilize as they recover.


  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Durable and Uniform fit
  • Great for a calcaneal fracture
  • Allow your foot to move safely


  • Hand bulb air pump is absent



ProCare XcelTrax Air Ankle Walker Brace/Walking Boot

  • Brand ProCare 
  • Modal XcelTrax 
  • Material Nylon 
  • Weight ‎2.75 Pounds

The ProCare XcelTrax Air walking boot is also the best boot on our list of the safest boots to purchase after a calcaneal breakage.

This ProCare shoe is a flexible and pleasant medical device. It supports a sprained ankle and allows the user to move without discomfort or danger of additional damage.

This pair of ProCare also has an air pump that regulates force as your foot heals, allowing you to swiftly boost pleasure. The brace is also fully adjustable like most boot sizes, irrespective of whether they are high heels or flats; it is suitable for all sorts of boots.

Material and Design: Delicate nylon and foam inserts are used by ProCare to offer greater padding and energy absorption for sufferers while they move and run.

This shock receiving ability keeps your feet comfortable by absorbing the force which will be applied on your feet during work.

Finally, this walking shoe has a flexible fit, which means it can be used on either the right or left foot and is suitable for both males and females.

The boot’s shape and anatomical structure make it ideal for anyone who wants to relieve stress on their feet.

The light, the pre-shaped form helps to alleviate discomfort in your lower leg caused by foot or other problems by changing where you feel more stressed while strolling or standing.

Walking in this footwear is like strolling in the air. Its plush lining gives the impression that your feet have been covered in a huge marshmallow.

The shoe has a pump mechanism that allows you to swiftly inflate it to the optimum level for all-day satisfaction.

The shoe has an internal air compressor that permits you to simply modify and retain your optimal level of support without the need for safety procedures.

Regarding mild to chronic foot and ankle sprains, stable foot breaks, or post-op treatments, this shoe offers protection and encouragement.

These calcaneal injury boots will give you comfort from the discomfort connected with foot problems such as sprains or fractured ankle joints. It is also critical for individuals who have recently undergone operations since they require steadiness while recovering.


  • Soft material
  • Durable and flexible
  • Customizable
  • Easy to walk with it
  • Perfect fit


  • Minimal Support



Superior Braces Low Top, Low Profile Air Pump CAM Medical Orthopedic Walker Boot

  • Brand SB Superior Braces 
  • Material Plastic 
  • Weight ‎1.94 Pounds

When you require more stability, the Superior Braces are ideal. These reduced air compressor devices function by exercising the calf muscles with each step performed while using them, improving joint flexibility during any activity that puts a lot of pressure on these regions, such as walking or jogging.

Material and Design: This shoe is designed a bit unique because it will surround your entire foot and enable your foot to safely sit within the boot to permit it to recover as much as possible.

These finest boots after calcaneal injury also provide lateral arch support with an EVA foam insole and heel stabilizer pod technology, preventing your feet from other many injuries.

The inflated pressure bladder is integrated into the liners to provide further immobilization of the lower leg, ankles, and feet.

One strategy to guarantee a proper recovery method is to remain immobile. As a result, we ensured certain that this technology was included in our liner, making it much easier than ever before.

Both men and women have different boot sizes. The sorts of footwear offered to vary based on whether you are a man or woman with left or right footedness, and also your exact dimensions between 7.5-10 (males) and 8.5-11.5 (females).

You may wear this footwear for whatever foot therapy you require, and it will allow you to heal quicker than anticipated. It will provide you with sturdy and balanced mobility.

The boot appears bulky, yet it is quite lightweight and comfy to use for as long as necessary. The boot’s upright includes a plastic mold that makes it solid and pleasant for the wearer.

It also has an orthopedic insole to give padding under your foot as you walk around the home or do activities outdoors.

This Low-Profile Healthcare Shoe forms a protective cast over the feet, toes, and ankles. If you’ve damaged your toe or require better security for a foot ailment, this is the solution for you.


  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Great cushioning
  • Ideal for any type of foot problem


  • Weak ventilation system

Conclusion – Best Shoes After Calcaneal Fracture

A shattered calcaneus or heel fracture can be very painful. You want the damage to recover quickly without permanently damaging your feet. As a result, you’ll require a boot that will keep your mending foot safe and comfortable.

Relaxation, ventilation, and lightness are all characteristics of the ideal shoe after calcaneal injury. Make sure the boot features heel and ankle stabilizers. To prevent the possibility of sliding and collapsing, it should be slip-resistant.

Depending on the foregoing, it is decided that if you want a dependable and successful approach to immobilizing your sprained ankle, one of the aforementioned shoes would be an excellent alternative.

Based on the study completed and displayed in this post, I would unquestionably suggest Aircast Boot due to its incredible attributes and unquestionable traits. Its adaptability and longevity make it an excellent option for client use. It’s a tad pricey, but the item is quite dependable and robust.


How long does it take to walk after a calcaneal fracture?

Some sufferers can resume walking exercises a few weeks due to breakage or operation, while others may have to wait three months or more. The majority of patients can start limited walking between six and nine weeks after surgery or injury.

How long does it take to recover from a calcaneus fracture?

With or without surgery, the shattered bone will recover in 3-4 months. Even if treatment is not required, there will be a period when mobility and weight lifting are restricted. Calcaneus injuries that require treatment frequently include fractures in the joint which is just below your ankle joint.

How long does the pain last after a calcaneus fracture?

The without weight carrying period typically lasts 8-12 weeks. While physiotherapists can aid in the rehabilitation of foot movement and functionality. A calcaneus breakage is a potentially fatal fracture. Pain, discomfort, and edema can last for extended periods, based on the intensity.

How serious is a calcaneal fracture?

Calcaneal fractures are significant injuries that might have long-term consequences. Arthritis, inflammation, and joint discomfort are all common symptoms. Sometimes a shattered bone may not mend in the correct location.

Is it possible to run after a calcaneus fracture?

The Athletics Physician “Lorenzo Masci” recommended 6 weeks in a shoe, accompanied by medium, slow, but consistent running. Regaining peak strength after an injury, on the other side, could take up to six months. The recovery process is aided by earlier walking or running. Keep walking normally as much as can to aid and encourage your recuperation.

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